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  1. @Obelix "bartered" is another term that gets into the translation. The questions remaining: is it the mods (which?), why, and how to prevent it.
  2. @Nauco In dem .zip sind u.a.die Karten drin!
  3. Ich nehme an, dass um die Szenarios geht die beim Spielstart bei den Kartentypen zur Verfügung stehen; wenn Du Deine Karte mit einem aussagekräftigen Namen gespeichert hast sollte die einfach zu finden sein.
  4. @Stan` @Freagarach @Silier I'm guessing the mods mess with the translation; which they shouldn't, ofc. Maybe you guys wanna investigate.
  5. @MarcusAureliu#s I guess you don't happen to know why you have English expressions in your German game, like "reached" and "has sent"? @sternstaub Do you know if the audio message "Your hero has died" plays in German?
  6. Hm. Hey @MarcusAureliu#s, are you MarcAurel on youtube? If so, what version of 0AD did you use in this week's vids?
  7. That's too brief to know what you mean. Do you mean it should already be the case or that it should be translated in the future?
  8. @Freagarach I just saw "Osmium reached Großstadtphase". Those game messages (?) need to be translated, too. Edit: I think most messages are fine, except this and "has sent" resources.
  9. Did try selecting units and then garrisoning them via the icon? (That's how I always do it, don't know about hotkeys etc.)
  10. I'm playing this game for some years now, and I don't think it's possible to attack your own units. And frankly I don't see much sense in doing that.
  11. @Lion.Kanzen beat me to it; but here's a pic with a worker:
  12. No, I meant selecting the unit and looking at their gather rate; although I'm not sure it would show different values for individual workers.
  13. Personally I like it. Especially in p1 it can help a bit.
  14. Sounds good. Unfortunately I don't think for this game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. @Yekaterina No reason to be sad! I just think your mod is friggin ugly, that's all. (If it meets peoples' needs/preferences good for them.) So do you know if it lightens the load?
  16. btw, before you uglify your game: did you go through the usual steps of performance enhancement before? Like making sure the game runs on your dedicated GPU and going through the steps in the FAQ?
  17. There are mods that even make it uglier. Like @Yekaterina's. Maybe it also reduces load, she might tell you.
  18. Archeologists believe they have found the oldest proof of Odin worship yet, coming from the 5th century CE and predating the previous oldest find by 150 years: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/gold-treasure-unearthed-denmark-odin-norse-god-inscription/
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