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  1. Look at ChatInput.js and use registerChatSubmitHandler() I suppose. Example in Chat.js, or use the submitchat function in Chat.js To play a sound Engine.PlayUISound("audio/interface/ui/chat_alert.ogg", false); Note to self, one should use soundgroups and not raw sound files.
  2. Because it's only implemented for buttons not fields https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/master/source/gui/ObjectBases/IGUIButtonBehavior.cpp
  3. GDPR, data processing, need to change privacy policy and is a bit tedious because not all platforms work with TLS.
  4. Medieval ad on 0 A.D. mods all fresh from this week. I have all the flora assets too. But sorting the other mod took me 9 hours so this will have to wait.
  5. Or that but bit early for stone castles
  6. It's nice. Maybe it can be used for medievalad
  7. There is no critical damage feature but it could be added by modding attack.js.
  8. ERROR: JavaScript error: globalscripts/Templates.js line 21 simulation/data/civs/legion.json doesn't contain History History now Depends but it's usually discouraged if you can find creative commons sources instead
  9. You need one of the three You're missijng the name in your actor.
  10. That's the issue. ERROR: JavaScript error: globalscripts/Templates.js line 21 simulation/data/civs/legion.json doesn't contain Name You need to add a "Name" property to your civ.json Github is a platform that allows you to share update and store your mods. It is built around the git command line too, which is used to version (ie keep track of changes) all the files. See https://learngitbranching.js.org/?locale=fr_FR
  11. Best for that would be the celt trader. Do note that it would not adapt to enemies though. For your second request you probably need to write a small js component called protector or something that takes a class in its schema and periodically checks whether its protecting a hero And if its not look for the nearest one.
  12. Make new palisade models ? Someone made more variations You need bigger towers though if you want to be able to place them from in game. Else you will get warnings.
  13. Yeah you need to rebake the AO map. Remove the decal from the actor.
  14. Thise two are planned somewhat. Work is being done D368. @Freagarach has lot of gameplay patches.
  15. Same. And I'm not even developing anymore...
  16. @borg- @real_tabasco_sauce @maroder @chrstgtr @ValihrAnt @Feldfeld @Stockfish @wowgetoffyourcellphone Now that the last release blocker is fixed I'm gonna soon make a second release candidate. That will also be the beginning of string freeze meaning no new auras or techs, or units can be added so that translators can finish. So I'd like to have list of remaining patches you want to merge for A26, and I'd like everyone to comment on them if possible.
  17. From what I can see the actor looks like this millenniumad/norse_coif_huscarl_relax.xml at master · 0ADMods/millenniumad (github.com) While it should look a bit more like this 0ad/cape_long_player_archer.xml at master · 0ad/0ad (github.com) The interesting part being mainly that it's missing <variant file="biped/base_archer_relax.xml" name="Archer-Relax" frequency="1"/> <variant file="biped/base_archer_ready.xml" name="Archer-Ready" frequency="1"/> Mind the name tag as it's really important.
  18. It's still correct. Blender handles the triangulation for you. But in some cases you might want to triangulate it yourself.
  19. There could be but if would probably be still expensive
  20. Go into face mode, Press A to select all H to hide then switch to edg or vertex mode. You should see what you forgot to delete.
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