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  1. As explained in this post -> More details there -> https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Modding_Guide#Howtomakeyourmodshowupinthemodselectionscreen
  2. Hi modders, Your mod terra_magna_A26 has 2 minor issues with modio mod : terra_magna_A26 is not highlighted in green in the mods list ! I've noticed that the 2 Terra Magna's mod.json contain a "type" field : { "name": "terra_magna_A26", "label": "0 A.D. Terra Magna", "version": "0.26.2", "url": "https://0ad.old.mod.io/terra-magna", "description": "Adds new civilizations to 0 A.D.", "dependencies": ["0ad>=0.0.26"], "type": "Factions" } So I've remove the line that contains this field, given this field does not seem to be recognized. By the way I've added some missing fields even though they're empty : { "name": "terra_magna_A26", "label": "0 A.D. Terra Magna", "version": "0.26.2", "description": "Adds new civilizations to 0 A.D.", "ignoreInCompatibilityChecks": false, "dependencies": ["0ad>=0.0.26"], "url": "https://0ad.old.mod.io/terra-magna", "author_name": "", "author_profile": "", "url_source_code": "" } then finally saved the file and zipped it within "terra_magna_A26.zip". terra_magna_A26 shows up as terra-magna within the downloadable mods list. I guess this is due to the way modio is filtering the field names and values... I've renamed the "terra_magna_A26" folder as "terra-magna". The problem is solved and the downloaded mod shows up in green. I've attached below my version that's operational with modio. (just unpack the file within the mods folder, according to the game data path) terra-magna.7z
  3. Me again, about some bugs that occured during my tests : 0AD spewed a "missing icon_below_1000" warning message, which can spam by clicking on some nicknames within the players list. It spewed also a "missing icon_below_1200" and "missing icon_below_1600" warning with some toher nicknames. The other error happenned within the [Search Player] box by typing 2 first letters of my nickname in lowercase, and hitting the [Tab] key. This led to an App Crash + "frozen" Windows desktop, but hitting [CTRL][ALT][DEL] took me back to it with the App Crash box showing up. The width of the map overview is stretched out horizontally. Should it keep its aspect ratio ? Just play with the vertical separator and see it being stretched or shrinked.
  4. Keep up he good work. I mistakenly thought there was a version number error, so I've put it back and re-uploaded my 7z file above. Would it be possible to add a buffer to the chat input box ? This buffer might allow users to recall some lines they typed in. (especially lines containing command switches andtheir parameters.)
  5. Hi seeh, I made a fix for your mod that is now "seen" by the Mod Manager (offline so far) after installing it and relaunching the game. I've started a new offline game versus 1 AI and it ran correctly. Your tiny mistakes were very easy to fix up : file structure seemed to be wrong, now it looks like the one of the genuine autociv mod. I've installed it within a folder that I've simply named "autocivP" with no version number. How to install it : Either RMB click on the 7z file -> [Extract to] target : "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods" Or open it with a double LMB click, then drag'n'drop the autocivP folder from within it to the gamedata path above. That's all buddy. autocivp v20230729 fix by Humanimal_.7z
  6. 28 hours remaining to get this game for free @ GOG's https://www.gog.com/fr/game/lovecrafts_untold_stories
  7. I tend make it an habit to do that given this happens with more and more websites...
  8. I'm using Qwant for a few reasons : it is said this company respects our privacy. I tend to trust them given they are french, and french does a lot to privacy protection. I've read a surprising webpage about Qwant saying they're using filtered results from a search through Bing. However Bing is not known for being the most accurate and / or powerful search engine... Back in the days, I was using Copernic which was a free (like most engines) powerful meta search engine that was sending a search to ALL known search engines and then returned the results after a bit of filtering. Nowadays, they've turned to a software company that only sells their search engine.
  9. I know the reasons of automatic session log out. However how the forum's engine can consider someone is inactive while creating a topic or replying to some topic, whatever the time it takes ?...
  10. When you search for 0 A.D. through some search engines :
  11. First, I suggest you to pin this topic up (at least temporarily) so anyone can see it. I've just seen it was there later after I've posted this suggestion in the old pinned Suggestions topic -> EDIT : The simpler the trap, the lower its cost.
  12. I was writing my topic... slowly as usual. (I'm getting old) Then I've clicked on "submit" and the Captcha annoyed me repeatedly without validating my confimation. So I saved a copy of my writings and went back to the list of topics, where I've finaly noticed I was signed out. One thing is to be noticed : I can't see the red top bar with my nickname when I'm wrting in the Edit Box because the display is scrolled to the bottom of th page... Please fix that.
  13. Hi, I'm always bothered with delayed searches on this forum. After a regular quick search, I often need to switch to the advanced search and add a detail for accurate results. I've been asked to wait 5 seconds before searching again and I've been waiting for 10 seconds before clicking on "search". The result : wait for much longer before searching again ! So I gave up with this really boring feature that looks useless...
  14. First of all, sorry for digging out this old suggestion which might have been forgotten since. I've just found this very old post before suggesting the same idea. I like the use of traps in Stronghold Crusader 1. I'd suggest no explosion trap but rather pitch traps that could be lit by bowmen with flamming arrows. Other spike traps could be whole with spikes in their bottoms. Another trap could be simply a large hole in the ground where units (running cavs ?) would fall into, then one could kill them from above with arrows/arbalests.
  15. Thank you hyperion. I have to dig into some details in order to make a mod that's as much as possible functionnal and reliable. Reading and understanding the code in the JS files will take me a while given my little coding skills are rusty... Keep up the good work Bon courage during this warm summer. (Sorry I still didn't find a satisfying translation for this french expression)
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