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  1. This is how I do it. It is a time consuming iterative process. From my observation I'd say fisher boat and merchantman need a tad less water depth than warship. But this is observation from real maps. Not a precise examination with test layout. I am not IT enough to examine the code.
  2. This is a replay where I lost only 5 entities in the battle against the Macedonian until a victory in min 5. In 0ad alpha 25 it was possible to outdistance the group of 10 javlineers of the Macedonians which went to work. Making the battle much easier. In Alpha 0.26 this is not possible any more. So I was surprised over the overall outcome of this match, as good as my best fights with alpha 0.25. I must admit this was only possible with the help of the autociv-mod. And sure it was only possible in turtle speed, to have enough influence on the game evolvement. This is a graph of this fight: commands.txt metadata.json
  3. Yes I know about this tools. They show ship area. but it is not precise in the question which ship type can pass on shallow water and which not.
  4. It is the same for land based entities, when a map becomes mountainous. It is sometimes hard to guess which path is cross able and which not is sometimes surprising. For ships I have reworked some maps for better ship passage. When the seafloor is flattened enough in atlas, and the stream wide enough, there is a small band of water depth where all ship and all other entities can pass. It would be helpful, to have better aid in Atlas editor to design waterways the way you want. At the moment it is a litte try and revise process. It is the same with building land. When atlas could precise indicate how a design works, this would be helpful. There are tools, in atlas but they do not indicate the details. These are the maps where I improved ship opportunities, because of this reason of "trapped" ships:
  5. you are welcome, explaining something in "foreign" language is not always precise.
  6. Sure a scenario does not have that much configuration. But not all values are fixed either. At the moment you can change nothing but the game speed. Which population limit you want is more a question of hardware possibilities than map design, and depends from the number of players. I do not want to change the options defined in the map with atlas editor but those not defined. Not all scenarios define every value. For those values that are not fix in the scenario, the last values used in a skirmish map on the host are used. Including team options, and these can be everything, including things that are not suitable for the scenario. For my usage I have found out how to deal with a situation like this. For the game I think: Values from the map, defined by the creator of the scenario should be fix, all other changeable, and not last values on the host used.
  7. Sure changing the art model. adding a foundation like harbors have. Some civilizations buildings have this, they look fine on a ridge. Romans for example do not. The problem of terrain over a building, I guess, would need some changes in the engine from a surface to a volume modeller.
  8. The geese should be a watchman feature. They warned them for the barbariens attacking. What I would be good in any case is a better more noticable information when you get attacked. expecially when this is not in the context of your current fighting. It is almost normal for me that I didn't realize that my home civic center was attacked and is gone when I am fighting somewhere else on the map.
  9. When setting up a match on a scenario map you can not change any game parameters except playing speed. The values are kept the same you used on your last game when you set up a skirmish map. I think game parameters not defined by the mapmaker should be select able like a skirmish map. Current you need to select a dummy skirmish map, select your game settings you want, and then change to the scenario map you want to play, and the values of the skirmish map are taken but not changeable.
  10. Well, the Athenians, not only forerunner in democaca already had their guerillia gardening movement removing the tiles and planting them... well,serious... This are effects when not flat terrain and buildings are merged together. Where the terrain is higher than the building the terrain structure is visible. In this case the lower tiles were replaced by the grass texture. In other environment it is not that visible. There are extremly ugly outcomes when you place a roman civic center on a steep hill. On some other civilisations the builings have a "foundation" like harbours making the outcome not that bad, until the terrain is not "steeper" than the foundation. The templates should be overworked how to alter the terrain in vertical direction with basement and a bank, so that there are no remains of the terrain where a building is placed.
  11. Interesting. I have to do some research about this battle. Although the description of the map battle for the Tiber says: "Rome battles against the Etruscan city of Veii for control of the Tiber River basin." Which implies that Rome an Vei battle against each other. But for all Vei is pretty handicaped on economy side, when you do not care about the walking distances your workers do. The workers always to for the closest drop side meassured in linear distance. Because sitting on the plateau this can lead to long walks besides another drop site would be less to walk.
  12. On scenario maps I see a non standart set of starting units as variant to make the game more interesting, you can not stupidly use your routine. Problematic or challange is such a big difference. Hmmm.... but what is the way it was intended?
  13. Well, an enemy entity is displayed in this outer vision range when it is moving, not when it is standing still. It helps to react on attackers which move. Not when you are running into a waiting enemy formation. When this distance is equal to all, it would help especially when woman are being raided. You would see the riders in the black, not just when they are out of the dark, which for a woman is practically the same when beeing attacked.
  14. The map is large. There are lots of treasures on the map (over 100). But they can be "guarded" by animals or gaia fighters, like here in the mountain. In Version 9 posted here, their xml-tags need to be added from the txt-file.
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