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  1. My first attempt I just copied as much from autociv (the better organized mod I could find) structure as I could, even retaining some nomenclature. These days there are tons of good references and I'm sure good people to assist you in case you get stuck, keep it up!
  2. lmao the drama It was a good joke tho xD
  3. Just watched the vid from MysticJim, stellar job @Langbart. A suggestion is to implement a mnemonic device between the position of the item on the buildmenu on the right and the keyboard. Like aoe4 does for example:
  4. Some insight from TarnishedKnight on BAR:
  5. Moreover, BAR also does physics simulations for range queries and projectiles so it's definitely something that can be very optimized in 0ad even single threaded, the problem is if the architecture on 0ad is a blocker.
  6. Weird, range queries afaik are not a bottleneck in BAR and still single threaded. As ivand said the code is convoluted but you can check this entrypoint for some insight: https://github.com/beyond-all-reason/spring/blob/BAR105/rts/Game/GameHelper.cpp#L635
  7. Ok, so I got some answers (thanks ivand), BAR indeed does this in C with Lua/Scripted hooks that can be overloaded for customization. It's also single threaded. If my assumption that ranges query is JS then I'm pretty sure it's where the bottleneck is in 0ad. BAR architecture seems better. If 0ad is not scripted in the fundamental ranges queries then I assume its badly optimized.
  8. Am I correct in thinking that 0AD performs these calculations in JS? I'm looking at how BAR handles it and asking engine people. But I think in BAR its C engine code, with hooks/callins to allow for customization.
  9. Thanks for expressing interest @Feldfeld :-) @ValihrAnt@borg- would you be up to it? We could make 4 teams of 2v2-3v3. The main goal is for it to be a promotional initiative between both games, would be a small tournament with the possibility of a nice prize pool.
  10. Since I don't see a specific promotion subforum I'm posting here, let me know if I need to move this post somewhere else. To promote 0AD, BAR and any other Open Source RTS game there's some initiative from BAR to organize a bi or triathlon with BAR and 0AD as participants. We had a lot of success in the past with this format, one can find a previous iteration here: https://www.beyondallreason.info/news/rts-triathlon-bar-pa-faf-coming-this-saturday-5th-of-june From BAR side we can contribute with streamers, promotional material and effort, we are wondering if there would be any intent from 0AD to participate? I'd love to see top tier players from both games duking it out on each others main games. Let me know what you guys think.
  11. Players with slow network connections dropping games after 20-40 min.
  12. Sorry, I can't stand connectivity issues anymore If I could make a headless 0ad and a server then I could join. Networking would have to be worked so players can't stop the whole game Maybe I can join for some 1v1s in the future :-)
  13. Hi, dropping something a BAR friend made for 0ad (Floris): Hope you like it :-)
  14. Height values should be easy to extract from this: https://springfiles.springrts.com/?type=2&filter=e49a0948ad242a7ac858657d4a380d07
  15. Ya, these. I noticed it was working during normal gameplay but was offset at start of game or during/after pausing Also, would be nice to get into spec mode after resigning.
  16. I had issues with messages not showing under the relics when they are present, you might want to change base positioning in this case
  17. Wow, just watched the vid, good job!
  18. In BAR we got a lot of traction with prize pool tourneys, the last one was quite decent I think ~$500 and it attracts a lot of audience. I could see something like that working for 0ad, but some things would def. need to have been addressed by then to make it presentable esp. with regard to networking and spec tooling. A 'pro' stream setup helps wonders too, I'm certain @mysticjimwould have no problem with that :-)
  19. The lag from these networking/pathfinding issues, just that. I was not aware how that was important. The community on 0ad is more civilized though, I miss that (except I see JC still has his antics xD)
  20. Also (ii), what's up with these lists with borges on (3) or felderson on (2)?
  21. StarAtt never smurf, people love speculating smurf, I also followed his trajectory from noob. Also what's up with the consistent intelligible writing? Not complaining :-)
  22. I've seen a game has 3 types of flares, map drawings (impractical for the theme and pacing I think), pings (a typical flare) and ping with label. Ping with label is incredibly helpful, I think could be a worthy idea. Ping with label is written by the player, but I could see a quick ping opening a circular picker for standard pings as potentially a good/better alternative.
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