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  1. Hello everyone, I need some help, anyone is able to give me a youtube video about use atlasui? Or is there any youtuber doing that? If we could see what map maker is doing in the current atlas would be great and we can give you not only features but also QoL in atlas. Thank you
  2. Hello Everyone, this is a old thread but, I'm starting to be more active, and I'm working in atlasUI once again. For now I'm going to fix some behaviors from atlasUI (like variations, osx, xcode, etc) and adding some QoL for map makers. We hope to bring yours a better tool for map makers.
  3. Of course I will open to hear comments, just remember is a hard path and Im trying to work on it
  4. Added terrain tab, Display settings, environment settings and Actor Viewer tool. Now my WIP is done with current features, now is time to test in other os, and fix some bugs with the new UI. Enjoy the video. Please review the first post to watch the video
  5. Hi, Looks like you are using svn and you are using linux or osx, and you missed to build the project atlasUI, please look up here to refer what to do http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#BuildingAtlas
  6. Im just wondering if you are using Public lobby or svn lobby, could you aswer me?
  7. You can delete a object with "fn + backspace" in mac , btw Im in osx and develop must over atlas if you need something let me know
  8. yes this is the ticket http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2847
  9. Hola, esto es un proyecto opensource, y hacemos lo mejor que podemos en nuestros tiempos libres, todos pueden colaborar, haciendo algún ticket, haciendo algo que contribuya al juego, el tiempo de cuando sera beta no se, por que depende de varios factores y tambien de la contribución de las personas. Normalmente ayudas, metes ganas, tiempo y esfuerzo(de lo que tengas), es por eso que esto ha avanzado, lento pero seguro.
  10. Yes, because we are using now c++11 in the engine development, and "Apple has decided to only officially support libc++ on 10.7 or higher"
  11. Added Display Template and Entity Settings (Including variations panel and work) (still missing save this information in the map file but Im working as fast as i can) Please review the first post to watch the video
  12. Yeah some texture is missing but looking inside the source I didnt see anything with this name, thats why I ask about if he had mods.
  13. Added Object List filter(Include inside template content). Please Look at the first post about the video
  14. Do you have any mod distinct than public?, looks like you have another mod, and it is getting this error. Why has the picture a ugly color? (like pink or something else)
  15. Must of this function is implementent, but maybe this "in one of the current UI panels? in a separate draggable window?" cant implement it right now
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