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  1. Javelin mercenary and camel archers are also effective. Use pikemen to stop the elephant and use the ranged units to shoot it down.
  2. @nani what is your point about champ cav?
  3. Yes, not everyone puts balancing above everything else. I would also go with the hard option, except it involves a lot of discussion among players. Diversity means some civs will be favoured more than others on certain maps. For example the mauryan worker elephant is OP un Belgian Upland or Anatolian plains.
  4. In terms of uniqueness, they are similar to A24 and less diverse than A23. However they are extremely well balanced in A25. Imbalance will inevitably arise from diversity.
  5. Yes. The human resources department scheduled it for us. Why do you ask?
  6. I think that is a bug that needs to be fixed. We need to apply the bonus to himself as well. Alexandros Ho Megas definitely could use a better bonus. Maybe we can make it a global bonus instead? And changed the number to 60%
  7. I think this is a good idea, otherwise catas are too OP. I just think they have been overnerfed in the past 2 alphas; now no one uses them. It should be able to deal huge damage to the unit that it hit, but only that 1 unit at a time.
  8. Changed to the catapult: Balancing advisors please tell me what you think: catapult1.webm catapult1.webm
  9. I see your problem. We can ban them from attacking organic units completely. However, I think the problem lies in them being given a turret mechanism instead of an aim and shoot mechanism. I will take a look at the code and SREE if I can restore them to aim and shoot (like archers)
  10. I agree that catapult need to be fixed. They were OP in A23, weak in A24 and A25. They were OP in A23 because they were effective at killing both infantry and buildings, with huge resistance to pierce damage. Catapult spam = unstoppable. They were weak in A24 because, although they still had fair accuracy, archers could shoot them down easily without getting harmed themselves. In A25 they are trash because they are not accurate at all and vulnerable to everything. So we want them to be something between A23 and A24. My proposal: Boost accuracy: spread = 2 Keep maximum range at 100 metres, but decrease minimum range to 30 metres. Keep damage values the same as A25 Increase armour slightly so that they can finish their job before getting shot down. Keep them ineffective against infantry; no splash damage. So that they have to take out infantry units 1 by 1 so not OP at all.
  11. I was serious. Population bonus means you can field 20 more archer. Even if they were shooting the enemy melee, the 20 extra units should be able to even out things.
  12. An idea: give archer civs a population bonus so that they can make some more archers and shoot over enemy melee, directly at their javelineers
  13. Yes, metal is no longer scarce. Using Carthaginian mercenary sword cav, having 2 mines = guaranteed win
  14. That would make it very secure indeed. However, there are still 2 problems with whitelist: 1. The hacker already knows woodpecker's IP address, so he will get attacked directly, even when he is not playing 0ad. The hacker can just attack his home network at any time they want. 2. Whitelisting makes genuine new players too difficult to join, which might discourage some from multiplayer.
  15. I used wireshark to list the IPs attacking me during 2 ddos attacks. It showed IP from all over the world: Netherlands, US, China, UK, etc So it is likely that the jacket is using rotating fake IP address. Or, they have compromised computers everywhere.
  16. Well, on more than 1 occasions, reza-math came to my base with 50 sword cav, went straight for cc, leaving most other units unharmed. This is often the case when I have taken all units out of my base to hit his other allies. He could just use his sword cav to chop down our CC 1 by 1 without losing many, and their agility and speed prevents us from being able to withdraw our troops. If he came with siege and infantry instead, we can use women to hack siege and draw back the troops to deal with his infantry. Right now they are cheap elephants but flying around the map to devastate your bases at lightening speeds.
  17. Exactly. I think we should buff catas, that will solve the problem with swordcav and turtling. Current problem is, catas are not accurate enough, and sometimes they refuse to shoot. They also have a big minimum range, which is inconvenient. My suggestion: increase accuracy, decrease max range and min range. Leave other stats constant. This prevents turtling but also prevents cata from being too OP like A23. (although I loved the A23 models for catas and their fire art effect) If your opponent is using many catas on you, get sword cav to hack them down.
  18. Don't forget about Yoddha and Noba clubmen (now comes at advanced rank by default - super strong)
  19. Suggestion: give them a negative bonus against structures, so that they cannot be used as siege weapons. Explanation: 1. Cavalry were not used, and cannot be used, to hack down buildings like a fortress. 2. Cavalry shouldn't be used as a replacement for siege weapon. It encourages the player to spam 60 sword cav and skip siege engines or elephants. I am not against sword cav being very effective units in a raid or a bigger fight, I just think that chopping down fully garrisoned forts as Megatron said is too much. I have spotted many players using mercenary sword cav or Roman champion cav as siege weapons.
  20. Sword cavs are a very strong units and I have received some complaints about them being too OP. I tried sword cav rush myself and got rushed as well, and I noticed that they are not only effective against infantry but also buildings.
  21. Why are you floating 20K resources ?! In a good TG when I am rich I float 4000, but that's about it. What is the point of storehouses on control groups?
  22. Whitelist can prevent the hacker from finding out new victims to attack. However, it is believed that the hacker already has a hitlist: an IP of players who like hosting. Direct connect and password protected matches might help if you are not on their hit list. Some observations: 1. I have never been ddosed while using a smurf account. Even in the heights of DDOS back in A24, I hosted games with a smurf account and no-one ddosed me. It could be a coincidence but could also mean the hacker is picking targets, or the IP protection is working. 2. Those who liked to host in A23 got hit the worst. woodpecker was one of the most targeted victims and he hosted a lot back in A23. This is because A23 had no ip protection but A25 does.
  23. For those who struggle at booming:
  24. I think you need the semi-colon sign at the end of each line. If it still doesn't work, maybe insert the local.cfg at where you found default.cfg (0ad/binaries/config)
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