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  1. I didn't know that the game had an in-game mod downloader. Thanks for telling me.
  2. How about not trying to balance the civilizations, but changing the score by a factor? Eg. Britons score factor will be 0.8 in an advantageous environment, but will be 1.2 in an environment that disadvantages them, and will be 1 in an environment where they have neither an advantage nor a disadvantage.
  3. Almost forgot. I use MacOS on a 2017 13-inch Macbook Pro.
  4. I don't know how it happened. It only applies to the Scenario Editor app. It started ever since I started using it. I use MacOS, and my laptop is a 2017 13-inch Macbook pro.
  5. I actually started to beat the AI economically in a game that lasted 6 minutes, but I ran out of meat in the process.
  6. When I start the game, I assign my women to build several houses, my slingers and warriors to cut wood, and my cavalry to get some meat. I get some more warriors and slingers to get more wood and stone. When population limit reached, I get 5 women and ask them to build 3 houses, and then build a farm for them. When meat is short, I hire another cavalry. The problem I'm having is that battles with Very Easy AI settle into a stalemate, with none of us managing to achieve a decisive victory.
  7. Can anyone tell me how to install the Terra Magma mod onto 0AD? I use MacOS. The last time I tried to do it, 0AD stopped working, so I had to re-download it.
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