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  1. I guess it does. Generally I believe people who support unions/workers' rights are considered to be left-leaning. Here is an article I thought was very interesting: https://www.kontextwochenzeitung.de/debatte/573/wie-anarchistinnen-den-krieg-erleben-8091.html It describes how anarchists experienced the Maidan, how organized right-wingers dominated it etc. (With the state of auto-translators nowadays it should be understandable even for non-German speakers.) While those Ukrainian anarchists and their US partners might be considered left fringe, Kontext certainly is not, and I believe them when they write they tried to vet it as good as possible. When I pick up the trails and for example search for OHCHR + azov I find things like this: https://www.ohchr.org/sites/default/files/Documents/Countries/UA/Ukraine_14th_HRMMU_Report.pdf I only had a cursory look, but Azov is mentioned several times. Regarding declaring parties illegal: https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=ukraine+party+illegal&ia=web Pick any. Some headlines call it a blow against free speech, others seem to support the 'ties with Russia' claim. I know parties were declared illegal even before the war, but I didn't search for it specifically. Zelensky was mentioned in the Pandora papers, and already when he was campaigning some called him a puppet of Igor Kolomoisky: https://www.theguardian.com/news/2021/oct/03/revealed-anti-oligarch-ukrainian-president-offshore-connections-volodymyr-zelenskiy I just picked the first English source about a journalist who was arrested in Spain recently: https://marktaliano.net/ukrainian-journalist-arrested-in-spain-at-behest-of-kievs-intelligence-services/ I hope that answered it, if not feel free to ask more specifically.
  2. I didn't include 'and sentenced' by accident. Yeah, no. I don't believe for a second that someone in Ukraine doesn't know who or what those nationalist and nazi parties and groups are. They were dominating the Maidan, could kill 'leftists' with impunity (like the dozens of union members burned alive in Odessa) and went on brutally discriminating against anyone they didn't like (and killed civilians in the Donbas). And while our war propaganda keeps telling us that our 'freedom & democracy' is defended in Ukraine, I very much don't want 'freedom & democracy' a la Zelensky, where he declares opposition parties illegal, locks up numerous journalists and has his offshore accounts filled with dozens of millions USD by oligarchs.
  3. I guess those are the guys from Mariupol? If they're Azov fascists they'll probably be at the very bottom of the list for possible exchanges anyway. If they were also involved in killing civilians in the Donbas in the last years they'll most likely be tried and sentenced in Russia. Especially since Ukraine started sentencing Russian soldiers.
  4. Obviously. But it can happen to the best of us. *cough* Didn't you write that would be better in the next version?
  5. When I look up the HP Compaq 6000 Pro Microtower PC Product Specifications ( https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01865757 ) the graphics section shows: Are those exclusive options or could there be a dedicated GPU? @essa Could you please check your Windows Device Manager if it shows one or two GPUs? (https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-open-device-manager-2626075 ) For me it looks like this:
  6. @essa Did you find the files mentioned in the error message? Maybe this is the path: c:\Users\abdi\AppData\Local\0ad\logs\ If you know how, pack (all) the files in \logs\ in a zip file. When you reply here, you see 'choose files...' at the bottom of the editor; click it and select the zip file or (all) the individual files in that folder, that will attach/upload those files.
  7. READ your error message! Attach the crashlog.txt and crashlog.dmp files. My standard guesses: 1. Your antivir doesn't allow 0AD to access the paths/files; 2. You're on a laptop which instead of the dedicated GPU uses the integrated GPU which can't handle the game. HTH
  8. https://english.elpais.com/economy-and-business/2022-05-10/el-salvador-expected-to-default-as-bitcoin-plummets.html
  9. hmmm... Oh dear. To pickup just the 'male' aspect: AFAIK the US military opened up for women when the average male cannon fodder was just too dumb to be of any use in the field.
  10. @LetswaveaBook I'm not up to date with most things and I don't know anything about that recruitment engine. But if it was fed with data where 99% of people in leading positions were male and it would result in females not being considered for leading positions just because of their gender - not their capabilities - I guess one could call it misogynistic.
  11. Thinking (and talking) like that won't get you the lucrative contracts.
  12. Of course AIs are not capable of everything; you also need to add a blockchain, or even better, five blockchains.
  13. I too had that problem once. Is there nothing that can be done to prevent a crash even if one savegame is corrupt?
  14. It's so slow and clunky I hardly ever use it. Against AI I luckily don't have to. (Occasionally make some if there's >1 iber enemy.)
  15. It has been reported before. Don't know if there's a ticket, didn't find one. @Stan`
  16. ok. But since chiseling by shooting or poking at siege is so ineffective, using swords (or daggers) is what I want to do really hard.
  17. We have 'soft counters'. I'd say 'hardest' counters are spears against cav and swords against siege. Here's more:
  18. You chicken out or what? Fighting wars is what we're here for !!! jk. I can live with 'Han' and my two cents about this are spent.
  19. So you're suggesting to rename those civs in-game to ptol, maur and sele? Probably not. This discussion is not about colloquialisms and abbreviations, but what the 'official' names should be.
  20. Try updating drivers for your ATI graphics card. You could also try to add that line to your config file or de-install and re-install 0AD. I feel sorry for you that it's now been a month you couldn't start the game.
  21. Generally I'm a friend of consistency, as well as of preciseness. If we want to be as historically correct as possible, and maybe even have an educational approach, I don't think we should treat thousands of years too coarsely. So I'm leaning towards using qualifying language for all our civs. They'll feel important! It will also be some work for the English editors, but I guess with 'search & replace' it should be manageable. Maybe we could also decide to use those 'full' names only in headings. Before I knew Han as an ethnic group, which is also what @wowgetoffyourcellphone's link seems to say. Maybe it should be 'Han Dynasty Chinese'?
  22. Yes! I checked and I forgot to release one guy from a captured fortress. (For if I'm past my towers, my 8 is responsible for securing captured buildings.) I let him out and the group salutes again! I still would like my group to acknowledge me even if one member is garrisoned. I have no idea about this 'first entity ID', but I guess it's a technical necessity? And the silence was like a lottery 'win' because I garrisoned that exact 'first entity ID' guy?
  23. Thanks for the explanation, but single Sparas acknowledged normally, so I guess that can't be the reason. Also what I get from @Freagarach and @maroder is that for them those groups also said something. I just went back to my 00:00 save of that game, made a group of the starting Sparas and when selected, they acknowledged. I opened the save I uploaded, but my group 8 still remains silent.
  24. What would they edit? Isn't a new file generated when the old is deleted?
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