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  1. By the way is there any way of keeping the slaves from expiring?
  2. I enjoyed both the mountain temple and the valley temple. But the plateaus of metal in the latter map was a dream come true! I ended up with 200 champions and hadn't really dented my metal stock. None of the AIs had any interest in those locations.
  3. You probably already know but in rev 26906 the game is running but the screen is solid black except for the silhouettes of my troops standing near buildings and trees. The minimap is fine as well as the building and soldiers screens. As an aside, to fulfill my daily fix(es) I fired up A25 again, and I was shocked by the primitive feel and absence of all the QOL features I been experiencing with the SVN version of A26 the past few months. (Windows 10)
  4. What makes this game special for me was the lack of a tedious 'campaign' and 'story' which was crippled with limited technology, so that by the time you reached the end of the campaign you maybe had one chance to use all the available options advertised up front in the last battle. Add to that the fine tuning that you can do with opponents, starting resources, victory conditions, population, map sizes, biomes, making your own maps--the game is essentially complete if you take a step back and take an honest look at it. You can argue the AI 1 vs 1 is a little predictable, but in my experience in a 4X4 with the AI, the random combos of civs, the AI will come up many unexpected responses to try to screw you..(even your AI allies on occasion) Finally, obviously being open sourced, the game is obviously a personal labor of love and that beats corporate crap anytime. It's also fun to watch.
  5. I did the SVN update. Revision: 26874 Author: marder Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 11:22:54 AM I've been updating without issue for a week or so since an earlier I reverted to an earlier version to keep playing until the fix for that bug was fixed, but since that time my 0ADsvn folder has had a red exclamation point instead of a green checkmark. Is it possible that a file was corrupted or missing and that hasn't mattered to today's update?
  6. rev 26874 Once a formation is chosen the formation disabled button does not work . You can choose other formations but soldiers move at snails pace. lots of errors scrolling by at the same time.
  7. So I found the Balearic slinger in the Iberian Embassy after adding it to a roman settlement in a Atlas generated map. A map with all the available embassies would be interesting--attacking with a very diverse army. Double clicking on one brings up the training icons for all.
  8. On occasion in A26 (playing as Romans) I've captured embassies that allowed me to train slingers. Since I can't remember which civ produced that building I started poking around in Atlas and none of the embassies I could choose from had that option (now show a sammite(SP?) swordsman. Was this a fleeting feature that has disappeared?
  9. Latest SVN update produced a frozen game with constant error stream when map appeared. Decided to be bold and revert both 26844 and 26843 (added may 1st) and errors disappeared. Windows 10
  10. Where I would personally find this useful is the scenario is where you have a horde of soldiers and a few rams attacking your fortress or CC. I would like to empty my CC of garrisoned melee units to specifically attack the rams. In practice since the ram is not attacking them they are easily distracted by the attacks of the remaining horde. While technically one could shift click each ram in order at the start, getting accurate clicks in a crowd of enemies is near impossible. The melee units will surely die but at least they will attempt to fulfill their original order.
  11. The only plus side to this 'feature' that you the player gains is that if your opponent captures your colony and happens to be Romans (there may be others I woudn't know) the only option for training from the building is women which may make holding on to it a little more difficult.
  12. Would be nice if someone could publish this as a 'mod' for the general players to fool around with. Hopefully including all civs. Thus not threatening the online multi player universe.
  13. This is why I hate this particular day more than any other
  14. In A26 I've noticed that certain maps like Gaudalquivir River with shallow water, the dead bodies are showing up in the water with a light square background. It disappears when the bodies do.
  15. They still seem to do a pretty good job on big targets like fortresses and CC (oops that is in SVN A26, if that makes a difference)
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