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  1. En théorie je peux le faire, mais je ne suis pas sûr que splitter la communauté soit une bonne idée.
  2. I haven't tested but I think one can specify multiple times the phenotype to get an non equal distribution. This could be interesting in depicting civs where there would be less women doing such work Sadly you can't abuse it to create a mix of citizen, slaves and mix genders.
  3. Nope C'est propriétaire. C'est une des raisons pour laquelle on ne l'utilise pas officiellement.
  4. Vlad told me he'd do the rebase. I haven't asked since. Well yeah it sucks, but unless I can review those patches I'm not sure I can do much. Now technically if they are atomic it should be pretty obvious if they are correct. The utf16 one is slightly out of my reach. I don't even know if we have good tests for it.
  5. Yes the option doesn't care about the OS.
  6. Not yet. See: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4085 (Of course point is moot if we move away from Phab, but one fire at a time) Well it's better if you do, but if nobody touched the files you changed you should be fine.
  7. It's out of millenium's timeframe but it looks nice
  8. Hi Pixel24, Did you try to open port 20595 ?
  9. Does alt enter do anything ? It's really strange that pyrogenesis or 0ad doesn't show up. Maybe zeroad ?
  10. You could ask Itms to give you permission over the modio mod if he can
  11. Can you check what's in system_info.txt and userreporter.txt ?
  12. Well 3GB or (Go) are bigger than 500MB or (Mo) (I'm french too:))
  13. Sadly a poll on the forums would probably be really biaised.
  14. I believe there is a wounded unit shortcut you can use to select them.
  15. Yeah it was reported somewhere else. @Angen, do we have a ticket ?
  16. What does ps -aux say ? Could be named 0ad on your system.
  17. https://videos.pair2jeux.tube/c/play0ad/videos
  18. Well changing it is probably a matter of replacing a positiveinteger to positivedecimal in one of the simulation scripts. However it might appear weird on the GUI (e.g with a ton of decimals)
  19. Alright. That seems like a fair amount of patches to review. Btw I'm a bit worried about the lack of response on the compressonator library. It was the same with NVTT in the past. I'm currently considering extracting nvtt bits and ditching the rest of the lib.
  20. Hit me up if you need anything. Maybe @vladislavbelov could review your patches.
  21. See https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Changelogs it links svn revisions to Alpha versions rP21946 would be A23b
  22. I suppose that with the recent flat design and lack of icon character, it's easier for people used to it to get used to such an interface?
  23. As long as @fabio keeps updating it you should be fine
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