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  1. I totally agree with you in the 3rd point, thats the main reason I tried to improve so hard. People does not respect if u under 1300.... This should definetly change
  2. Hello, I have been connected these days and I haven't seen MarcAurel connected, so I do not know if we will play before tomorrow. @badosu is aware of my situation referring to work so I guess we won't play before the end of the week. I don't know how to get in contact with MarcAurel but I do know I would not like to win only because of his inactivity, I think is not fair because I would probably lose. Thanks to the organizators for their generous work
  3. Hello @user1 I have followed the instructions and there it is the required commands file. My name in the lobby be the same (afarre) and the other player was called "Liberal_Elite" in the lobby. commands.txt
  4. @Liberal_Elite left a rated game without resigning. What should I do about it?
  5. oh... I did not expect that!! I was not able to play tomorrow at this time since the first place :/ What can we do? Or is it just enough? xD
  6. Totally fair. But then when are we going to play next round? I did not get how it works exactly.
  7. @DerekO I am so sorry but I won't make it at 19 after all......... I thiught I would manage but I won't be at home before 20. I hope it is not a big deal for you both (you and my opponent), if necessary just eliminate me. Do whatever you consider better for you and the tournament deadlines! Cheers, and sorry again.
  8. Hello sorry for delay....... --> I could play from 17, preferently at 19!
  9. Alright sorry, I guess it is CET even though me spanish XD
  10. Hello! Me be 'afarre' in the game (and here too i think) and I would like to participate too. Still one question: When is the latest moment to unsubscribe? Just in case because it is still a bit far. Thanks for your work!!
  11. Mative1983 insulted me and my inteligence many times during a game. Then I lost connection and when I was coming back he was saying s/he was going to report me. I don't know how forum works because I never had any problem. What should I do? Thank you!
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