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  1. Tried a few times, the best I got is 07:30 Apparently ValihrAnt is a super human, couldn't break his record xD Will try again tommrrow 2021-11-17_0006.zip
  2. @Langbart I have code to contribute. Could you consider opening a git repository for boonGUI mod so we can collaborate? I can help you with the git repo setup. Here are some changes I've already implemented: rG = research gathering technologies (storehouse & farmstead) rS = research soldier technologies (forge / blacksmith) rT = research all other technologies Score = economy score (like in summary) #F / #W / #M / #S = resources gatherers counters Idl - idle workers counter Exp - explored map percent I think tabs (eco / tech / military) will make it look better but for now everything is in one view.
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