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  1. Hey, disable TLS in the game options, lobby tab.
  2. Did you plug an external headset / put your computer on sleep ?
  3. I'm disappointed No reference to DE? Come on Is there a patch for that? Yeah I meant the latter. Using the phenotype feature one can make the units alternate between male and female actors.
  4. Would you consider uploading a patch for that? Let me know if you need assistance.
  5. There is also Boudicca, Cleopatra, Amanirenas as heroes. I'd be interested in a cosmetic change for some civs though. @Nescio @borg- @badosu @Genava55 @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded Do you know which civs could use both male and female as citizens ? With the Phenotype feature it should be easy to do. Not sure how to make the citizen aura a bit more fitting
  6. Stan`

    African civs

    I don't have the files so I can't do much
  7. Hi @Tawn I'd be very interested in debugging this issue further. What OS are you on ? Do you by any chance have a disabled sound card?
  8. Keep up the good work. I can give you some feedback if you want
  9. Archive might improve loading time on HDDs. The reason we pack stuff mostly is for size and because XML , DAE PNG are cached to XMB PSA/PMD DDS else the game has to do it on the fly which can be slow.
  10. Hey there try disabling GLSl and postprocessing in the game options
  11. Stan`

    NSIS error.

    The error is strange... but you should wait before we update to spidermonkey
  12. Yes, python2 is used only for the build process.
  13. @xTrEeMx Oh it seems you got the wrong zip... this one should be better.
  14. Hello Je ne suis pas sûr mais je pense que tu as une version de retard. Pour ce qui est du réseau il y a plusieurs raisons pour lesquelles ca peut ne pas marcher. 1. Ton FAI (Free, Orange etc) n'est pas compatible avec STUN 2. L'hôte n'utilise pas STUN mais n'a pas ouvert ses ports Essaie en 4G pour voir peut être.
  15. What OS are you on? See https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions
  16. You can just edit template_unit now
  17. If you play in LAN you can use the direct connect option. Make sure the windows firewall has an exception for 0 A.D.
  18. @badosu I could help if you need some icons?
  19. It really looks great and like a different game. Can you upload them to your post instead of a third party ?
  20. Hey you also need to disable it in your router settings. Alternatively you can use your phone as hotspot.
  21. You should open it in both. We use STUN to bypass some restrictions but sometimes it's not enough.
  22. @wackyserious Do you think you could redo them?
  23. Do you still have the AI file? Illustrator can save as SVG directly
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