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  1. As I played the campaign, I truly enjoy 0ad's single-player experience. The use of trigger scripts always makes the missions exciting and a real struggle to complete, but all the more rewarding when you actually win them. Favourite single-player mod to date.
  2. @Langbart did we fix it ? Wait for Alpha XXVI - Zhuangzi Ref: rP26892 - Make ship and siege immune to poison (20/May/22) Wait for Alpha XXVI - Zhuangzi Ref: rP26667 - Nerf fire cav (differently). (18/Mar/22) Can't reproduce the issue! Start cost: 300Food/200Metal ; 36seconds build time auras/teambonuses/kush_player_teambonus.json 20% reduction technologies/unit_elephant_african.json 10% reduction End cost: 216F/144M; ~26s Ref: rP24606 - [Gameplay A24] - Adjust some siege engine stats. (14/Jan/21) "Give Kush ram +2 garrison capacity and +20 attack damage since it is the same actor as the Persian ram." Know your enemy and choose wisely. Slightly outdated, related forum thread: My idea for counter system. (10/Aug/17) Also a bit outdated, related forum thread I made a thing : Unit counter relationship network viz (9/Jan/19) Да Help with the translation at https://www.transifex.com/wildfire-games/0ad/!
  3. I had a similar problem and when I switched my router to WPA2, the problem no longer occurred. Ref: MacBook Pro drops WiFi connection exactly every 10 minutes for 4 seconds (5/Nov/20)
  4. Try by adding damage e.g. { "value": "Attack/Ranged/Damage/Pierce", "add": 100 } Ref: D1950 - Create "Damage"-container for damage types in templates (3/Jun/19)
  5. Try with "Persist match settings" off. But self-made scenario maps that have "Conquest Civic Centers" as "VictoryConditions" need a small change in their .xml file as well. The string changed from "conquest_civiccentres" to "conquest_civic_centers". See changeset/26913 for details.
  6. I can reproduce the issue. Can you delete your "matchsettings.json" and check for custom made scenario maps in your mods/user folder ?
  7. 1. Foul solution Create the map normally with 4 civs (2 teams), disable the AI for your civs, start the game and then switch between your civs by opening the developer overlay (see wiki/HotKeys) and selecting Change perspective, after that you can change the civ via the dropdown menu. 2. Mod solution Create a map where all 3 civilisations belong to the same player and change the template files. Usually the civ that you pick determines what kind of buildings and units you can make, you would need to change the {civ} string to {native} in some template files (e.g. templates/mixins/builder.xml or templates/template_structure_military_stable.xml. This ensures that a unit builds its native civilisation-specific structure and produces native civilisation-specific units from that structure. Ref: docs.wildfiregames.com/entity-docs/trunk.html#component.Builder 3. Advanced solution - Triggers Similar question came up via IRC 0ad-dev 8/Mar/16 @18:19 Ref: wiki/Triggers
  8. template_unit_fauna has a parent called template_unit, you would need to remove there as well. This will also hide you own units, you would then modify some other templates. Have fun.
  9. The water color is hardcoded in Line 365. Can't be changed without recompiling the game. Food, stones, ... can be changed to another colour or set to display an icon in A26. Related Links: https://docs.wildfiregames.com/entity-docs/trunk.html#component.Minimap Minimap colours (24/Jul/11) wiki/Atlas_Manual_Player_Tab#Playerinfo
  10. Have you renamed any of these folders? Make sure that none of these folders contain any of the following characters in their names. \/:*?"<>| Ref: Ticket: 6483 (29/Mar/22)
  11. Ticket 3038 comment:1 (7/Feb/15)
  12. 0 A.D. in Print (19/Jul/05) web.archive.org
  13. I have found the reason. #5179 - .DELETED folders are not taken into account when mods are packaged (23/May/18) @Stan` wrote #5179#comment:7 Could it be that you have unzipped the public.zip and boonGUI is still packaged ? Try to unzip boonGUI as well.
  14. Intente desactivar TLS a través de la configuración. Ref: #6504 (20/Apr/22)
  15. Maybe adding an extra property to the resource *.json file (e.g. adding "zeroResourceStart" to the silver.json file) and then check for that property when the game calls "SetResourceCounts". Diff: SetResourceCounts - zeroResourceStart property
  16. Evolution of the economy score Since its introduction, it has remained largely the same, counting everything that is collected; the only notable change is that trading income is also taken into account. function calculateEconomyScore(playerState, index) { let total = 0; // Notice that this skips the vegetarianFood property of resourcesGathered for (let type of g_ResourceData.GetCodes()) total += playerState.sequences.resourcesGathered[type][index]; total += playerState.sequences.tradeIncome[index]; return Math.round(total / 10); } Evolution of the military score rP12914 - Add "score" tab in post-game summary (2/Dec/12) by @quantumstate Related forum threads: feature request: total points in summary page (14/Sep/12) How to show "killed units" counted in resources in post-game Summary? (5/Nov/12) Relevant code: militaryScore.caption = Math.round((playerState.statistics.enemyUnitsKilledValue + playerState.statistics.enemyBuildingsDestroyedValue) / 10); rP18395 - Capture statistics summary (17/Jun/16) by @elexis Related tickets: #3216 - Add capture statistics to summary screen (3/May/15) Relevant code: function calculateMilitaryScore(playerState) { return Math.round((playerState.statistics.enemyUnitsKilledValue + playerState.statistics.enemyBuildingsDestroyedValue + playerState.statistics.buildingsCapturedValue) / 10); } [Last update] rP19584 - Fix economy and military score (15/May/17) by @Imarok Related discussion: D494 - Fix economy and military score (14/May/17) Relevant code: function calculateMilitaryScore(playerState, index) { return Math.round((playerState.sequences.enemyUnitsKilledValue[index] + playerState.sequences.unitsCapturedValue[index] + playerState.sequences.enemyBuildingsDestroyedValue[index] + playerState.sequences.buildingsCapturedValue[index]) / 10); } Explanation calculateMilitaryScore sum of all is values, divided by 10 enemyUnitsKilledValue the sum cost of the unit that gets killed e.g. a Ptolemies Pikeman: 50 wood, 50 food = 100 points there is no difference between killing a unit costing 50 food or 50 metal, the points you get are the same unitsCapturedValue Units are uncapturable, this value is always zero enemyBuildingsDestroyedValue similar to enemyUnitsKilledValue e.g. Ptolemies Barracks: 200 wood, 100 stone = 300 points buildingsCapturedValue each building has a capture value, as soon as you capture a building completely, you receive points for the costs of this building, partial captures are not taken into account e.g. Ptolemies Storehouse: 40 wood = 40 points Steps to change any score Thread/ ticket with discussion Propose a formulae, get the consensus of some well respected players Make a patch or ping me to make a patch Some variables that can easily be used for a new formulae can be found in the StatisticsTracker.js file. If you need a new value it would need to be created e.g. D4224 - Total idle time. It's better to keep it simple, because that increases the likelihood that change will actually happen. "unitsTrained": this.unitsTrained, "unitsLost": this.unitsLost, "unitsLostValue": this.unitsLostValue, "enemyUnitsKilled": this.enemyUnitsKilled, "enemyUnitsKilledValue": this.enemyUnitsKilledValue, "unitsCaptured": this.unitsCaptured, "unitsCapturedValue": this.unitsCapturedValue, "buildingsConstructed": this.buildingsConstructed, "buildingsLost": this.buildingsLost, "buildingsLostValue": this.buildingsLostValue, "enemyBuildingsDestroyed": this.enemyBuildingsDestroyed, "enemyBuildingsDestroyedValue": this.enemyBuildingsDestroyedValue, "buildingsCaptured": this.buildingsCaptured, "buildingsCapturedValue": this.buildingsCapturedValue, "resourcesCount": this.GetResourceCounts(), "resourcesGathered": this.resourcesGathered, "resourcesUsed": this.resourcesUsed, "resourcesSold": this.resourcesSold, "resourcesBought": this.resourcesBought, "tributesSent": this.tributesSent, "tributesReceived": this.tributesReceived, "tradeIncome": this.tradeIncome, "treasuresCollected": this.treasuresCollected, "lootCollected": this.lootCollected, "populationCount": this.GetPopulationCount(), "percentMapExplored": this.GetPercentMapExplored(), "teamPercentMapExplored": this.GetTeamPercentMapExplored(), "percentMapControlled": this.GetPercentMapControlled(), "teamPercentMapControlled": this.GetTeamPercentMapControlled(), "peakPercentMapControlled": this.peakPercentMapControlled, "teamPeakPercentMapControlled": this.teamPeakPercentMapControlled, "successfulBribes": this.successfulBribes, "failedBribes": this.failedBribes
  17. Good tutorial from Tom0ad on its YouTube cannel. How to easily turn ANY Country into a 0AD Map! - 0AD Map Making (28/Mar/21) https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/FAQ#Mapmaking
  18. More related to #941 - [PATCH] Experiment with camera FOV (2/Sep/11) @historic_bruno mentioned the issue that a higher field of view (FOV) causes this behavior. Ticket #941 comment:2 @Ykkrosh (Philip Taylor) recommends: Ticket #941 comment:10 If you keep your current values and reduce the "view.fov" it should fix your issue.
  19. wiki/HotKeys Push order in front is a hidden gem, but it has no default hotkey Related forum thread: Queuing order (16/Aug/21)
  20. The problem is only reproducible for me when I try to host a game in the A25 and A26 lobby at the same time.
  21. It used to work. Comparison of archive.org states Good: 24/Nov/20 --> https://web.archive.org/web/20201124180310 Bad: 13/Jan/21 --> https://web.archive.org/web/20210113142644 EDIT Ticket: #6481
  22. the civ .json no longer contains: 'Name, Emblem, History and Formations' , the Templates.js looks for it in a25 but does not find it and throws an error. change come with: rP26299: Store possible formations for a civ in XML instead of the JSON (5/Feb/22) rP26298: Move GenericName, History and Icon from the civ-JSON to cmpIdentity (5/Feb/22) Edit: the mod runs on a26; lovely architecture you have there
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