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  1. Magic SysRq is described above. I haven't tried it. I guess a Magic Key would be one that prevents any error in the terminal ? Would be nice to have... Note than none of your solutions worked on my two crashes, as described on my first and last post.
  2. I tried to do that (on KenWood) but it didn't work... How should it be done ? Should I left drag first then press 0 ? Press 0 first then left drag ? Keep 0 pressed then left drag (not possible on a laptop without a numeric pad) ?
  3. I had a new occurrence of the same problem, this time testing the Terra Magna mod (still on KenWood). Also, this time (since I had less things running in the background) the RAM was way less used (around 4 Gb on a total of 16 Gb). I tried the "ps -ef| grep /usr/games" command but it brought me nothing save the grep process itself. pstree didn't show anything remotely looking like 0ad nor pyrogenesis. I had not configured the different workspaces nor the Magic SysRq. Since I didn't have unsaved work on the other windows this time, I just restarted the game from the F1 console.
  4. Would they be "p2 champions" (i.e., weaker than p3 champions that we have now) or be the p3 champions transferred to p2 ?
  5. Zeugma ? Zen ? (if there are less flame wars about what is OP and not in this alpha) Zis-game-is-ze-best ? (yes, I'm French) Zorglub ? Zebigboss (briton leader) ? Zeitgeist ? Zimbabwé ? (not sure that the historical kingdom fits in the time period, though) Zun Tsu ? Zargos ? Z world war ? Zombie ? the game is still not dead... Zorrino ? the cute and faithful little game... Zowie ? Z for Zendetta ?
  6. Scroll bar would be a mess to find units not appearing on it by default. Expandable view as was suggested (which may produce a scroll bar, as long as it's not on default) is a way better idea if it's technically possible.
  7. TorBrowser by design doesn't save any tab, alas... I did ask on the Debian forum but did get only partial answers that didn't solve the problem.
  8. That should be a togglable stance...
  9. On a unrelated topic to my earlier messages, it would be nice if announcement pages for a release linked to installation instructions for this precise release and not only to generic instructions for installation of 0ad which do not lead to installing the aforementioned release... apt install 0ad is a very fine way of installing 0ad, but it installs a23.
  10. ???? Maybe as an option, but exploring (and trying to avoid being detected) is an important part of the game that this proposition would remove entirely.
  11. TorBrowser, mostly. And yes, the termination of 0ad is certainly a possibility, but then why is the 0ad screen still there ? And how to get out of this mess without shutting down the computer ?
  12. Well, I did try to give a try to a25, but to no avail...
  13. I like that ! Both realistic(-ish, at least enough to be intuitive) and gives them a double-edged difference with other units. Also allow heavy infantry some leeway while facing archers.
  14. How would you allow cavalcade ? Afaik some of the period Cavalry Archers (not the ones in the vanilla civilizations though) used it as a regular tactic.
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