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  1. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D368
  2. I could actually make my staff reports public. I sent mails every two months or so with a commit summary and some internal team things usually nothing too private. I don't do it usually cause they might contain private information about members. Can't get that if they can't run the game Right because the balancing branch by @scythetwirler after A16 the design document on Phabricator with @Prodigal Son and @Nescio, Balancing between @Itms and @borg- the PM about balancing, and now the balancing forums were nothing? That's the thing, My goal is just to have a playable game with interesting gameplay. The designer spot has been left vacant as I still have to find someone trusworthy, competent and who is willing to step up. As wraitii said I have no power to force anyone to do anything they do not want. I can give incentives sure, but at the end of the day if everyone leaves having the crown and being alone isn't of any help to anyone. Good thing I started learning the guitar again
  3. Nevermind I failed to read the png.
  4. Storehouse tech icons seem broken
  5. Indeed I'm sorry big up for langbart Well it does the job. The issue is that the UX isn't perfect as said above, partly for security reasons and because it was not implemented. But the core feature definitely works. Actually it started 9 years ago. But you don't convince an organization to switch in one day. The problem is that there are some areas where SVN is better. Binary management is one of them simplicity is another, history managment (no huge merge commits cause one forgot to rebase) might be one too. I strongly believe though that in this case the benefits of being more accessible outweighs the cons. Migrating Trac Jenkins and Phabricator (Which is now deprecated) without losing anything when doing so is the tricky part. 20 years That kind of funding is probably not accepted by SPI the non profit behind the project. They only have Paypal and Wire. Well SVN is centralised so unlike git if you didn't do a shallow clone you don't get twenty years. So it might be slower to get the rev but faster than to get the history. Check out all the balancing mods around you can download through the game. That change stats and are cross platform because they don't require compilation it's just XML files
  6. @Crynux you know there is a mod downloader using the mod.io platform directly integrated into the game, right? The public folder is a mod in itself, and you can dowload a few more through the game interface, install them by drag and drop or file association using the .pyromod extension. I believe that's the point here, why let them host it when we can host it ourselves (I'd rather not cause it's extra work for me, but I understand where they are coming from) I might be wrong but I don't think Beyond All Reason, Supertux, Supertux Kart, Wyrmsum and Warzone 2100 got a huge boost from it. Moving to git can't hurt if done properly though. I'd like to put emphasis on the amount of work vs the velocity of what remains of the team. balancing is like 5% of the work of the project. You have sysadmin work done by me @implodedok @user1 @Dunedan you have art that's done by me and @wackyserious you've got sound done by @Samulis and @OmriLahav you've got the simulation work done by @wraitii @bb_ and @Freagarach you've got random map work done by @maroder and @smiley you have other maps to maintain, writing the announcement, doing the trailers, answering the community, being at events, you've got the AI which is done by now retired @Silier and by hopefully @JCWasmx86 in the future. You've got the reinforcement learning interface done by @irishninja You also get all the graphic features improvements, fixes and cleanups, and maybe sometime soon Vulkan support done by @vladislavbelov then you have to update maintain fix, patch all the libraries on BSD, macOS, Windows and all the crazy amount of Linux flavour, when they get deprecated or lost to make sure you can still run the game which goes will all the work on the lowlevel part of the engine. You've got the tests to ensure we're breaking everything, you've got mod technical support which I try to do with @Lopess @The Undying Nephalim @wowgetoffyourcellphone etc. Probably forgot to mention Networking with getting the game to work on most configurations all the Devops scripts to automate building, all the python script for various tasks such as updating mods checking for dependencies getting Translations, all the work done in all those languages and the code behind it. And making sure they don't crash the game when they are wrong. When I say there are many full time jobs, I'm not kidding. And some of us only have one hour per week Which can be spent catching up, writing long posts or actually working on the game. So sure for certain people it's just a fun toy. But for others it's much more than this. It's an opportunity, to learn to do better, to give back, to provide fun. Some linuxes are still stuck with A23, we do not and cannot control the release cycles there. Adding more people simply doesn't cut it. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brooks's_law We've got 28 balancing advisors, do you feel balancing has made much progress compared to A25 and A24 and A23 ?
  7. It's not sadly unless the map specifies it, which requires all players to have the modified map. All users compute the game
  8. In general I would agree, but the DDOSers have lived to tell a different story. You also wouldn't know what you download. e.g. a modified small balancing mod could contain nasty JS code that does things it shouldn't. This is actually why we have mod signatures on mod.io. It's not fool proof, but we check all the mods submitted there. I believe it's the reason other than "Nobody coded it" why we don't have automatic download.
  9. More like nobody reports which is slightly different. Here the issue is that civs have too many buildings
  10. Hey, Thanks for the report I'm pinging the snap maintainer @oSoMoN Maybe it's because of Adding OpenGL/GPU support to a snap - doc - snapcraft.io
  11. @Langbart @Lion.Kanzen do you know since when autobuild ?
  12. Or maybe @Mercury could try that if they feel comfortable This way you can work on other stuff and guide them. About RAM usage keep in mind we are limited to 32bits on windows for now. See this.
  13. You could try to install nvidia drivers see if that makes the GPU pop up. If not I'm not sure.
  14. I feel like that is the point of that discussion... I mean I listed there all I tried... Maybe I'm missing the point ? How about having custom techs that get applied on match start ? That doesn't really scale on cross platform. Some Debian and Ubuntu still have Alpha23 0ad packaging badges - Repology Plus as you pointed out nobody wants to use mods, so even if we had an experimental empires ascendant mod on mod.io decoupled from the game nobody would use it. Not to mention some changes like C++ ones cannot be decoupled. I don't see a perfect solution. The autoupdated thing is usually frowned upon in the linux world too, with the exception of some distros. @vv221 @Locynaeh
  15. system-info.zip Seems I suffer from the same issue 4GB detected 8GB installed. Seems to be a bug with our detection code. Will be fixed by https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4651
  16. Use DE as the main game and I can assure you that people will yell. Just see what happened with a simple cursor, custom colors or player names for maps... etc There is no balancing manager really. I would be really happy to have a balancing team with a decision process but I'm not exactly sure how it can work when every single little change is argued until everyone gives up on the project, and when there is no right answer as to what the game should be. My only goal is to make the game fun to play and to keep the project alive.
  17. You only have 2GB of RAM ? That seems awfully little for a mbp
  18. We made them more historically accurate so I'm not removing them. It would make the buildings look much worse.
  19. You can look at the Cinema Demo map https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/maps/scenarios/cinema_demo.js https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/maps/scenarios/cinema_demo.pmp https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/maps/scenarios/cinema_demo.xml
  20. Can you take a picture of the device manager, please ? Maybe you forgot to install the NVIDIA drivers.
  21. Can someone send me the han texts with the correct fonts so I can replace the signs ? I find it funny that some people always want more buildings and some much less...
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