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  1. Fixing the AI excessive siege building etc. has made the Ai a little more feisty and challenging again. Since I mostly play 4X4 with 7 Ais I notice my allies are more aggressive and helpful as well as the increase in pace of the opposition. Making a dozen rams and never using them had to be a big drain on resources. Some civs are actually using rams in mass attacks again.
  2. Quick question: Do any of the armor improvements and appropriate weapon improvements apply to Champion cavalry or only apply to Infantry in A25? (that would be the options in the blacksmith as opposed to the stable) thanks
  3. A minor point as although the treasure chest appears when the cursor is over the resource but when collected the treasure column (or loot column) in the resource summary page don't change from zero. Thankfully the resource value of the treasure is added to the appropriate resource so its not a big deal but I do remember the treasure count being accurate in A23 and A24. I'm running 25823 at the moment and rechecked this behavior, but I first noticed it occurring with whatever release was available over the weekend. I have not checked any other treasure containing maps. Other than that so far everything else appears to be running smoothly, and the game is behaving! Windows10
  4. Thank you as well Grapjas Searching the thread back I see that it was your original suggestion
  5. You're probably right! It was late and I was wondering why the command line didn't include the program name at the time. I think I was focused on getting the link alone properly copied
  6. Thank you Ceres for pulling back the veil a little on getting the svn. Despite including cmd line utilities while installing tortoisesvn my 64bit windows 10 installation was having none of it using the command line. I launched tortoiesvn then setup a new project and pointed at https://svn.wildfiregames.com/public/ps/trunk/ which it contacted successfully but soon realized it hadn't downloaded anything. This morning I noticed the tortoise listings when right clicking on my created directory(maybe after the extra reboot from last night) and saw 'create repository here'. Clicking this indeed created a local depository, though still empty. I went back to right clicking and now noticed 'SVN checkout' and throwing caution to the wind I clicked it and it downloaded the repository. (I did get some clues from the tortoisesvn online manual) Clicking pyrogenesis.exe brought up the game which made me disable autociv after which I spent a pleasant morning playing 2 4X4s with the AI. I will likely post my impressions elsewhere, but my final question is: To download further revisions do I use SVN checkout? Will launching from the depository pyrogenesis automatically recognize the changes? PS I saved my .cfg file in a safe location but I don't think I'm going back to A24 again. Thankfully my beloved Romans seem to still be able to get the job done in A25 thanks again!
  7. Could someone summarize the process of how to install the pre-release file and how to properly restore A24 (if necessary) when done with testing?
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