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  1. All is my mistake! 1. install all dependencies 2. the path from source is absolutely correct (not need of changes #include<fmt/printf.h> in source/ps/CLogger.h ) 3. ./update-workspaces.sh -j3 4. cd gcc 5. make -j3 (fmt --version fmt (GNU coreutils) 8.28..)
  2. Yes, i did! After 1)' ./update-workspaces.sh' 2) 'make -j3' , the arr/mess have reporting the problems.
  3. all sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake libboost-dev libboost-system-dev \ libboost-filesystem-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libenet-dev libfmt-dev \ libgloox-dev libicu-dev libminiupnpc-dev libnvtt-dev libogg-dev \ libopenal-dev libpng-dev libsdl2-dev libsodium-dev libvorbis-dev \ libxml2-dev python rustc subversion zlib1g-dev
  4. Thanks a lot for replay. After "libfmt-dev" instalation, a ton of err/mess have appeared like: " 0ad/libraries/win32/fmt/include/fmt/format.h:1084: unspecified reference to 'fmt::v7::detail::basic_data<void>::hex_digits' " maybe lib/conflict Thanks again.
  5. Hi :), I've got a troubles with building game from source. After "git clone" ... "./update-workspaces.sh -j3" has finished with error message " the file fmt/printf.h included in ~/source/ps/CLogger.h not exist". I have added the full file path and "./update-workspaces.sh -j3" has finished successefully: Updating bundled third-party dependencies... FCollada is already up to date. SpiderMonkey is already up to date. NVTT is already up to date. make: Entering directory '/home/ssdhp/0adnew/0ad/build/premake/premake5/build/gmake2.unix' ==== Building lua-lib (r
  6. Hi everyone ! That's test over fresh build from source code - creation of units himself. It works for me
  7. Cool! Works like a charm p.s I have compiled nvtt from https://github.com/castano/nvidia-texture-tools and not install from repo ...
  8. Thanks a lot that's all... now compiling go right and successfully. In this moment go "make -j3"...
  9. Thanks! Exactly that I asking... but have problem with building on ubuntu 18.04. according to https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions can not correctly configure SpiderMonkey 45 and build failed.
  10. Hi everyone I have just installed 0AD from ppa:wfg/0ad.dev, but realize is 0.0.23b. How can I install Alpha 24 ... may be compile from source(?), but the info for downloading pointed 0.0.23b again? Please a little help!
  11. The first, may be my mistake - lets explain what exactly is the issue here!?! * game: singel player * save game and reopen after that and finish successfully in the replay folder: 1) dir / commands.txt; metadata.json/ to the saving moment 2)dir/ commands.txt; metadata.json/ from the saving moment to the end Replay 1) start and go OK... but 2) for the reasons described on #3963 is unreplayable! OK .... I want to make 2) replayable *According to #3963  and Let's define :
  12. Can you show me a numbers of the "end"s which are next to each other.... please ? ... p.s. regex( turn(.*)\nturn end\nend ) search show me nothing sorry, I can not reply , forum-admin say: "You have reached the maximum number of posts you can make per day.", may be because I'm new user and can only edit old posts, so yes: Replay not playing out as the real game finishing. To the saving moment everything is OK( no news here), but after that "scenario" happens not like the real game, definitely.... and final is tragedy!
  13. Hi! Triplicarius, as you can see, from the attachments, the offset of turn numbers is OK ..... the script was written before posting...
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