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  1. Total War does this, once your archers run out of arrows they turn in to the game's weakest melee units. It completely changes the strategy of the game. Having supply lines for your war effort is a great idea, but... And this is where both Age of Empires and Total War let me down when they came out with newer versions. The more you add to the graphics the longer it takes to generate a map, the commercial games answered this problem by making the maps smaller and smaller. They made the maps far too small to really consider any real strategy in the game, they became simple slogging matches for people with short attention spans. I still play the original editions of those games, the newer versions are of absolutely no interest to me. I have an idea for a feature that should be within the scope of the current development though. When building houses a "snap to nearest neighbour" type feature would be handy, it would make it a lot quicker and easier to set someone building and keep it neat and tidy. Cheers, Andrew.
  2. This was also my initial thoughts, until I started to focus on the game properly. Every worker, every building, every tree and animal, no matter what you are clicked on at the time, has a pause button. In the centre bottom of your screen is the Icon for what you are currently clicked on, be it building boat or animal. If you right click on that Icon you get an information screen about that object, very handy for working out what your soldiers are capable of. Opening that information screen pauses the game. Yes, a lot about this game is different to Age of Empires or Empire Earth or any other similar game you can name. That's what makes this game so good, the devs are following their own ideas instead of just copying someone else. It's not a clone of some other game, it's 0 AD. Cheers, Andrew.
  3. Just a tiny gift, a replay of my start strategy for Mauryans. It's only a few minutes long, from start until what I consider to be "on the way". Might be a useful trainer for beginners. Cheers, Andrew. 2020-10-01_0001.zip
  4. Hi Stan, I got my main computer back today so I'm back in business. Thanks for reminding me about waypoints. Please don't take my wishlist as criticism, I've been watching 0AD develop and I think it's all going very well. The sort of development that can really only happen over an extended period of time where you don't have to rush due to commercial concerns. The difference in the quality of your programming shows. I have made small contributions of code to open source projects over the years, C++, Python and LUA, but I'm no guru. I'm far better at testing than creating. If I can't break it then it can't be broke. :) Tweaking this game to how I like it (offline only) is just part of the game to me. My suggestions/wishlist were intended as considerations to be taken in to future releases heading towards a more polished package. They were not intended to be a complaint or a bug report. Except for the pathfinding, which according to other posts in the forums is something you're already well aware of. Cheers, Andrew.
  5. ….since I last played 0AD. It has come a long way. The engine is excellent and the artwork is truly stunning, beautiful. By far the prettiest of this genre of game I’ve ever played. The amount of clever thought that has gone into the game overall is amazing, so many nice little features such as being able to use the I key to select idle workers out of the middle of a mob. And to be able to queue tasks for workers, that’s so handy. Last time I played 0 AD there was only 3 civilizations and one of those didn’t have it’s own art yet. And there were 2 different AIs to choose from. I never play online, Petra Bot has become everything I could want in an AI, with all the different options available as well you can play whatever sort of game you feel like. There’s still a few things that could use a little more work, but this game is turning into one of the all time great classics that people will play for decades to come. My main computer had an industrial accident and I’m using a very low end laptop until it gets fixed, the game plays really well up until it starts to get a bit busy, then it can’t cope. So I’ve been practising different game start strategies instead, seeing how quickly I can get up to battle readiness. I like playing as the Mauryans, I love those worker elephants. And my wish list of areas that could do with a little more attention: The mini map could do with a bit of a tweak to it’s colours and shades, it’s not the easiest to read at a glance. The path finding is a bit awkward. They find their destination unerringly but may wander considerably wide of a straight line to get there. This is unhelpful when you’re trying to flank an enemy without being seen. My memory might be playing tricks on me but I thought you used to be able to set waypoints when sending armies across the map. Or is that feature still there and I just haven’t found it again yet? The current path finding also seems to cause formations to behave quite strangely at times, as well as creating situations where so many workers/soldiers are tripping over each other that the CPU becomes bogged down with continuously reassigning paths for them all. And I wish there was one more option under the graphics section of the settings – to be able to alter the screen scroll speed, on some low end graphics cards scrolling the screen or rotating it jumps too quickly to have decent control over what you’re looking at. The world editor seriously needs some more thought put into it. Did it used to be called Atlas? For a lot of people, making maps and scenarios is every bit as much fun as playing them, but the world editor is an awkward beast to use and lacking a lot of handy features such as being able to lock out buildings and technologies. If the same work went in to that as has gone into the main game it would be truly wonderful to use. Cheers, Andrew.
  6. Please excuse the silliness of the question but I'm new and can't find any. What I was hoping to find in one of these forums was a simple page full of user created scenarios and campaigns. Can you please direct me to such a place? I really love the game by the way. I've seen a lot of reports of other people having problems but it plays flawlessly for me until populations start to get too large. Best answer to that is to go and reduce someone else's population. Build 23 running on Fedora 27 straight from F27 repository Core i5 6500 builtin graphics, 16 Gb ram. Cheers, Andrew
  7. Hi Stanislas69, Please don't take my critcisms personally. I understand the this is only an early deveopment version of the game, but this is also the time when decisions like this need to be made. I would truly love to see this game become successful, and it's off to a good start. What I truly wish for is to be able to dump Windows completely, the only thing I still use it for is games. Cheers, Andrew.
  8. Another opinion now that I've played the game a bit - sorry but you're making exactly the same mistake that Microtoss did with their AoE series. Let me explain. The first AoE truly was a brilliant strategy game, I played the demo before the game was released and I still play the game today, nearly 20 years later. AoE II had slightly better graphics but the upgrades available were too much, a lot of the need for strategy was replaced by simply being able to gather resources more quickly. It wasn't as much fun to play although I still have it installed. AoE III was a waste of time and space. Because of the advanced graphics they had to limit the map sizes. Maps are so small that there isn't enough room to employ any strategies, all you get is a little kiddy's "in your face" slogging match. You can't sneak around the back of your opponent, you can't decoy your opponent into exploring in the wrong direction, there just isn't enough room on the map. I uninstalled AoE III after 3 days and dropped the disk in the bin. What a waste. To give you an idea of how big maps really need to be in order for this to be a true strategy game, the Thessalian Plains map makes a good 2 player map, but then you start to notice lagging in the game because of the graphics. I never play on public servers but I do enjoy playing against friends via a direct connection, I was very impressed that you included this ability in 0AD. If you can find some way to mitigate the lagging on large maps (less intense graphics maybe) it might become a replacement for AoE. I would suggest removing the clouds for a start, they seem to provide nothing other than annoyance. Cheers, Andrew.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, Fabio. Interesting to see how far it's come in less than 2 years. I'm still a rubbish player though. Cheers, Andrew.
  10. Just tried 0ad for the first time and wanted to give you my first impressions while they're still fresh. I like it. I love the graphics. Although it gives all the warnings I never had any lagging and noticed no glitches or bugs. Fullscreen 1920 X 1080 on an old intel ivybridge built in graphics with 1 Gb ram dedicated to graphics, leaving 7 Gb ram for Ubuntu 14.04. I think I'm running a slightly outdated version though, I got it straight from the repositories but it's listed as 0ad-0.0.15. I only played a sandbox game and population only got up to around 100 but it played perfectly. This game is going to just get better and better, good job! Now I'm going to have another go. Cheers, Andrew.
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