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  1. True, I mainly had problems with the Americas and European match making as the timezone difference is large, I am still open in continuing to host tournaments please mention or message me i'll get to you and I'llhelp with logistics
  2. Anyone avaliable to test some of these for this counter chart? I'll tell more information when we do it
  3. yep, I'll take data from VIllage Phase and put them into a field like this: Skirmishers, Spear/Pike-men Slinger Archer Skirma Calv Speak Calv Archer Calv
  4. Here's an Higer Quality Image while we wait for the 4K version from @Lion.Kanzenand a Printable on the side, I'll seperate them by phases
  5. Also can I get the link to this counter chart, I belive the original size is in 4K thanks!
  6. I'll see if I can make a graphic or such but for 0 A.D.
  7. Would want to know as I want to edit it, also is there a raw file of it, like a xfc/psd
  8. Where's the python script because I really do need the fnt file to fix @Langbart's Boongui with Korean
  9. I would like to know which File tells 0 A.D. to Boot up the mods you select does anyone perhaps know it @Stan
  10. Many times in game, a player can tell when one player or the other advances to p2 or p3 or builds a new base just purely because they had pre-scouted the land, I believe it isn't fair as it wouldn't make sense for the enemy to know the territorial claim of your land without going to check it again, this would be a balancing request what is everyone's Thoughts on this?
  11. I think I could sponsore but it would take me time to put in my savings and get otu 1K, I am going to start streaming on twitch maybe side profits
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