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  1. oh I just so his post I don't know how I missed it. @wowgetoffyourcellphone sorry. I wish I could code, but I am good at art stuff like painting and photography and videos and stuff.
  2. is anyone still working on Delenda Est, Random Unknown maps are broken and what’s the fun of playing skirmish maps if everyone knpws where the resources are cause they’ve played the map a gazillion times.
  3. what is up with multiplayer on mac being slow and not connecting, I get the pinwheel every 5 seconds - you know, the colored circle - I call it the pinwheel - I know my iMac is older (late 2013 27") but I really want to play multiplayer and it's super aggravating.
  4. I am playing single player with one computer opponent. I am doing rather well this game with the exception of the fact that my settlement is no where near any metal mines (random map, unknown, nomad) so I built a market and started trading wood for metal because there are plenty of trees. Then I discovered that the more I trade the wood for metal, the less I get each time so that now I am getting 1 metal per 100 wood. I built another market thinking that the more markets I had the better the exchange rate would be...nope. What would ben the best course of action to take in this case?
  5. The same thing is happening to me. I'm trying to reach out and ask people if there is anyone who is actively trying to fix this issue.
  6. Yes, that works for me. But Random Unknown Land Maps do not work in Delenda Est and I was wondering if anyone was working to fix it.
  7. Here are my logs as well. system_info.txt mainlog.html interestinglog.html
  8. So I only downloaded and enabled Delenda Est and I still get the same error when trying to generate a 2 player (me and Petrabot) random map with a random biome on giant size, nomad and a pop cap of 1000 with a 60 minute ceasefire. Other maps work. I think it's a bug.
  9. I deleted everything in the mod folder to start over. Can you please tell me the proper order to reinstall things?
  10. I didn't see Hyrule Conquest in the list. Where do I get that? What do you mean public mod, I don't understand, sorry, I'm very new to adding mods.
  11. Millenium A.D. seems to be behaving itself...a tiny ray of sunshine!
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