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  1. oh and i forgott the mongols in my text!
  2. hello i have some ideas for new nations in 0ad. 1. the minoer 2. the hittite 3. chinese 4. etruscan 5. byzanthines i think its very cool to have this civilisations in the game. is that possible to add tis to the game? sorry my english is not very good because iam a german!
  3. hello I would be interested in when the alpha 24 will be released. if someone can help me. then please
  4. nice. good luck. thank you for reply my questions. I'm already looking forward to a24.
  5. then you plan further updates?
  6. oh ok. where can i find the other version?
  7. I'm sorry and I don't know what distro means!
  8. i play with the alpha 23 ken wood. is that the right?
  9. oh and one more thing. I don't see any players in my multiplayer lobby. no games either. can this possibly be because i play on linux?
  10. perfekt. thank you very much!
  11. oh ok. thanks. thank you for taking the time to answer me .will the performance problems be solved if possible? and will the graphics become more realistic? would be good. good luck!!!
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