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Found 4 results

  1. Hi :), I've got a troubles with building game from source. After "git clone" ... "./update-workspaces.sh -j3" has finished with error message " the file fmt/printf.h included in ~/source/ps/CLogger.h not exist". I have added the full file path and "./update-workspaces.sh -j3" has finished successefully: Updating bundled third-party dependencies... FCollada is already up to date. SpiderMonkey is already up to date. NVTT is already up to date. make: Entering directory '/home/ssdhp/0adnew/0ad/build/premake/premake5/build/gmake2.unix' ==== Building lua-lib (r
  2. It was a well discussed topic. But, I want to remind some of the inequality amongst civilizations... 1. Building Time:- As we know, Gauls and Britons have a lowered building time for their weak structures. But conversely this gave them advantage in games. As per history, their knowledge of architecture wasn't well and scientific as like that of others(Romans, Carthaginians, Persians or Greeks). So, it's obvious that their building would be rubble. But, this deduction in 20% building time make them more efficient. Again, most of their structures has a population bonus. But
  3. I am having trouble with my villagers getting stuck after they build the palisade walls, they can't get out. Is there a gate I have to build them or something? Thanks!
  4. The concept was mentioned before. A Neutral building is non-buildable structure and don't the architecture influence by any faction, isn't relative to any, is only a usable building if is captured by a player. in this new building you can train eyecandy units. slaves from all cultures. Men and women. This will be cheap than current villager. wild animal (tamed) to use as pet or to fight, like tigers, lions, elephant workers, war dogs. Examples
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