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Found 4 results

  1. It was a well discussed topic. But, I want to remind some of the inequality amongst civilizations... 1. Building Time:- As we know, Gauls and Britons have a lowered building time for their weak structures. But conversely this gave them advantage in games. As per history, their knowledge of architecture wasn't well and scientific as like that of others(Romans, Carthaginians, Persians or Greeks). So, it's obvious that their building would be rubble. But, this deduction in 20% building time make them more efficient. Again, most of their structures has a population bonus. But
  2. I found this, its fan made but I like the concept, and can be make it better and adaptation to 0 A.D.
  3. Pureon art style, I'm not sure what techniques he is using... even he ask to new artist developers if can imitate this style. Style very close or similar to AoE3 . I need community help to take this.
  4. This one is Template Tech tree for Antiquity Theme Based in several Strategy games and 0.A.D Colony Concept is complement to A17. My Technology tree, is incomplete because the other part is the Official Tech Tree (A17 Release) and are missing some Special Technologies for each Faction and Civilizations because is generic have Basic Technologies for every Civilization in Ancient Time Frame (Bronze and Iron Late Antiquity) I was posted here becasuse Im not sure if Devs are interesting in or some Modders. Can be Adapted to Medieval nd other Ages. Civic Centre Technologies Craftmanship Artists V
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