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  1. thank you. got it to work.
  2. i don't see this one on my mod lists after i do the zip. (autociv worked) help?
  3. Pyromod doesn't let me open file from Explorer. Other one - like stated above - is not found. Help.
  4. Is this finished or in the process of being finished? I would love to see the final results, including the losers' bracket.
  5. Would you mind testing this together? These are not the results that I got, where slingers defeated javs in all of the above settings.
  6. Why would they do more to melee? I see, you say more expensive because stone is harder to come by and you have to manage it early on instead of just wood. So you are saying because it’s harder to pay for them, then it’s fine that they are more powerful and have better range than javs?
  7. I tested battles of various sizes with my friend who was playing Iberian javelineers versus my Ptolemy slingers, and the results are always the same: the slingers defeat the javs. In test runs of 25 slingers vs 25 javs, 50 v 50, 75 v 75, and 100 v 100, where we tried one of these three settings: 1) we set the armies next to each other both on "passive" then clicked "aggressive" at the same time (we practiced this many times to get the timing down), 2) we started the armies on aggressive and each clicked on the opposing army's front soldier, or 3) we started the armies on aggressive and had one of the two armies attack the other by clicking on their front soldier, the slingers always win. Why does this happen? Javs and slingers have the same intervals and the same resistances. The slingers have 45 range v the javs' 30 range, which is why we tried setting 1 (refer to above), but even with the javs 16 pierce damage v the slingers 11.5 pierce and 1.1 crush damage, the slingers still defeated the javs every time. We tested setting number one with them at least two times with each of the numbers above of 25 each, then 50, 75, and 100. If anyone is interested in seeing this for themselves, I'd be happy to test with you. If you see some big/significant flaw in my testing, let me know. Best, EP
  8. Now, I'm trying to do the same thing with the boonGUI mod but it's not showing up in the mods like the autociv did when i followed these same steps. Help please!
  9. Hi, I got a crash when I was hosting a 4v4, people were understandably unhappy, and this is the first time the game has crashed on me and I've played a lot of games. I'm posting here because I didn't really understand how to follow the crash directions for posting, though I tried. I've posted the crash below. Please advise on what to do - if anything - and if this sort of thing can be prevented somehow. Thank you.
  10. how do i ping someone by username in the lobby?
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