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  1. It's just a prank, bro! They probably just enjoy annoying other people.
  2. I believe one of the Ds stands for 'Distributed', meaning an attacker would use several machines aka 'bots'. Makes the attack stronger, maybe not trackable to their own machine. I think they might also choose which IP range/area those bots operate from; or maybe spoof it. An IP or IP range could be blocked because they spam requests. At some ~anonymous place I was hit several times with an area ban because someone supposedly from my area misbehaved; I had to request a code snippet via IRC.
  3. Yes, just as you describe it. You might notice that the posters there have a title and a thingy beneath their avas. If you feel you have a valid point you could pn a lucky member of that group, they might bring it into the discussion.
  4. Depending on the map and circumstances a dock (or two docks) might be the better choice: you don't have to own the territory to build a dock, thus you can maximize the distance. @Thales Also note that you can set what resources your traders are carrying. And truthfully, depending on the circumstances, trade might even not be worth the effort; especially with a25 usually resulting in shorter games. You might put ~2000 res in (buildings, traders, techs) and only get ~1000 out...
  5. If you're not trading at all, any player that is will have a higher income. If the AI is bartering less, or won't go below certain thresholds, then it's more likely to have a better bartering rate than a player who blindly barters whatever amounts of whatever... If, for example, you need metal and can barter any other resource for it, it may be worth comparing the rates and/or switching the resource. Trade one batch of food and the rate will go down, switch to selling wood, the rate might be better...
  6. Yeah, what @alre said. P1: first wood, then food (in a balance, so you can afford to build the necessary structures and units, research the gathering techs). P2: first I 'industrialize' wood & food, then go for stone (to get the gathering techs & p2 structures) and then metal.
  7. You need two markets to trade; the further apart, the more profitable. Select one market, right-click on another market (or dock, own or allied) and produce traders to work the route. Prices for bartering change over the course of the game. The more one resource is sold, the less it is worth; likewise the more one resource is bought, the higher value it gains. Not trading one resource for a while will 'normalize' its prize (~82). Techs and civ bonuses also have an influence on the prizes.
  8. Not trying to be funny this time, just thought it's a nice pic of The Red Sea:
  9. If the player doesn't have a team of healers it's not ironic but deserved...
  10. I'm calling names here: @Stan` @user1 (To improve the chance of them seeing this and maybe able to do sth...)
  11. You know you can save and resume single player games, right?
  12. I don't think modern slingshots help us discussing ancient slings. This I found interesting. The whistling bullets, and for the larger projectiles the mentioned speed of 100mph / 160km/h. @Thales I guess the answer is yes, you should use slingers.
  13. Yes, I'm aware. And I know it's only a tech demo, but 50 units taking >1 min to kill 1 unit... That's just not enough blood per second to quench my thirst.
  14. I think it looks terribly inefficient and ineffective. Maybe it would look different if firing at a (more static) group. But if the damage is lower than a regular attack, I don't know if I will be interested in that feature.
  15. Took me a bit, but I finally found a list of the civs and their abbreviations: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ArtFileNamingConventions#Civilizationnames (Don't know if one is supposed to find that easier somewhere else...)
  16. My favorite episode is where - oh, I don't actually have a favorite episode of that kind. But if the slings and the projectiles are known I guess it doesn't take too much speculation to measure their range and velocity. And if it actually becomes comparable to a .45 it is easy to imagine they actually do damage, and of course make the beast uncontrollable. Yeah, and if the linked source above is correct (Scipio, Caesar...) then it's also historically correct.
  17. I think it would be nice to have the selected biom being reflected in the map preview.
  18. According to https://www.wayoflife.org/reports/the_power_of_the_ancient_sling.html the projectile could reach or even exceed 100 m/s. (It says 'catch'.)
  19. @Ceres 'Attacking an area (of ground) to apply splash damage', I believe.
  20. @Ceres Gibt's in DE was mit Stoff? K├Ânnte 'Dyeing' gemeint sein?
  21. @Stan` Is it normal that I get an exception when going to that page?
  22. You probably have something like an integrated GPU (Intel?) and another (NVIDIA?). Do a right-click on your desktop, select the menu for the non-integrated GPU and tell it to run 0AD (pyrogenisis.exe) with it. If you have further questions you might also upload userreport_hwdetect.txt
  23. Just out of interest: a texture would cost more performance than animated water?
  24. I feel a bit sorry for this uneducated person:
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