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  1. Recently, i've done some research about the Gilan/Gelani, It appears they are cavalrymen not infantry. So i decided to remove the Artestar-i Gelanig from the unit roster plus changing dismounted cavalry into Sword auxiliary or Samsirdaran-i Eransahr.
  2. Egyptian Pikeman? shouldn't be champion unit.
  3. Minor changes in both Parthia and Sassanid unit: Grivpanvar removed from both Parthia and Sassanid unit roster. Sassanid have Aswaran-i Wuzurgan (Grandee Cavalry) as replacement.
  4. Partially right, in fact Western Han elite cavalry do not have horse armor. Here's a more accurate Eastern Han cavalry: After doing some research, i conclude that full horse armor didn't exists in Eastern Han dynasty.
  5. It's up to you after all, but i think you should keep Yu Ling instead of Qi Men because later period saw the merging of Qi Men into Yu Ling army thus making Qi Men less important the Yu Ling. Both Yu Ling and Qi Men was a product by Emperor Wu's anti Hsiung Nu policy, since warfare in the vast steppe requires mobility then cavalry are the only ideal unit to counter Hsiung Nu attack.
  6. For the so called Feathered Forest Guards or Yu Ling Guards you may use this: For head gear or helmet: For the body armour, this might help: For weapons and further detail: Actually, Qi Men Guard share little differences with their Yu Ling counterpart because they are cavalry unit, so it would be good if you just have one guard unit instead of two.
  7. You seems to forget about the other heroes and champion unit, for champion unit you may use Qi Men Guards and later Yu Ling Guards, plus they could be the champion cavalry units for Han army.
  8. Or by reform tech, for example: Justinian Period, Heraclean Period until Thematic Reform.
  9. Infantry (Elite) Persian Infantry in a siege mine at Dura Europos.bmp Armament: Spear(Neyza), Persian Spara Shield, long sword for decoration, Helmet, mail shirt with bronze decorations. Infantry (Basic) The infantry in the middle of the picture was an ideal example of a standard Persian infantry. Infantry (Advance) Armament: Helmet, Spara Shield, Spear, long sword for decoration, mail shirt. Infantry (Elite) Armament: Helmet, Spara Shield, Spear, long sword for decoration, mail hauberk. This what i can provide for the team about the standard armament for a Persian infantry during the Sassanid period. Other unit's armament and appearance may need more time.
  10. The military settlement for Ptolemaic and Seleucid settlers and soldiers looks awful as if it was a crude mercenary camp, is there any actions taken to re-skin the settlement?
  11. As a fan of the Rise of the East mod, i wonder if the team have done any research on Western Han Heroes and Champion unit?
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