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  1. Done and ... Resolved. @elexis You were right, I left thinking that a zip file, however it did not consider him as bed, was a previous map, as amended on trial. (I have to be more careful) Then I cleared the cache and now everything is OK, I can bring together the 0.20 to the SVN, I only have the classic mistake on the cache but it was expected and does not bother me. Thanks again for your feedback. PS how do I put [solved] in the subject
  2. I'll see if I have left something old in the / user ... placed here in two minutes ... thanks for now.
  3. Hi I compiled for linux now the SVN updated last hour, and the screen for selecting the scenarios gives me this warning, copied and pasted from interestinglog.html: WARNING: JavaScript warning: gui/gamesetup/gamesetup.js line 1372 Script value conversion check failed: v.isString() || v.isNumber() (got type undefined) WARNING: JavaScript warning: gui/gamesetup/gamesetup.js line 1372 Script value conversion check failed: v.isString() || v.isNumber() (got type undefined) Engine exited successfully on 2016-07-25 at 16:21:45 with 432 message(s), 0 error(s) and 2 warning(s). I hope this will be useful
  4. Hi guys , I took to 100%, for now, the Italian translation, so hand in hand that you updated SVN I come back. I want, when I have more time, to review some synonyms used to better contextualize. Carry the above ,in Italian, here below to allow search engines, who read the threads, to update for Italians interested in the game. 0 A. D. in Italiano Salve ragazzi, ho portato al 100% , per ora, la traduzione italiana, così a mano a mano che voi aggiornate sull'SVN io vengo dietro. Voglio, quando avrò più tempo, rivedere alcuni sinonimi utilizzati per poter meglio contestualizzarli. Greetings to all
  5. @niektb @Lion.Kanzen @stanislas69 I had forgotten about this topic, sorry ... in the compressed file there are the steps of the building with editable layers from Gimp (XCF) and Inkscape (svg) ... you can also cannibalize a portion for other uses of course. vesta.zip I go to bed , good remains
  6. Ok! ... If someone wants that other icon to change it ... I enclose svg armed escort2.svg
  7. The sacred shield of Mars, in Rome were 12 called "Anciliae". Oval and cut on the sides, they were also on the coins in the form of three shields welded bronze round studs
  8. If you're happy with the idea, I change the proportions later. How many pixels does the ultimate icon?
  9. Maybe so, blue = security, green = safe, yellow = warning. .svg also attach to change armed escort.svg see you after dinner
  10. The tool is this, one blade is to cut, the other, made like a nails and sharpened, it is to dig and empty the wood. Good work
  11. Here are two other shields. Are shields of auxiliary troops, recruited into vexillationes legionariae of the legions II Augusta, III Augusta, III Gallica, IV Scythica, VI Ferrata, VII Gemina, IX Hispana,XII Fulminata , XX Valeria Victrix and XXII Primigenia. (Note: in the second shield I took poetic license, the umbo is a Gorgoneion) scutum2auxilia.svg scutum3auxilia.svg - For any interested - I'm summarizing and translating a sort of family tree of the shields from the V B.C. to the II A.D., so as to be also used for the main MOD, what do you prefer... to open an upgradeable thread (Where?) or attach a txt file here? (Meanwhile, I attach the draft for your evaluation) albero scudi.txt A greeting PPS There is a way to create a border with recurrent waves as in the first photo?
  12. Thanks to @feneur, but I am the first to thank all of you, when things go wrong, a place like this sometimes saves the mind ... Back to us ... this and the last today, tomorrow I do not know if I have time. It is a cavalry shield. File: scutum2cav.svg Over the weekend I want to do a descriptive post for the materials, dimensions, costs and the techniques that were used for weaponry, so we can represent them better. For example the shields were in glued laminated wood with ox glue and covered with very thick skin which was colored or engraved and cropped and / or metal inserts and / or wood. Good night everyone (GMT +1)
  13. There is a more complete tool, but can not find it on the net, tomorrow I enclose a picture of what I use at olive grove and vineyard, I keep it in the hut up in the mountain. It is a type bipenna ax but has a different side to dig the wood.
  14. The wing is one, I have redone by hand on the basis of different angel wings found on the net and I went to the scanner, then I imported into Inkscape and I turned into a path of lines and curves . I discovered that there are several editing functions in the program. I want to do the same thing for the acanthus leaves, there are in another shield ...
  15. The first shield before was of auxiliary troops, instead here below, one cavalry and one of legionnaires. The colors are chosen according to their cost, the knights could afford azurite; the legionary shield has rinforsi bottom to better support support on the ground (they were curved like tiles) and upwards to support the rigid eyelid. I am not perfect, I started using Inkscape yesterday for this fun. I'm experiencing ... The files: scutum1cav.svg scutum1legio.svg I continue?
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