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  1. One can also use the new flyer template I suppose. It even has a QR code! Could probably be translated to german if need be.
  2. I have a long running project of making a small rts with godot and 0 A.D. assets. We talked a little about it with Akien and StraToN. So it would be nice to know if at least it's feasible Whether it's automated or not is up to you. You might want to look at the modding guides and art docs on trac.wildfiregames.com to understand how they work. Basically it's the same armature for all bipeds. The only thing that changes is the skin. All animations are exported one by one. Skins are denoted by mesh tags and animation in animation tags. If Godot'importer allows for dae I would recommend that over tons of manual export work. One can also import pyrogenesis actors in blender. There is a script on my Github. I would stay away from animated meshes until you are familiar with the normal ones and their variants. This can get quite complex.
  3. Would you mind sharing the exception?
  4. You do not need the translations to be revised to be able to play with them. SVN/Git have all the languages. The release only bundles languages that have been translated above 80%
  5. Either A24 or A25. Most maps have not been updated to make use of them, so that's maybe why.
  6. Can someone create a ticket?
  7. With the extended deadline maybe we can have https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4770
  8. It would still better to do some research and have ancient chinese pronunication and words if possible.
  9. That's the point. That's how most of the languages are designed, almost nobody speaks ancient chinese, ancient greek, meroitic, latin in a common fashion. That's one of the features of the game. I personnaly loved the voices from Age of Mythology because of that.
  10. Thanks for checking. Is it really so bad quality that it's worth waiting forever for actual historically accurate chinese dubbing?
  11. Maybe the unit wasn't set to doesn't have the turretable component? infantry_rifleman_assalt
  12. There isn't, but if you can provide a proof of concept why not.
  13. Because all unit stats techs change, so the result might differ drastically/ error out
  14. Here are some voices generated by @Yekaterina all of these tracks by typing the Chinese phrase into Luyinzhushou (a software that reads converts Chinese text to voices with selectable personalities). She is a native speaker of Chinese. The voices feature a range of accents and dialects to reflect the vastness and variety of Han Dynasty. A 21st century Chinese person should be familiar with these phrases. @AIEND can you check them? chinesevoice.zip
  15. @wowgetoffyourcellphone what's the question?
  16. That's because you're not in the correct folder. You're in /Applications/0ad/ while you should be in /Users/{YOUR USERNAME}/Library/Application\ Support/0ad( See: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths) @real_tabasco_sauce yeah that will be fixed in rc2, sandboxed apps have different location, but they are only needed to go to the app store.
  17. I suppose not, do you have vsync on or the frame rate limit ? How many fps do you have with opengl?
  18. @Gurken Khan the new ones or the old ones? I don't suppose we store the timezone in the replays only a timestamp ""timestamp":1641561620"
  19. Weird, does this one work? https://rvlt.gg/nFDp5agg (maybe the link expire) 0 A.D. Empires Ascendant is the name.
  20. 0 A.D. has a semi official revolt server (you can find the link here: https://linktr.ee/wildfire_games) however since it started over a year ago it did not gain any traction. Source for that? Can but it's harder, though you can just use imgur or something Right click send private message ? /join private-room ? Can't you use webchat.quakenet.org?
  21. That's how it's been for years, leading to countless complaints The AI code is mostly untouched since 2018, and it needs some love.
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