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  1. @av93Maybe it's less binding where they live? 'Current' wife? @thankforpiejk. Congrats to you two! (Should it be true.)
  2. While I could easily agree to points 1, 2 and 4, No. 3 - together with other of your arguments - to me sound a bit like 'We have always done it like this! And our neighbors do it like this!', which, by itself, doesn't sound too convincing to me. If a sufficient number of people ('regular' players, competitive players and lastly - and I guess most importantly - a ~handful of devs) think there is a 'package' available (the mod your thread is obviously about but you haven't mentioned - and which I didn't try (yet)) that is a step in the right direction, I say 'why not?'.
  3. @StopKillingMeCamel archers just have a crappy damage output. I still prefer'em over melee starting cav though. ^^
  4. Not sure what exactly you find dumb. For your question, I just looked at the Athenians and their bolt shooters have higher pierce armor than their triremes, so currently it's just the other way round than what you asked; since some units for example have 3x damage against horses I guess theoretically units could also get 0.5 against ships. But I don't know the technical limitations, e.g. of the templates. Maybe @Stan`would know more or who to ask.
  5. I noticed an issue with the lithobolos animation: After the left dude loads it, there are two projectiles in the ~barrel (correct word?); they're mostly overlapping each other until the top, where they split. Then there's some glitching and one projectile disappears while the other one is fired.
  6. I see that bug quite frequently (obviously only with very new users), and even at the risk of sounding rude I dare say I don't trust the counter at all! Maybe worth looking into?
  7. Yes. Slingers for example do crush damage, which also makes them useful against buildings since they have less crush armor.
  8. If they're massive I guess it's fine. Obviously I don't know much about those walls, and naively I expected the towers to be 'hollow', housing some stairs or ladders and then the platforms or floors above ground level would probably have to be wooden.
  9. @Stan`Looking forward to that. Another detail: the top floors of those towers are made from stones? So the whole tower up to that height would have to be massive?
  10. @Stan`Looks beautiful. Sad thing is, with so much detail it's clearly visible that there are no ways of accessing the walls and towers...
  11. Stumbled across this, and though it's medieval thought some of you might like it: https://www.laphamsquarterly.org/roundtable/first-you-make-maps (Lots of old and beautiful maps.)
  12. If you scout you can tell by (the movement of) the borders anyway. But I agree, it should be optional.
  13. me: *still triggered* @mawinatore Just to add it expressive verbis: in other kinds of buildings than houses you can also garrison different (military) units; for convenience set a rally point before releasing the unit(s) so they come out in the right direction. (I know units getting stuck can be annoying as heck, but maybe it'll be better in the next version.) Alternatively you could show some human compassion and rather sacrifice a building than a soldier, you monster!
  14. Maybe @user1 or @Hannibal_Barca?
  15. Hi @seantenk & welcome to the forums. You could try locating & posting your crash logs (before you start the game again). Most popular tip around here: disable glsl and post proc in the graphics options. hth
  16. In vanilla you can only see your own summary (and those of allies, if you have any and researched cartography) until you end the game, I believe.
  17. Sounds like a challenge to come up with a new team of generals every year. But I'm 'confident' they'd find a way to make customers pay...
  18. @Sundiata Looks like I was lied to my whole life about the colors of the German flag. :/
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