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  1. Where I would personally find this useful is the scenario is where you have a horde of soldiers and a few rams attacking your fortress or CC. I would like to empty my CC of garrisoned melee units to specifically attack the rams. In practice since the ram is not attacking them they are easily distracted by the attacks of the remaining horde. While technically one could shift click each ram in order at the start, getting accurate clicks in a crowd of enemies is near impossible. The melee units will surely die but at least they will attempt to fulfill their original order.
  2. The only plus side to this 'feature' that you the player gains is that if your opponent captures your colony and happens to be Romans (there may be others I woudn't know) the only option for training from the building is women which may make holding on to it a little more difficult.
  3. Would be nice if someone could publish this as a 'mod' for the general players to fool around with. Hopefully including all civs. Thus not threatening the online multi player universe.
  4. This is why I hate this particular day more than any other
  5. In A26 I've noticed that certain maps like Gaudalquivir River with shallow water, the dead bodies are showing up in the water with a light square background. It disappears when the bodies do.
  6. They still seem to do a pretty good job on big targets like fortresses and CC (oops that is in SVN A26, if that makes a difference)
  7. Does it have witches on broomsticks?
  8. Thanks for the quick fix. The HAN Academy can be captured (sounds like a local strip mall business that helps kids pass their standardized tests)
  9. I'm guessing that the reason that my roman cavalry can only hack on a Han archery practice building to destruction and not capture it in the more recent A26 revisions is because in the revisions last week allowed me to train roman champion cavalry. If that is the case I would prefer being able to capture building and simply not have the champion option. When I'm capturing I prefer to extend the stable territory if the first capture is adjacent to territory I already control. At the same time when I capture a Han stable, it cannot train champions even though I have this option with every other civilization's captured stable. In all honesty I would like to capture the original recruiting capacities of all my captured buildings, but that I fear is a bridge too far. At least let us gain the the territory.
  10. If your farmers are close enough they of course find the fruit trees after exhausting a berry patch with no prompting. Seriously do we really need more hand holding than hovering your cursor over a tree to see if its wood or food? Since fruit trees are usually solitary, does anyone waste time setting up a wood line next to one?
  11. Yeah, I remember reading that being the solution, but I was looking for a saves folder within the SVN folder. Deleting all the saves generated in 25b in the main folder solved the problem! Thanks.
  12. This might have been brought up awhile ago, but the save function in the current build (26579) and earlier builds completely freezes the game.
  13. Just updated SVN to Revision 26523 Error stream starts on startup Can load match but no control over movement of population Only minimap visible Windows 10
  14. With an update from earlier today (maybe 26564) the diplomacy screen would not open Windows 10; 4X4 versus AIs; one Han on each side the rest random errors indicated in image (reproduced from much earlier in the replay)
  15. First impressions after 2 4X4 vs AI: In a normal sized Mainland game (or in any smallish map) its nice that the second CC does not dominate as big a chunk of the map. I can claim a fair amount of resources without blocking my allies from their own expansion. Plus I can put down a CC earlier to protect the nearest ally on the edge if I'm in the pocket. If I'm on the edge I can use that CC to hem in the enemy I'm facing on the border. Usually I would have to use barracks and towers. The CC gives me many more options for a more reasonable price. Its Also with the Romans that little housing plus from other buildings gives more wiggle room when close to being housed. The only downside that I've yet to see is the annoying tendency of the AI to want a build a CC on any obscure corner or gap on the map. I would expect the smaller CC coverage to leave many new holes to build on. But that at the same time makes it more interesting for everyone.
  16. Double right click a swordsman (selects all swordsman), Right click 1st ram, Shift Right click 2nd ram, Shift Right click 3rd ram (creates order que). They will attempt to finish off the 3 rams in that order. This has always worked for me, but I think that adding ctrl to key mix may have some advantage, but I am generally fumble fingered under that kind of stress. I tend to keep garrisionable defensive buildings filled with swordsman. In which case I select the building (preferably before the ram reaches it), right click the ram, then click the icon to empty the building. For weakened rams sicking a CC full or women on them is sometimes sufficient.
  17. Encouraged by Valihrant's recent video of The White Cliffs of Dover, I been having a lot of fun with the map. Tonight my sword cavalry was capturing a tower on the edge of the cliffs, when an invading ship on the shoreline slid over the beach, up to the top of the cliff and proceeded to attack my soldiers. They appreciated the ship's efforts but still felt the need to destroy it. A minor issue to be sure but one of considerable amusement.
  18. Your responses have me on the right track. I found the seed number in both the text file and json file and pasted that in the random seed field. I loaded the 'unknown' option in the Atlas random map field and indeed it generated a map! However the replay I chose to use the random number contained the landscape option of "lakes", which was a land map with lakes and a biome (chosen by me of artic). However Atlas decided to generate a continent map with no lakes and a random biome. Is there currently a way to choose " landscapes" and "biome" within atlas before the generation step? At this point I assume that if I had chosen a replay of mainland etc. from the random map choices with the corresponding seed number atlas it would have performed correctly in its generation. My curiosity is also aroused about the "seed AI" number that was also in the replay file but has no visible option in atlas
  19. I've been playing random 'unknown land' maps again and am reminded that sometimes the random feature can create an interesting map that I wouldn't mind playing again. It seems the original map data must be saved in the replay file and was wondering if there would be an easy way of importing that data into Atlas to make it a permanent map. One more general application of this feature for example might facilitate generation of a static copy of a mainland map that could be used in competitions like the pop cap challenges to allow participants to install a copy and post their best time against the same AI and the same spread of resources. Instead of having to upload a replay file-- a screenshot of the frozen game time at the 'you have won' prompt would suffice.
  20. Sort of makes the 'reveal map' option seem like a very legitimate alternative. Earlier today noticed that when I pop a number of garrisoned troops out of barracks, it knows if a sufficient number of troops are still inside to hold it and will immediately stop hacking and start capturing if there are not.
  21. I eventually tried the harder levels with a decent amount of success. Even tried multiplayer games against catalina with petra as my allies (petra did pretty well). I finally abandoned my experiments when my consular cavalry champions kept "freezing" randomly when given an order to attack or retreat. This was solved by removing the mod, so I have no plans to retry until this issue is resolved. Another weird feature of the harder levels I noticed was that the massive amount of workers that catalina sent into my territory to collect resources, despite being under constant attack from fully garrisoned towers. Catalina was still able to increase population with a mostly almost dead workforce, due to the sporadic targeting of the towers. On two separate occasions of catalina reaching a pop max of 200 it passed by all my defenses and went straight to the CC. Since the attack was early none of the troops had any upgrades so my CC full of women held out and I was able to empty my border towers and built new towers closer to the CC, which eventually decimated his entire army. Catalina did not recover.
  22. Wrong thread but... Suggestion for Team Bonus Romans: How about a small walk speed bonus for all allied traders based on the historical strength and extent of Roman roads. Please excuse the interruption.
  23. In hopes of reviving that 'spirit', I've attached the errors that starting the map generates: interestinglog.html
  24. Of course until now I haven't played "Battles In the Dirt" since a23, but last night I noticed several errors scrolling by about 'treasures'. I also vaguely recall the center of the map being being full of some rather nasty gaia troops. Both treasures and gaia were missing from the map, which was still quite playable.
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