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Found 4 results

  1. Today i was making the celtic unit props update, so when we talk about the spears i realized that everything is getting updated but the Weapons texture is still outdate and very low resolution wich make some weapons like swords like rubber toys so here are a few testing (Specially the bloodie weapons). Wildfire Art department: @LordGood @stanislas69 @wackyserious First textures were baked following the prop.weap.dds uv but i will change that to a better space usage and less repeated staffs or blades (Maybe include Aged weapons) Here the testings on celt sword: Comparisson with the spartan sword: Maybe with this merge the gladius posted in 2017. Spear test: A little preview of 2k textures because i don't want to burn my pc yet. Probably new uv usage: Right side: Poles Middle: Swords Handles Or ornamentations (Specially if possible the gladius weapon handle) Left Side: Blades (Rusted, Blood Half, Bloodie, Iron, Gold?) @wowgetoffyourcellphone any weapon/blade/shape you have in mind before filling the space ?
  2. I need create new background but with renders instead that photo, but need be similar. and as inspiration of Aoe I.
  3. Im very creative this night (-6 GTM) and I have restless ideas. I can't sleep. I want create Design Document only create art, 2D and try some 3D. my idea with inspiration by creative genius.
  4. I open this topic to create with teammates props per icons related to technologies so to The community is open to participate. First Loom... @stanislas69 you can help ...:)
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