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  1. Yes, I downloaded the dll file but now I have another problem: The Application could not be started correctly (0xc000007b).Click OK to close it I will have to download Visual C ++ again, but it is strange to me that it happened to me in this version and not in the previous ones, maybe it is because of the implementation of new graphics or something related Thank you for assisting me!
  2. It would be good if they introduce the civilization of the Etruscans Also that they eliminate the excess of formations that exist, that they leave a few and that some have certain beneficial auras (for example, the forced march formation, has an aura that makes the troops move even faster but lose life per second ) also that they make an event which, taking advantage of the implementation of the campaign creator, users will create all the military campaigns of a faction, or simply a story in which we can see the beginnings of a civilization, whatever the community wants, and what the best campaign of each faction is rewarded by the creators with ... well, whatever suits them the most
  3. I am a fanatic player of 0 AD, a game very well made taking into account that it is in Alpha mode, when I found out about the new update I downloaded it, for when I wanted to play I got the error: api-ms-win-crt-string- l1-1-0.dll Taking into account that this problem is due to the fact that such a file has to be corrupt or missing from my computer, I would like to be corrected in case of being wrong, and take advantage of this discussion to highlight new errors and find a solution in this new update. Also keep in mind before posting an error in this discussion, read the topic posted by the staff
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