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  1. One solution would be to use hack again like de, but maybe we can have two types of piercing damage ? Like piercing and perforation or something One might argue we'd need blunt slashing etc too which would make it even more a mess.
  2. Probably because 0 A.D. is in fake full screen. In A26 you'll be able to try borderless.fullscreen = false
  3. You need to create an account on trac.wildfiregames.com and update the page
  4. Yeah the wiki should be updated for the freetype dependency...
  5. It's used by user1 somehow. I think he has a non public script doing some magic. It has not been disclosed to me. I just know that tampering with it brings thunder
  6. It's a PSD somewhere maybe indelenda est @wowgetoffyourcellphone
  7. Don't use letters if possible. Alphas with the same numbers are binary compatible.
  8. I think it is important to mention that those videos are useless to the game. I can show you videos of previous alphas where the problem does not occur. If you have a fix, share it. Or do not. But just sending videos is not useful. Sorry.
  9. Indeed to get the macedonians campaigns in we need a massive overhaul of the maps in there. I haven't tested the scenario itself though.
  10. Minimum supported resolution needs 768 in height. Some people want us to go even higher than that.
  11. Can't it be an interesting differentiation if made more explicit, or if it comes with bonii ?
  12. Heh, no rush you'll be fine. It's a bit frustrating at first but it gets satisfying in the end. Those things take time, give yourself some.
  13. See http://docs.wildfiregames.com/entity-docs/a25.html#component.Garrisonable
  14. IIRC units target the closest unit that matches their prefered class. Which could be somewhat far away. I think it's just not only a dichotomy
  15. Hey @AGamer Welcome to the forums! Modding errors should be in interestinglog.html :) As for it keeping prompting you to reenable mods do note you should click the save button next to the start game one Happy modding. :)
  16. Can you try to disable whole map shadows and set shadowscascadecount to 4 in the config file.
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