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  1. It would be really nice to have the ability to save and load multiplayer configurations in match setup. It's just a bit annoying that whenever I choose a new mod, the 8 player team and civ assignments disappear and revert to 2 unassigned players. Is it because the default screen reverts to 'skirmish'? Would changing the default screen to random preserve the multiplayer list? Other than that it's nice to see new and interesting mods again.
  2. Sort of makes the 'reveal map' option seem like a very legitimate alternative. Earlier today noticed that when I pop a number of garrisoned troops out of barracks, it knows if a sufficient number of troops are still inside to hold it and will immediately stop hacking and start capturing if there are not.
  3. I eventually tried the harder levels with a decent amount of success. Even tried multiplayer games against catalina with petra as my allies (petra did pretty well). I finally abandoned my experiments when my consular cavalry champions kept "freezing" randomly when given an order to attack or retreat. This was solved by removing the mod, so I have no plans to retry until this issue is resolved. Another weird feature of the harder levels I noticed was that the massive amount of workers that catalina sent into my territory to collect resources, despite being under constant attack from fully garrisoned towers. Catalina was still able to increase population with a mostly almost dead workforce, due to the sporadic targeting of the towers. On two separate occasions of catalina reaching a pop max of 200 it passed by all my defenses and went straight to the CC. Since the attack was early none of the troops had any upgrades so my CC full of women held out and I was able to empty my border towers and built new towers closer to the CC, which eventually decimated his entire army. Catalina did not recover.
  4. Wrong thread but... Suggestion for Team Bonus Romans: How about a small walk speed bonus for all allied traders based on the historical strength and extent of Roman roads. Please excuse the interruption.
  5. In hopes of reviving that 'spirit', I've attached the errors that starting the map generates: interestinglog.html
  6. Of course until now I haven't played "Battles In the Dirt" since a23, but last night I noticed several errors scrolling by about 'treasures'. I also vaguely recall the center of the map being being full of some rather nasty gaia troops. Both treasures and gaia were missing from the map, which was still quite playable.
  7. Just me and the boys Hacking Catalina's CC to dust before the developers nerf us to oblivion. Seriously, some initial observations. Tiny Mainland is my idea of dangerous sandbox, so this is where I go to test new changes in new alphas. I do admit that Catalina does make a great effort to boom, but it has some odd quirks. The main difference that stood right out was that it spammed a lot of cavalry and attempted to hunt down every deer on the map. Unfortunately I tend to populate my border with at least 3 small towers as soon as possible, so they met a quick end once they crossed the border despite their great numbers. In tiny Mainland there is still a decent amount of room between the initial borders so my towers don't really threaten the enemy until I have extended my border with 2 or three barracks with another tower added with each barrack extension. I went level 2 at about 7 minutes. Catalina continued to produce farms and collect wood, but by this time my towers were on his border. Like Petra he continued to build houses close to the border within range of my towers and still suffers the same malady as Petra of sending a women to try to repair minor damage on all those buildings. Despite having over 30 wood cutters and 30 farmers on 10 farms he could not generate enough food to level up to 2 before twenty minutes. At this point my towers were also threatening a market he was also trying to construct on the border so he launched an attack on the tower but with no upgrades at this point he could not mass enough troops to even damage a fully garrisoned tower. Sometimes infantry wood take a couple of hacks on a tower, give up and go try to continue repair a next to useless house. Until this suicide issue is addressed the AI will never have any respect. At this point in a typical match in this scenario Petra stops being able to produce soldiers, but only sends an occasional women out to repair a border building. Catalina did at least continue to farm and cut wood out of range, but remarkably did not attempt any mining. By 40 minutes all the remaining workers had one by one gotten their final order to abandon their farm or tree and go repair a building. After one more try after producing one infantryman to attack a captured barracks, retreat to the CC to heal and return for another try he finally expired leaving the CC with 302 food 42 wood and 333 metal and no desire to produce more. (Usually Petra stops when it has less than 50 food. Of course I kept spamming consular bodyguards to get my screenshot and little jab at the balance team in the thread I'm not allowed to post in. This brutal humiliation of the enemy also works on Petra up to very hard. Petra really can't function very well in a small environment. I started Catalina here on medium, without checking the level beforehand. I will give the other harder levels a try. Finally notice that 3 of the champions in the lower right hand corner are facing away from the building. In my raiding to capture all the other buildings, various individuals kept getting stuck or not responding to the attack command. Though motionless they did not have a resting pose. I've never seen this before, even when having upwards 75 or more champions surrounding a building, or moving in unison across the map.
  8. Excuse me for posting here but... are some threads restricted for posting? Wanted to post an opinion on the OP sword cavalry thread, but there was no posting rectangle at the bottom of the thread. (There was obviously a place to post a reply on this thread)
  9. I've played 9 games of medium mainland or continent 4 vs 4 against Norse, Anglo Saxons, Carol. and Byzantines with ptolemies, mauryas,and Persians as allies to my Romans (I really like to win). There were zero crashes or error messages. The AIs were pretty matched to each other with no civs noticeably dominant. If anything weird happens in future games I will let you know.
  10. The zip file that can be downloaded from Github already has the modification for A25 done in the json file. After adding the folder inside the zip to the mods folder I was able to see the mod from within the game and enable it. On github the zip file is not immediately obvious, but when you click on the green code button it appears as an option to download. I only mention these details for people who may be as dense as I am and need to poke around for what is probably obvious to everyone else. I've been having a blast playing the mod again which I've missed since A23.
  11. Yep I downloaded the latest SVN for A26 yesterday and that number stuck in my mind
  12. I've really missed capturing norse houses and anglo saxon stables. Thank you. The zip file I downloaded from github aready had 0ad=0.0.25 in the mod.json, however in the main screen it had the original 25 release number 25680. So I wonder if all the fixes from 25b are implemented?
  13. Settlers IV had this feature, with individual HP bars for each garrisoned unit. In that game with towers and castles it was more critical because when under attack 1 unit at a time answered the front door and fenced to the death with a single opponent. The graphics were simple semi primitive but worked well. You could choose a wounded resident to send to a healer or replace him with a fresh soldier.
  14. Thanks Gurken and Yekatarina For Yekatarina's suggestion you have to hold shift and CTRL down for the second right click to get them back in the CC, but that was probably obvious to every other 0AD player. That will be very helpful. I usually have skirmish woodcutters next to a barracks and tower. When a mob approaches I usually have the skirmishers jump in and out of the barracks to distract and wound whoever is surrounding the tower. Its also nice to use the occasion to generate more troops. Now I can do the distraction part automatically. Okay now I want a hotkey to put a few seconds pause between the two commands so he can throw a few spears before jumping back in the barracks. Also it would be nice if there was a way to garrison a tower automatically after the construction crew was done building. (fingers crossed)
  15. "Set rallypoint on the same building." I have tried that. I'll give it another go.
  16. Before it slips my mind again. My fondest wish would be to have an attack icon choice that would allow you to set your soldiers on a specific class of enemy. Its frustrating when you unload your garrison to target a ram, but after a second they decide to kill archers instead. When the attacking force is great it is also difficult to isolate a click on a specific ram, hero, or melee. I would refer this as the kill this unit or die icon.
  17. It would be nice to have the same capability of the AI to self populate a 'garrisonable' building without the soldier actually leaving the building. I hate that feeling where your hoard is capturing a CC and your increasing progress bar suddenly freezes and then starts dropping. The replay shows soldiers being generated in the building without having appeared outside. If you try this yourself the enemy immediately targets the new soldier and he usually loses most of his hit points before you can micro him back into the building. To be fair there are occasions where my soldiers set to occupy an adjacent building never appear on the screen.
  18. Meanwhile in the completely local world of 4vs4 200 pop. with petra in 7 slots, generally there is minimal lag. However whenever a player is wiped out the action completely freezes for a couple of seconds before the horn sounds, then things go back to normal.
  19. Played a wild lake map last night that most of the apparently open area around my CVC was the tall grass. Women farmers literally disappeared in the grass and foundations were not visible at all. Even the completed farms were indistinguishable from the grass (perhaps erasing the grass when the foundation is laid would help?). The last straw (no pun intended) was when I heard ram attack noises and found essentially invisible Iberian rams attacking my civic center, who I only could locate by hovering the mouse over the area with my selected soldiers. Its ironic that I could occasionally spot something in the grass if the actor was passing by an adjacent tree by the colored silhouette. It would be nice if the grass had the same effect but I suppose that would totally remove the total immersion effect. I think I may have seen random references to this effect on the forum, but this was my first major taste. Also those tiny shrubs that sometimes count as 'wood' were scattered in the grass making placement of large buildings difficult. End rant
  20. For the first time ever (many past alphas) Windows 10 defender decided to block A25 installation due to unknown publisher. I was able to successfully install using the command line.
  21. Cavalry is great. However when I send my horde 30 to 50 plus a hero to capture a building it seems they all aim for the same point and then the 'ball' slowly unwinds to eventually surround the whole building. I'm just thinking I may have to break them up into several control groups and aim them to just miss the building on different sides.
  22. I downloaded version 25.0.0 of autociv from github. (Stan's link above) Double clicking the pyromod opened A24. In windows I started A25 SVN and dragged the autociv pyromod onto the running application. That displayed an error informing that the pyromod could not be installed. The github was updated 7 days ago, so I will patiently bide my time. thanks for the prompt feedback! Update: Success I went back to Nani's autociv thread and found the instructions for installing the zip file instead of the pyromod. Copying the folder from within the zip file to the mod folder of the A25 installation folder allowed the mod to be visible in the A25 mod screen! It enabled without issue and works!
  23. By any chance is there a version of autociv lurking somewhere that's compatible with the A25 SVN?
  24. You can increase your survivability chances with 2 basic choices. (even at medium and harder levels) First decrease the population limit in game setup to either 100 or 150 as you progress. At this population limit its much harder for the enemy to overwhelm you with a massive army early in the game. Second choose a random map where you can change the size of the map to tiny or small. (I don't believe the standard skirmish maps give you this option) This allows you to build (and fully garrison) some towers near the enemy border to immediately harass their economy. If building more than 1 tower pay attention to its circular firing range aura while choosing where to put it and make sure the second tower you build's aura overlaps the first tower. (I think this is called 'turtling' which apparently annoys competitive players in multiplayer matches--but petra doesn't mind) If it happens to be built near his wood line, his barracks, or his food source it can easily deplete his population enough to delay or eliminate the massive raids that overwhelm you. It also gives you enough time to get used to following the tips in the guide mentioned above.
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