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  1. Hi guys. please read the post and give good feedback! I Hope devs will read your feedbacks and select the best choice. 1- add a active mod for lobby not a mod that only his account is present. 2- Add private message and ignore options for lobby. 3- Add email varification option for making account . Currently many players are spaming smurf accounts and its very annoying. Also with a email a player able to reset his password in case of forgetting it. 4- Make macdonates a better civ. Have you ask yourself why don’t people spam macs’ cav cham? And why they and the hero that give bonus to them are kindda useless? The answer is because jav cavs need metal! Its hard for players to spam jav cavs and cham cavs at same time then a player would never do such thing. If devs give normal jav cavs (100 food 50 wood )to macs then people can easily use mac cavs for fighting and use cav chams and their hero as well. 5- Any civ has fast antirams but macs. why swordmen of macs are chams? They should be merc. Then players can make fast antirams. 6- Mercs are very imbalanced. But why? Because they don’t need wood. In maps with low wood, civs that can spam mercs will rule! Fix this problem by decreasing metal and adding wood to them. 7- lets mercs work but with lower gathering rate (something like skiri). It lets peope spam mercs in phase two. 8- Do you know why people often hate playing noval maps? Because ships are annoying. People spam strong cheap ships and kill troops easily with strong arrows of ship. Especialy when you have to make eco near beach ships can be more annoying. I think ships should not able to attack people same as real life. Ships just atatck ships its all.
  2. when i active it like u say all games in lobby become black and i cant join them
  3. ok i tested it. i saw no changes. idk why. but it didnt change
  4. y my bad its for a25. a player really no need to garrison them with many units unless he see a army is coming. then he can defend using camps and wastes time of the opponent. even if the enemy destroy the camp he can build a new camp in the behind easily.
  5. hi in this post i gonna report a issue about a25 why rome's camp doesnt cosist of metal? its easy to spam camps u can make camps everywhere only with 500 wood and destroying them is really annoying and takes long time. also they r very strong if u send ur army near them they die fast especially when there r many camps. also the swordmen/javs inside them can kill rams/eles easily. there must be a mechanism that doesnt let somebody spam many camps. u can add metal for building camps or limit their number to 2-3 i meant nobody can make more than 2-3 camps. also there should be a good distance limit between camps.
  6. hi guys i gonna list some positive updates in a24 and give few suggestions too 1- outpost is more realistic now but it needs vision update too. suggestion: for "vision update by 100 wood" better to increase height of the outpost (like tower update) to make it more realistic. 2- decreasing number of women on fields. suggestion 1: better to set fields capacity to 3. because its annoying for a player to spread women of a full field to other fields. suggestion 2: why corrals are steal useless? i think better to put a button in corrals that make sheeps automatically (and also a button to pause this ability) it leads players to use it more. 3- elephant stable 4- in a24 its easy to make chams 5- different languages for any civ that makes the game more realistic. suggestion: idk about other languages but some of persian phrases are ridiculous. for example "bale in chie ? بله این چیه؟ " this phrase means "yes! what is it?" that does not make sense. it makes me laugh. or "amade آماده " that means "ready" but this word is a public word. better word is "befarman به فرمان" that means "ready for commands". also the phrase "sarbaze shoma سرباز شما" for women should be removed because it means "your soldier" and all know women are not soldiers. 6- stronger towers, but it has weakness too. because it avoid players to play aggresive. but at least it does not makes towers useless in p3 like a23. 7- no heavy weapons in rome camp 8- no dance 9- vision in p1 10- women can build towers barracks etc.
  7. Yes ! Ur opponent give u time and let u make towers, enough men, economy then rush u
  8. Dakyras was rushed too and he is not weak Look how a player can rush two players by dogs. As our friend genava 55 said 20 dogs kill 20 pikes spears javs and also they kill slingers too. But remember making 20 dogs is easier than making 20 soldiers Then if 20 dogs go to rush may they face u say 15 spears I think Dogs should get back to p2 or they need to be bought by metal in p1 to stop fast dog spam.
  9. Food has more potential for storage than wood because u make buildings with wood. the point is that in start of a game i have to spend my little wood for making towers and making men. and not spaming women because its so risky. it make me slow. while my opponent who has brit can spam dogs with use of hunts and berries that r easy to access. he can build his economy faster + rush by dogs and makes me sower.
  10. its not about im a good player or not its about balancing and this case is not balanced. u take it or leave it
  11. then dakyeras with rank 1800 is a weak player who lost 50 men aginast dogs ? towers cant counter dogs like what u consider. then u say i need to make towers and need to make men in early game with low wood and slow economy. while my opponent can spam many dogs only with food that is easy to access, its like he has a dog creator factory, and its balanced ?
  12. Its not a good one. Chrstgrt killed like 100 people with dogs from me and dakyras and they were mostly men... For vision, a player can easily put a cav between them. At least u could limit them by metal. For example 100 food 20 metal. It stop players to spam dogs easily. Dogs in p1 is really a big wrong.
  13. Hi guys. I wanna talk about a strange update in a24 Dogs in p1 Why not ? They r fast. Easy to spam. Just need 100 food. All of u need is a few hunts or extra berries. After that start spamming dogs. They kill women better than any cav Also they kill ranged men easily too. U can make a polar sea for ur opponent. Even worse because dogs r faster than wolves. A wise host would ban Britons from his games!
  14. Not agree with stronger cavalry. I think they r weaker. And in a23 they were strong enough. Ranged unit weaker !? And how archers r so strong now !? They crush every thing Hero can't be trained after dying was not good choice I think.
  15. Did u ask yourself why many players didn't like a24 and got back to a23 Also I think a game should be developed in a line, unfortunately devs broke the line and made something new, even strong players r learning the game again... Also they mostly didn't like it. About archers they r too strong. They even kill spears and pikes easily. Really hard to counter them. Now archer civs r crazy strong Just image many units try to destroy seigs like rams that r supported by many archers. That poor units r easy target for archers then they die easily. I even feel devs removed the random for archers attack or at least decreased it!
  16. hi guys. i wanna say some reason that why alpha 24 is not good. 1- sound is not good. when u fight u even cant feel it because action sound is hard to hear even if u put it to max from settings. a23 had very nice sounds i have no idea why devs changed it. 2- there r low differences between civs now and its not interesting. in fact if civs r almost same the game will be boring. in a23 there r enough differences between civs. 3- economy of a24 is terrible. a23 had much better economy. why devs changed it ? in a24 its hard to reach 200 pop and u r always run out of wood. 4- a24 is less realistic. for example how possible catas and rams cant atatck soldiors ? its really boring. and how possible bowmen r able to destroy catas and bolts ? 5- the game is still laggy. i even think lag in a24 is more than lag in a23. its why many players prefer to host 3v3 games and avoid 4v4 games. 6- in a24 u r less able to rush. no rush no fun. rushing makes games more realistic and thriller. i think a23 is much better than a24. in fact a24 is like a different game. when i play it i dont feel im playing 0ad ! im looking for new game ! any suggestion ?
  17. hi i cant log in 0ad lobby it gives I/O error plz help me
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