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  1. When you double click on the hero icon in the top left it will be selected and the cam centers on it.
  2. @Thales The women's aura has been removed, it shouldn't be in the description anymore. @Stan` Women have a minor combat capability, for example it's quite common to see them take down rams that threaten the CC. You can double their HP by researching The Loom at a house. But you shouldn't really use women as fighting troops.
  3. @chrstgtr Couldn't everybody find out for themselves with the fps overlay on?
  4. @seeh Just to make sure: You are aware that there are a lot of translations available? German, for example. (Weren't you German (speaking) too?) What helped me a lot to get what's what was the structure tree. You can see the buildings and the units and by clicking on them you get more information. I don't know the best translation for 'Raiders', but I do know that I don't want them and therefor never build a Blemmye Camp...
  5. This thread never takes me to the post I click on but always a page before that. Wonder why. @Stan`?
  6. I think it's a side effect from merging human and animal AI; the behavior of animals has been changed inadvertently. Since the site's search suck I can't find the discussion we had about it. Summary: I rant > devs are open about suggestions if I provide a patch > I can't > we're stuck with status quo.
  7. Nah, the animals' stances in this alpha are messed up.
  8. There's a setting in the Options to toggle fps overlay. There are also sliders for fps throttling.
  9. @LetswaveaBook I agree with the first part. I totally don't see the need for a butcher unit. Cav is fast at gathering from livestock and they automatically look for more in the vicinity. That you don't want to put your fighting cav in a control group or don't want to select them with an area selection doesn't convince me that we need a butcher unit.
  10. I find some suggestions ITT rather exotic and non-appealing. If there's so much agreement that they're OP let's just nerf them some. Lower their base damage a bit and maybe make the fire only applicable to buildings.
  11. Doing it in daylight is supposed to increase the positive effects.
  12. And what if I don't set a rally point on a resource? How will I be able to tell which units have what gathering rates? As it stands I'm totally not convinced it would add anything desirable but just more micro. If you want to disrupt wood gathering or mining just attack the gatherers and if you can't do it successfully well you just can't.
  13. I'm sure they could, but since it was removed on purpose I'm also sure they don't want to.
  14. I never used the halt command; I just issue new orders if needed. I guess H would be a candidate if I ever get around to assign a hotkey to push orders...
  15. It can now only help with its aura. (I guess that hasn't been removed in svn.)
  16. I did some searching but I didn't find a description let alone a depiction of Han war wagons. This illustration strikes me as wrong. Why are there less plank walls than wagons? How should the plank walls (in the front) be carried and lowered? Would be nice if the wagons at the side could be seen better. I hope an artist can come up with something practical and believable... Maybe more like this?
  17. Just search the forums (with that search field top right) and if you find nothing just open a new thread with your question.
  18. lol, I know silhouettes aren't flawless, but this is a first for me: The rider is visible, but not the mount!
  19. 'Peacekeepers' sounds so promising! And I'm sure the US would do a great job at state building and mediating between the various ethnic and regional groups; like they always have.
  20. I wrote it before: I think it's fundamentally wrong that it is possible for units to not see the building they're working on. I'd really like that to be changed.
  21. Maybe that could be a way the soldiers were able to cross a river. (Historical references?) Otherwise I don't really see them do it with their armors and weapons.
  22. Nothing. Nothing to see, please just swim along.
  23. While I could agree on the mentally handicapped part I don't know why you need to call Drumpf a girl. Donald Trump has described climate change as "a hoax," but petitioned to build a wall to protect one of "the greatest golf courses in the world" in Ireland from rising sea levels.
  24. Getting rid of 1% of the pop could do a lot for the climate. https://gettotext.com/oxfam-study-claims-the-super-rich-are-the-ecological-vandals/
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