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  1. I suppose first step is to put together a list of actors for 13 (Maybe 14 civs) this way I can create the actors as a mod, and then you can experiment with values.
  2. Quotes by borg ^ Conditions: 1 per match (starting unit) I personnaly dislike the fact that only it can gather. Potential issues: - It's a lot like AoM - It furthers make the civilization identical.
  3. I'm creating this thread to discuss the usage of biome specific mercenary camps on maps. The idea would be to use the current camps (and possibly remove them from civs (which is kind of a no no for differentiation) and have them preplaced on maps. This is something that has been explored by @wowgetoffyourcellphone on Delenda Est. I am in favour of the idea. Carthaginians could have an autoresearched tech which make all mercs cheaper in those camps. Potential issues: Random map integration Differentiation between civs. Note: This thread also raises q
  4. @wowgetoffyourcellphone does this. It could be part of the A25 map overhaul. I'm not sure how hard it is to implement this in say, mainland though. Skirmishes is easy. Could be another thread. Could be another thread.
  5. Not really you task everyone on one and let their do their thing.
  6. @wowgetoffyourcellphone will they work with the new ones ?
  7. It's possible he had you ips from before... Nothing in the logs?
  8. Edwarf had a good point: adding meat decaying will reduce micro a lot (which may or may not be a good thing with regards to hunting). Previously one could attack multiple targets then gather food. Now to prevent decaying as much as possible one will have a lot of gatherers on one single target, to maximise food income. See http://docs.wildfiregames.com/entity-docs/trunk.html#component.ResourceSupply (Freshly updated today)
  9. Yep really happy I pushed this. @Freagarach finished it. I think borg mentioned that one might lower max while at it. I also want to allow for random amounts eg starting at 65 or 45 randomly
  10. We also had a few developpers that prefered SVN, and it's generally way easier for non programmers (e.g artists) no rebase almost no merge conflicts. Commit = push. Also worth noting that while a bit wonky arcanist can make it transparent, one can also use git-svn
  11. @Panther you can just open the pyromod and get the files. This way it's even easier to drop them
  12. It would be great to see the Britons reworked! Is a Brittonic (or Gaulish) name known, though? Welsh did not yet exist in 0 A.D.'s timeframe and Welsh is no longer used in game either, so why should we adopt a (modern) Welsh name for the next alpha? Now that D11 is in we could have a Britonnic campaign. Not sure how to collaboratively work on this though... Well if the list of features that are gonna make it into A25 are known then it could. Due to the very nature of this project it's a bit hard to tell.
  13. Whoops Glad to see the song is indeed related.
  14. If you want them to use a different path and the path where they are is writable you can use -writableRoot.
  15. Did you change the victory conditions?
  16. Could be done, but needs a hell of change You'll see them in Atlas (Note it should work way better on macOS now)
  17. *Half it was just broken by the many refactorings https://code.wildfiregames.com/D3616 So they are here but you don't see them. I don't (About their removal not the fact that it would be more consistent)
  18. @vladislavbelov is working on updating the statistics for resolutions http://zaynar.co.uk/0ad-pub/resolutions.html (very old 2014)
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