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  1. Hi, have an instagram account? you can follow account instagram @ 0ad_indonesia you can find the best photo in the game 0ad. tag us to repost.
  2. you want background music in 0AD?, here is the link. download in ZIP format https://play0ad.com/media/music/
  3. Hi, I have a few months of playing a game 0AD. I am now keen to create their own maps. I do not know how to use the map editor feature. can anybody help me? Please
  4. sorry, it's because the game speed to 2x, so it looks like a dotted. I'll fix it in the next story, "For Our Land" . Thank you for giving advice
  5. A story that tells about the Gallic empire and kingdom Ptolemy standing around Oasis Elmer. for many The second year of this kingdom can live peacefully side by side. However, conflict arose due to misunderstanding of the two kingdoms, until finally the battles happen. The two kingdoms war continues until the end of Gallic be beat Ptolemy kingdom. Want to know what's the story? Watch this episode and also watch another episode in 0AD Story Series with English subtitles and Indonesian.
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