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  1. I guess you have to be into hating that person to enjoy those vids, with the laugh track and everything.
  2. "Someone(s)" on the mod team generally dislike any political discussion. They've also silently killed the "Political Smalltalk" thread, although I don't think there ever was a need for a moderator intervention nor any breach of forum rules.
  3. From my experience ships will aggro on anything enemy, and have been for ~all versions; this includes chasing, so if you don't want your ships to move (because you're currently repairing them or not to get lured) you have to put them on standground.
  4. I agree with this part. The rest seems to me like an unnecessary over-complication. Especially regarding the yield: once out of the corral the yield is determined by the gather rates of the used units, so it doesn't matter which animal they go for in which order.
  5. Are you sure? I'll keep an eye open for it on other maps. Edit: I guess I stand corrected: my temple doesn't shine on my ally on another map. I could've sworn... It changes decay (I lose my buildings in allied territory), so I wouldn't be surprised by anything on that map.
  6. And which tech would that be? No, normally every temple has a healing aura for own units (you can see the green crosses) and allies. In that game my temple didn't sprinkle happiness on allied units either; I'm certain it's a "Fortress" "quirk". For whatever reasons that map is "special" in a lot of ways.
  7. Don't allied temples have a healing aura for the player's units? Or is this another of the (countless) "quirks" the Fortress map has?
  8. Some "old acquaintances" in this one, but I don't think I heard about e.g. Warren Field or Liu Hui before.
  9. Generally I'm fine with the Han having their own, unique stuff at the fortress. It's just that I miss something to buff the ships. Yeah, I caught that. I've taken to look at the latest code changes from time to time. Thanks wowie!
  10. I didn't know there was one around IRL. Edit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympias_(trireme)
  11. I think a tutorial should introduce the basics and some general hints, teaching everything up to and including high-level strategies doesn't seem feasible.
  12. Yeah, I know the US are... "special". Also in a lot of European countries you can vote from 16 (depending which election). But I still think the 18th birthday is outstanding in most countries.
  13. Hi @Euclid, welcome to the forums. Nah, that's easy (or medium difficult). There's vids on youtube where they try to beat 1v5 very hard AIs. I'm a casual player and usually go with one ally against four medium enemies (putting them in two teams spiked the difficulty, haven't tried with one enemy team of four). With random behaviors that can play out very differently, from everyone waiting at their base for you to all four attacking you simultaneously... The AI also doesn't play optimally, they sometimes have idle units and often go very long, inefficient ways with their units; so one doesn't have to play perfectly, either. I guess you're not at your peak yet. Have you noticed the different gathering rates of the units? Knowing that helps your eco. There's plenty of guides for build order, eco... Or just ask here. Maybe this thread gives you ideas of how to counter eles:
  14. Our friend is now 18 years old! In most countries that means voting, driving, drinking...
  15. Yes, my friend, I'm certain your enemies tremble with fear.
  16. Yes, I had enemies just walk/ride by. And no, if you fully garrison it. Of course then it's not an unforeseen attack...
  17. What tecs? They got removed, so should that part of the description.
  18. Will to fight gives ships +25% damage, I feel the Han are lacking in that department.
  19. It's even worse for the Han, their special building costs 300 stone and 300 iron. And since I overwhelmingly go for cav champs that hurts every time.
  20. I see we still have trees inside walls. (Ofc the only annoying thing is that it keeps my workers from working.)
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