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  1. Notification to @Edwarf about this event.
  2. I'm up for next Saturday, 19 pm UTC. Can even be earlier. We should also let to know @Boudica, @borg-, @ValihrAnt, berhudar, MarcAurel, @Dunedan, @Talenters and @King_Soly as they all also have a24 as far as I know. Thanks @MarcusAureliu#s for initiative.
  3. JC, you have to update your list. Considering main foundation of your list, which is (what you always repeat) that player in any rank cannot win (in 1v1) with player ranked 2 or more levels higher, one of above players should be promoted at least to a silver league/rank. Here you have a certificate of his skills: 0ad skills certificate
  4. I would like to share with you incredibly high level 1v1 replay. Unfortunately I do not have the metadata file. Maybe someone else could upload the complete replay. Amazing show. Outstanding performance. Well played both of you guys: berhudar and @borg- 2021-01-27_0000 berhudar vs borg.zip
  5. Thanks for the upload Daniel_King (@gator303). That was a really high level tough match. Congrats!
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