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  1. Magic SysRq is described above. I haven't tried it. I guess a Magic Key would be one that prevents any error in the terminal ? Would be nice to have... Note than none of your solutions worked on my two crashes, as described on my first and last post.
  2. I tried to do that (on KenWood) but it didn't work... How should it be done ? Should I left drag first then press 0 ? Press 0 first then left drag ? Keep 0 pressed then left drag (not possible on a laptop without a numeric pad) ?
  3. I had a new occurrence of the same problem, this time testing the Terra Magna mod (still on KenWood). Also, this time (since I had less things running in the background) the RAM was way less used (around 4 Gb on a total of 16 Gb). I tried the "ps -ef| grep /usr/games" command but it brought me nothing save the grep process itself. pstree didn't show anything remotely looking like 0ad nor pyrogenesis. I had not configured the different workspaces nor the Magic SysRq. Since I didn't have unsaved work on the other windows this time, I just restarted the game from the F1 console.
  4. Would they be "p2 champions" (i.e., weaker than p3 champions that we have now) or be the p3 champions transferred to p2 ?
  5. Zeugma ? Zen ? (if there are less flame wars about what is OP and not in this alpha) Zis-game-is-ze-best ? (yes, I'm French) Zorglub ? Zebigboss (briton leader) ? Zeitgeist ? Zimbabwé ? (not sure that the historical kingdom fits in the time period, though) Zun Tsu ? Zargos ? Z world war ? Zombie ? the game is still not dead... Zorrino ? the cute and faithful little game... Zowie ? Z for Zendetta ?
  6. Scroll bar would be a mess to find units not appearing on it by default. Expandable view as was suggested (which may produce a scroll bar, as long as it's not on default) is a way better idea if it's technically possible.
  7. TorBrowser by design doesn't save any tab, alas... I did ask on the Debian forum but did get only partial answers that didn't solve the problem.
  8. On a unrelated topic to my earlier messages, it would be nice if announcement pages for a release linked to installation instructions for this precise release and not only to generic instructions for installation of 0ad which do not lead to installing the aforementioned release... apt install 0ad is a very fine way of installing 0ad, but it installs a23.
  9. ???? Maybe as an option, but exploring (and trying to avoid being detected) is an important part of the game that this proposition would remove entirely.
  10. TorBrowser, mostly. And yes, the termination of 0ad is certainly a possibility, but then why is the 0ad screen still there ? And how to get out of this mess without shutting down the computer ?
  11. Well, I did try to give a try to a25, but to no avail...
  12. I like that ! Both realistic(-ish, at least enough to be intuitive) and gives them a double-edged difference with other units. Also allow heavy infantry some leeway while facing archers.
  13. How would you allow cavalcade ? Afaik some of the period Cavalry Archers (not the ones in the vanilla civilizations though) used it as a regular tactic.
  14. But in Greek and early Roman civilizations at least (less sure about the others, though I'm quite convinced that's also true for Gauls and the like) these male citizens would go to war as soldiers when needed. It's afaik a core feature of these societies, so removing the way that 0ad pictures them accurately doesn't make any sense. If that's not true for Egyptians (it's not real historical knowledge, but I'm under the impression that the peasant class in Egyptian society wasn't composed of citizen-soldiers, but you really better check rather that believe me at face value) then by all means yes, go for including male villagers in their civilization ! Ditto of course for any civilization that would have free villagers unable/unexpected to fight in wars.
  15. Well, a lot of things... Is there something in particular that I should look for ?
  16. Well, a lot of things... Also a lot of thing with a | grep 0 at the end of it. And nothing (except the grep itself) with a | grep 0ad at the end of it.
  17. Well, to me the idea that we can correct the misogyny of most of the depicted ancient societies is preposterous and bordering on delirium. That by making them appear less misogynous than they were we would be doing anything good is also imho a completely perverse way of thinking and certainly not "progressive" in any manner. What we can do (and that's what I'm advocating) is correct the misogyny of historical representations of these ancient societies. So imho it can be a good thing to highlight in-game any aspect of ancient society that actually empowered women of these societies, and to also highlight any ancient society that was less misogynistic than the others (so as to pinpoint that misogyny isn't "the natural order" nor "what people did at the time" but a political, social and cultural choice that some people/societies made and some others refused), in order to avoid reproducing usual prejudices that people may have about ancient cultures after a XIX° century of male historians projecting their chauvinistic and misogynistic prejudices on their study subject. This work to debunk historical misogynistic misinterpretations by providing historical accuracy in-game (as long as it keeps the game fun and strategic) is endangered imho by the introduction of "antisexist" historical inacurracies in the name of "making girl players happy", so I deeply object to any attempt to do so.
  18. Hi, I see that you have the Zapotec mod on your github (and also the Han).

    Are there versions compatible with KenWood ?

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    2. LienRag



      Though, I tried this on the Inca and Mayan mods and I can't launch a new game using these Civilizations : on random map I get an error message and am sent back to the home screen, and on skirmish the map is created but I don't get a Civic Center nor any population, just the chickens.

      I found the Terra Magna mod for a23 and tested it (it works) but it didn't have neither Zapotecs nor Hans.

    3. Yekaterina


      Can you show me the error messages?

    4. LienRag


      My apology, I mixed things up, it was the Millenium mod that I tested and that didn't have Zapotecs, then after understanding my mistake I tested Terra Magna and it did have Zapotecs and Xinghuan.

      The later are very interesting and original gameplay-wise but I wonder how they fare in competitive game ? The absence of P3 techs and buildings make them very limited militarily speaking.

      Also, the fact that the "tent" units have no vision make them disappear entirely when they move out of the vision range of regular units, that is a very surprising behavior and I thought that I had lost my Civic Center after moving it so I restarted the game...

      Another problem with the Xinghuan is that their food production through sheep is management-intensive, not like farms where the player can just build them and forget.


      What error message would you like me to show you ?

      And from where ?

  19. Yes, the flatpak tells me that it would need 3 Gb and finds only 500 Mb available, that's why the installation aborts. And I actually have more than 3 Gb of available free space.
  20. Not if it's made clear that playing a different Civilization means learning the game anew (and if the tutorial is made to learn at least two civilizations with their differences and explicitly warns to check for the Civilization's specificity when playing a new one. Certainly an interesting idea but very unbalanced if it's used for something else than food (I mean, if it's buildable in neutral territory). That would be a huge differentiation factor if those storehouses for metal and stone were buildable in neutral territory (like KenWood's outposts) but that would need careful balancing. Also it would be very bad in games with scattered trees...
  21. The more I think of it, the more I believe that the upkeep in metal could be only when they fight and/or are wounded; the rest of the time an upkeep in food may be sufficient. Also, instead of having to hire all of them at once, a limit to how many mercenaries one can hire on promised pay could be set. As long as this limit has not been reached, it's possible to hire new ones before having settled the debt. This limit could rise with some techs and also with the loot acquired (mercenaries able to loot are happy mercenaries)... Needs very careful balancing, but could be really fun to play.
  22. Since as of now I only played a23, I may not be the best to talk on this subject. I only want to have this uniqueness (that, as you say, exists in KenWood) preserved, as it is indeed fun to play. I want to test a25 but if the civs are copypasta of each other, I'm a bit wary that the improvements to the game come at a cost too high for my taste.
  23. Also the possibility to exclude some Civilizations from some biomes. Ptolemy and Maurya are clearly benefiting enormously from Savanna Biome, so if that's fine to the players allow them, but if the players want a more balanced game, exclude these Civs from the ones available on this game.
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