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  1. It's very easy to figure out given the group chat, location ping etc Also people talk to each other on discord (which has an outage right now, but they use mumble instead)
  2. Yes... some people in the lobby has been saying: 'just rush her and you will win' There is some element of truth in that, but, I can defend against a single rush like everyone else, but I can't stand a double rush or triple rush! I don't think you can, neither! Also in 1v1s if I get no hunt then I am quite dead, because any non-cosmic player would go all in on cav and rush me. Now, quite a few players have suicided to me this way, but others who got more hunt than me could beat me with camels. You can't really defend against javelin cavs or camels unless you have your own cav, but no hunt = no cav
  3. The only 2 reasons why I want to use another account: 1. cool name 2. not get double rushed
  4. That is exactly what I am talking about. Considering the player base of 0ad and each character takes up 1 byte only, I think it is affordable... Please teach me!! I am willing to do it but now sure how!
  5. Yes. And certain people try to prove we are the same person xD. There was 1 guy who proved that I am hamdich and I cound't argue against him xD Totally agreed
  6. Very good idea indeed. PUBG and Discord does this
  7. I am not trying to hide anything all I want is a new nickname! Yekaterina is not even my real name nor did I invent the name myself, and I've had enough of it! Maybe we can disallow changing your nickname to already taken options. If someone choses to be Kate then there can't be a second Kate. But Kate- is allowed and u can see that it's not the same person (otherwise why add a - after your name)
  8. @Player of 0AD I know you hate smurfs the most. Tell me, what do you think about this proposal? Just change the nickname but the fixed name stays constant so you still know who I am and my skill level, meanwhile I can enjoy the fun of funny nicks. So I think this is a good middleground compromise for the two types of people. Think: you can join mumble servers with whatever weird name you want... so why not 0ad?
  9. @Stan` @user1 @Lion.Kanzen @smiley @Dizaka I have an OP idea that will lead us out of this argument: Each account gets 2 names: a 'player name' and a 'fixed name'. Similar to most social media. The 'player name' can be changed to whatever they want - so no need to create new accounts just because they are bored with their old nickname The 'fixed name' can only be set once, when the account was being created. So, you can still easily identify who is who. Obviously people won't use their real life names but it is an effective way to reduce smurfs. This is my instagram account, just to illustrate the idea: The fixed name in this case is yekaterina2.71828, and the nickname (player name) is Kate, which I can change. Ratings don't change, of course. Sometimes people just want to get a funny nickname for a bit then change it, and I don't see an issue with this. For example, if you want to play ptols then you can name yourself Ptololo, then the next game you want to try Macedon and you call yourself Macedonians.
  10. Actually I found a solution to the problem: set 10 minutes ceasefire, so that extra strength in 1 hero is insignificant with the presence of so many other units.
  11. In my honest opinion these 4 things are not really the same: Toxicity and harassment are social misconducts, which do deserve a perma ban, even if done on main account. DDOS is a malicious technical attack that is possibly illegal, so it's not as simple as a ban can solve... Smurfing with the intention of destroying balance is also annoying and deserve a caution then a ban. Someone just turning up with a different name, then talks politely and is honest about their skills and never messed up anyone's TG shouldn't be treated the same as the 4 listed above. My point being, being respectful has absolutely no relationship with the number of accounts someone has. A rude person will be rude on their main account, and a nice person will still be nice on their 20th account... People don't automatically become disrespectful because they clicked on the 'create new account' button twice! Toxicity, harassment and DDOS is not caused by second account; JC harassed you on his main account... there are some people who are more toxic on their main account than someone on his 20th account... The DDOSer might have never been in the lobby and just attacks by monitoring traffic xD So you need to get rid of the individuals who are causing problems instead of wasting time trying to ban everyone who you suspect is making more than 1 account... Note that some lobby freshers could outperform many 1500s if they had a lot of experience fighting 1vs6 petra bots or modifying AIs. These shouldn't be banned neither. Changing your 0ad username is like changing your appearance, which means nothing to everyone else. Do you really care about the DNA of the dude behind the screen? What's important to everyone is their gameplay and not their DNA sequence... Would you divorce your wife just because she changed her make up? I don't think so, but maybe you would. Even though she is still the same person that you love, you just can't stand a slight change in her appearance because of your pedantic anti-smurfing obsession.
  12. If you didn't understand what I was saying, let me give you a more vivid example: I could be the Queen of England, playing 0ad as hobby and pretending to be 18 years old instead of 90. I just creatively named myself Yekaterina, and you can't find any flaws. I could be Angela Merkel playing the game in her spare time, remember I praised her policies often and both of us know physics and maths! I could be Recep Tayyip Erdogan, waking up at 3am for TGs then start dealing with politics and 9am. Middle aged people don't need that much sleep. I could be an alien spy scouting out the little blue planet we found near our vast interstellar empire. I could be a 19 years old boy called berhudar creating accounts named similar to 'Catherine' (who is actually him and not me, and Catherine came before me) No matter who I am in real life, it doesn't matter in the 0ad lobby. What matters is skill level and maybe playstyle (changes over time though). So, there is no evil in changing your 0ad username. Other games do allow it. As long as we don't mess stuff up it's fine. What do you think, @user1 @Stan`?
  13. It's ok Dizaka I am not offended This has gone slightly off topic, but the point is we need to get rid of the bots which automatically ban people. Also smurf speculation needs to stop. Innocent people and new players are getting banned for no reason. Frankly, I don't understand why this game bans people for creating another account... In the world of 0ad no one knows each others' real names, so it doesn't matter what we call ourselves. I can easily claim to be MarcAurel and you will never know whether I am Marc or not... I experimented with VERGIFTUNGSGEFAHR and claimed to be BoredRusher and everyone believed me. Similarly, when I logged in as trinitrophenol, everyone thought that I was metafondations or feldfeld... Even my dad was somehow recognised to be borg... The game exists for us to have fun, not to put more and more limitations or stress onto our lives. Now, I understand that some players have concerns about smurfs messing up balance, and there are better solutions than just an automatic IP ban: The TG host asks them for rating or maybe previous name. If they are honest about skill level and didn't mess up balance then fine, let them play. It doesn't matter whether their real identity is hamdich or kate or feldfeld (all 3 could be the same person ), as long as they bring fun to your TG, we are all chill. If the player lies about rating then trolls or smurfs with malicious intent of messing up TGs, then we can report them to User1 and give them an IP ban Hosts can decide who to let into their game. If an 'unknown' persuades them well enough then why not?
  14. Thank you everyone!! The problem is with Christoffel-Symbol. As soon as he logs on some AI automatically bans both of us... We use the same IP so...
  15. OK. I have fixed the template bugs in most of these, but we are missing artworks and BALANCING (although single players probably won't care about that...) Xiongnu: https://github.com/Yekaterina999/xiongnu Thracians: https://github.com/Yekaterina999/thracians Judeans: https://github.com/Yekaterina999/Judeans-Hasmonian
  16. Yes it is. But I have always been playing the mobile version... on emulators...
  17. @wowgetoffyourcellphone updated here on git: https://github.com/Yekaterina999/Kate-GUI
  18. No, I just uploaded the zip. But, good point though, I will update the github version as well.
  19. Update: More amplified projectile woosh sounds when launching Added hit sound for every type of impact
  20. This morning, I tried to log into the lobby and enjoy a weekend of 0ad in my school, but as soon as I logged on I was banned with a message 'You have been banned for 48 hours'. That ruined my weekend... I haven't played 0ad in a week and I just came back to have some fun but clearly @user1 won't let me. Well, I will stick to studying and playing PUBG then (I have been doing that for the past week). I might as well switch to War Selection, Megaglest, Widelands, and AoE4 Now, I understand there may have been some misunderstandings: 1. Other kids in my school also play 0ad and we all use eduroam wifi -> same IP address -> so the system detects 3 or 4 accounts from the same IP - thinks we are all smurfs and bans us. 2. Some people (smurf speculators) mix me up with other real players just because we coincidentally had similar playstyle in a game or talked in a similar manner, so they think that 1 person is controlling 3 accounts although that is not the case and I can show you evidence to prove that I am indeed Yekaterina and no-one else. 3. As most of you know, I make YouTube videos and the 0AD guide - many people improve very fast and learn to play similarly to me after reading these materials - so a new player may become very close to my level after only a few matches - people think they are me smurfing, report them to user1 and I get banned even though I was asleep. 4. I move around a lot and use VPNs, so I may appear at new locations suddenly. There is no regulation against using VPNs so I don't see why I should get a stream error when playing over VPN. So I am asking you to not just ban people automatically but actually investigate the case before you take actions. Some people have created more accounts than me and they have not been banned, strangely. Furthermore, I have also seen people being muted randomly without saying anything bad. It seems that if a swear word is included in a string they type then the player is muted automatically. For example, 'mishit projectile'. Also I think one does not deserve to be muted for saying 'bullshit'
  21. I have noticed that the size of each building varies across the civs, for example, Persians have very big farmsteads, meanwhile Britons and Iberians have tiny farmsteads. The size of farmsteads may sound insignificant but they can actually affect your efficiency greatly; in early game, Britons can squeeze a farmstead into the gaps within a patch of berries, whereas Persians have to place it close to the patch - less efficient. However, in late game, the large Persian farmstead allows you to place tesselate fields around it without having to leave gaps, so they are more efficient at expanding farms in late game. Meanwhile, Britons have the smallest CC, Greeks, Kushites, Carthage have medium size CC, then Ptolemies and Romans have extra-large CC. In general, large CC is good because you can teleport units through a greater distance and the walking distance between your starting wood and CC is shorter - more efficient early game gathering. Also, large CCs means you can squeeze more fields around it - another benefit. Furthermore, 5-house civs have extra small houses, but Ptolemies have similar house size to 10-house civs. This doesn't seem to matter too much in game although Ptolemies can set up a defensive perimeter around their CC more quickly than others. What I don't understand is why some civs are 5-house and some are 10-house Is there a reason for why building sizes are designed to be different?
  22. I suppose all welcoming Gaia is nice. Iber Gaia kills more of my units than some real players... Iberians are just the joke civ of A25... On game crash during TG: set your pop to 200, medium map at most, don't do formation with too many units at a time.
  23. I think you put 2 temples on the same control group without realising?
  24. Good point. Actually they can interact but cav is very easy to escape, does the most damage and hurts your eco the least, so people use it the most.
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