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Bothered with delayed searches on this forum


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I'm always bothered with delayed searches on this forum.
After a regular quick search, I often need to switch to the advanced search and add a detail for accurate results.
I've been asked to wait 5 seconds before searching again and I've been waiting for 10 seconds before clicking on "search".
The result : wait for much longer before searching again ! :tired:

So I gave up with this really boring feature that looks useless...

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I am also troubled by this delay feature. If we are implementing it to prevent ddos or malicious attacks, we should at least decrease it down to 1 second, so that the user cannot feel its existence. 

The red hand might be to prevent malicious users from bypassing bans and spamming the forum. However, I think the red hand lasts a bit too long and there  is no need restrict how many reactions one gives. If malicious users are spotted, there should be a way to delete forum accounts instead of making everyone wait. 

Furthermore I don't understand why normal people cannot post anything on balancing threads. 

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On 14/08/2022 at 10:56 AM, Gurken Khan said:

I tried it with duckduckgo.com (because I don't like gogle) to see how that would work and made a shocking discovery:

  Reveal hidden contents

The About US section doesn't adhere to our style guide!



Qwant more private than google.

And less infected with postmodern identity politics that erodes its ability to carry out the original mission.

in other words it does its job.

And he gave less data to the companies so that they don't they send ads with absurd publicity.

Last time Amazon prime wanted me to watch a Narcos series, that's really offensive.

Most advertising in my country is based on my gender (man) and age (around 25-40 years old).

Obviously the insulting thing is: "He is Honduran, his culture is around  drugs mafias".

These people claim to be inclusive, they are not.


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I'm using Qwant for a few reasons :

  • it is said this company respects our privacy.
  • I tend to trust them given they are french, and french does a lot to privacy protection.

I've read a surprising webpage about Qwant saying they're using filtered results from a search through Bing.
However Bing is not known for being the most accurate and / or powerful search engine...

Back in the days, I was using Copernic which was a free (like most engines) powerful meta search engine that was sending a search to ALL known search engines and then returned the results after a bit of filtering.
Nowadays, they've turned to a software company that only sells their search engine. :(

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typoes and cosmetics, always the same old story with me... :-/
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