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  1. Version Update 0.0.7 This new version is completely supported by A26. • I've added few patches to keep the mod running smoothly • Input sounds in GameSetup removed • Password reset integration ( will be added soon ) • New account settings page ( not functional - will be added in later update) • Minimized file size • You can now mark a player as smurf directly from the lobby • You can now tell all unready players to get ready using a single button / permanently ban a player for joining your hosts ( merged with and inspired by hostenhanced mod ) • This version no longer supports A24. Make sure you have installed A25 or higher to continue using all God'sEye features. • Anti Busy / AFK What to expect in later versions? • New and improved game summary with new icons • Fight ratio improved with new icons • Real time fight ratio counter • Password reset system • Budges • Name change system ( 1 time / month - this does not totally eliminate your old name as it will be shown along side your new name and also broadcasted whenever name is changed ) • Impersonation blocker
  2. @nani I meant this and game lists wont show but I later found out the cause was the older version still available in my mods folder. Seems to work fine now
  3. if @G.O.A.T is not sanafur / alocaloc and yet still sanafur / alocaloc added in the smurf listing then why accuse @G.O.A.T as sanafur / alocaloc?. Perhaps if @G.O.A.T is sanafur / alocaloc ( which i dunno ) then he should be on top of the list cause he is fooling everyone.
  4. I believe, banning "Pwned" accounts isn't the best way around such issue. If @ValihrAnt get pwned we need to ban his account together with his ratings?, probably should do the magic when it's finally integrated.
  5. it does support announcements, but I dunno if including links will be clickable due to the nature of the Gui itself . @Dunedan since its sent as private messages, maybe players can use the "/link" command afterwards?
  6. what makes you think "no other solution exist" ? Well, since you seem to comment like you know everything and suppressing the point im trying to make, i will keep my solution to myself
  7. this isn't what i mean. Aside that when your id is maintained you can host a game. Your changed name only displays in lobby. I used this to demonstrate how things will work i did not say is the best way to implement it. Also, There is a way to change name permanently - which isnt the point here, he made a suggestion and wanted to let him know how things will look
  8. that wasn't my point. I'm trying to let @Sevda know how things will look like incase there is an agreement on a rename feature.
  9. this can be introduced in the game, changing name and maintain ID. I think i did this in a dummy mod i was working on. Allowing users to change names is easier to integrate but this can also increase impersonation. I have a mod that works fine for this feature; but eg.- i can my name to your name "Sevda" whiles you were offline - It will be successful and my name will show Sevda in the lobby. When the real Sevda tries to login with the same name he will get a message saying "user already logged in". I dont know how this can help reduce smurfing but if somehow it does, then i guess there should be limit. Social media is completely different from the game , other RTS games allows u to rename ofc but they have a way to prevent players from abusing the rename feature - they are encouraged to buy an asset like a rename card or something or there's a time limit. I guess limitation should do if its ever considered to be added @Sevda Case where you try to change name to an already logged in player: When the player is offline, you can rename to their name ( but cant take their ratings data since playerId renames unchanged). Maybe there can be a workaround to prevent people to changing to an already existing names regardless of either they online or not
  10. your stun port seems to be pointing wrongly or doesnt exists . I will recommend you maintain server = "lobby.wildfiregames.com" port = 3478 // In this case it should work using the default 0ad stun. Tested both locally and on my own VPS and it worked. Should work for you
  11. we all gotta "google dork" then - until the search cooldown is reduced
  12. user sessions gets destroyed after a period of time when you are inactive to keep your account safe. Like @hyperion said, you can decide to prevent sessions from being destroyed when you are inactive by ticking "stay logged in" on the log in screen, i suggest you only think it when you are logged in from your personal pc
  13. thought i was the only one who get a little bit uncomfortable with it , 30secs cooldown is a little too much
  14. hi @potoelite, are you running it locally?
  15. @Sevda, in biome like Eurasian Steppe, it looks like those ground trees are completely removed, just to know, was it intentional? or you are working on it
  16. when two mods that focuses on GUI modifications are enabled at a time, the one that was enabled last overwrites the one that was enabled first, so literally all mods overwrites the actual 0ad files provided its the same files you are modifying in your mod folder. What is causing this is, i think BoobGUI added those squares in a different file whiles God's Eye uses different approach so it doesn't override. Best thing to do in this case is to either remove the star or square from the code manually if you want to run starGui with BoonGui. Some feature "may" be overridden in relation to the mod you enabled last if both mods modifies the same file
  17. 0 A.D. 2022-08-09 17-17-37.mp4 Maybe time to pay a visit to our artic friends? I dunno if there's a report about the artic animals that are already being worked on but since i started playing the game I've made few reports about our friends in the snow, can't wait to see them run and die like buffalos in a26 @Stan` . The seals too
  18. Exactly, for a mod - why not. But in general like I explained previously before I deleted, Icons speaks more louder than texts in-terms of UI UX design. Aside that, icons + texts together is also kinda bad practice, preferably icons + onHover tooltips or solely texts. @Sevda im not a pro UI designer but text on button works much better in forms ( example ; in a case where we need to submit a form - we cant use an icon to represent it, it works better with a button + text ), but in a grid list like this, icons + tooltips should do the magic. If its for a mod, why not - go ahead use your imagination
  19. i bet that should work, if this process is not about forgotten password but to allow an active user session to be able to reset their password ( whiles logged in ), then i guess it isn't a big deal. Thanks for clarifying but i guess it will be much better to focus on users who are logged out of their account since those who can already access their accounts are less likely to reset their passwords @smiley. And aside that, allowing users to change account passwords without any further verification (either there's active session or not) will just promote more stress on the server since i can change my password 10times in 2mins, unless maybe we think of adding something like throttle middleware or password reset cooldown to the whole process
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