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  1. Hey I played with player: BigPpman twice in a couple days. I was winning (won, really) both times and both times they left without resigning (i was hosting). See summary attached. @user1 I thought I read somewhere that you handled this (ban, rating modification, ?). If not please direct me. Thanks for taking the time, Chesnutter
  2. Hey, ok cool. Thanks @Norse_Harold
  3. @user1 hey, I was advised to contact you about a question. i was banned last night from the multiplayer lobby for « foul language » not directed at anyone one in particular - at « politicians ». And I wasn’t able to play after that (I think). how long do these/does this ban stay in effect? and generally what are the policies regarding this? What words are allowed and which not? thanks for your help and everything you do. i love 0ad. a farmer in the southwest of France. chesnutter
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