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  1. This is a bit dissapointing... Nevertheless I am looking forward for you fellas over at wildfiregames to make the editor controls compatible with mac. Thank you for your help. May the force be with you.
  2. Wait long enuf... Please come back and help! Cheers
  3. I tried cmd+delete and control+delete Unfortunately none of them worked... Any other suggestions? ps: look up a mac keyboard
  4. Hi fellas. I started editing my map and there are a few issues that I experienced so far whilst using a mac. I realised I could not delete anything (e.g buildings/trees/units). I could just be plain dumb so I searched up a tutorial and here is what I got: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Atlas_Manual_Starting#no1 I have follwed the guidance on how to delete objects but it still does not work. Does anyone know how to solve this? Issues list: -Cannot delete units/buildings Feel free to comment.
  5. I need help I got a new computer ( Mac: Version 10.9.4 ) a while ago and I downloaded 0A.D a few minutes ago, but whenever I open 0A.D the main screen is messed up! Maybe I have to make it windowed? Anyway can someone tell me how to take a screenshot with mac ( I don't know how to use mac ) so I can show you guys what I mean by "messed up". The case to solve it could also be by just adjusting the resolution because it's not graphically glitched it just has some of the actual main screen cut off and I cannot click on anything. ( e.g. like options to change resolution ) Can someone tell me how to go into the game files at set it on windows because I cannot locate my game files. Thanks for replying ( If you do.. )
  6. I mentioned that they have a population limit depending on difficulty so it won't be that hard e.g Easy = 50? Medium = 100 etc. I agree with you that there can be a game mode for it but I'm not sure if I mentioned ( I think I did ) that you could turn barbarians on or off.
  7. It is not the same app but thank you it might because of the different mac versions?? I don't know as long as that in the future they will let anyone host a game I'm fine!!! Thanks a lot anyway By the way check out my 0A.D idea in the 'General Discussions & Ideas' part of the forum I have a excellent idea! Thanks a lot but in the end it's kind of complicated! So it's ok Cheers
  8. Hi guys I thought of a cool idea I'm not sure how hard it is going to make it and if it is going to be made I'm not sure how much in the future. Anyway I thought that wouldn't it be cool that there were barbarians like any type of empire or even a specific barbarian race! The barbarians could be just like people wandering around and when they attack you they burn your buildings like a raid or completely destroy them depending what difficulty you set them on ( if on easy they might attack you not raid you in late game ). Also talking about raiding since buildings can be repaired easily the barbarians can take hostage of people and when I mean that as in there is a special building for barbarians that has hostages inside them ( and you can see what units they are ) and when you break the building the hostages no matter if they were your allly's or your enemy's hostage it will become yours, note that the hostages have to be on foot not on horses or a siege tank it has to be a person that walks also the hostages cannot be OP e.g a hero cannot be captured because it is not really fair. Another thing about raiding is that when they have hostages in the building the hostages slowly turn into barbarians (probably into weak barbarians) or slowly die or there will be too many hostages. Another part of this idea is that barbarians can capture buildings from players if there is no one around/near the building ( they capture it by consuming units ). What would be really cool is that the barbarians could have a starting base and starting troops and at their capital ( now I have 2 ideas what will happen at their capital, unless you want to merge ideas together and edit it I don't mind ) By the way talking about the hostages when they turn into barbarians from where the hostage building is ( hopefully near the capital ) the units population will belong to the nearest capital. ( WHEN BARBARIAN CAPITALS SPAWN IT HAS 2-3 HOSTAGE BUILDINGS NEXT TO IT OR NEAR IT AND HAS WOODEN WALLS IF ENOUGH SPACE, ALSO THAT SOME BARBARIANS WILL NOT SPAWN WITH A CAPITAL OR HOSTAGE BUILDINGS BUT WITH MORE UNITS SO THAT THEY CAN CAPTURE CAPITALS ) Idea 1: The capital has a aura that will slowly generate ( spawn ) barbarians ( ONE THING TO MENTION NOT BARBARIAN WORKERS THERE WILL BE NO BARBARIAN WORKERS BECAUSE THEY DONT NEED WORKERS ) that would be A.I controlled and that there is a population limit e.g one capital counts as 20 people ( to get more capitals they capture your main building that you start with. ) and that they can move units from capital to capital ( what I'm trying to say is that a capital can only have e.g 20 max people that it spawned alive at the same time but can still move to units to other capitals ) to defend themselves. Also any type of the barbarian units can make wooden walls that have like 500 health each??? ( PLEASE NOTE THAT BARBARIANS CAN BE ANYTHING BUT WAR MACHINES AND THAT NO MATTER WHAT TYPE OF MOVING UNIT THAT THE BARBARIANS OWN IT ONLY COUNTS AS ONE UNIT POPULATION ) Idea 2: The capital can train units ( but not workers or war machines as I said ) and units can build houses for more population ( max population depends on difficulty of barbarians ) and also can build walls. Your probably thinking hmm why would they train units if they run out, well I think that there resources will regenerate slowly or fast ( also depending on difficulty or have a separate option that can change resources regenerate rate ). WHAT WOULD BE SERIOUSLY EPIC IS THAT THERE IS A OPTION THAT COULD ENABLE / DISABLE BARBARIANS. ANYWAY THE THING THAT WOULD BE EPIC IS THAT IF YOU PUT BARBARIAN DIFFICULTY ON VERY HARD OR EVEN EXTREME!?!?! AND RESOURCE STARTING FOR BARBARIANS DEATHMATCH, YOU WOULD BE SCREWED. ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING THAT I FORGOT TO MENTION IS WHEN THE BARBARIANS CAPTURE BUILDINGS E.G HOUSES THEIR POPULATION LIMIT GOES UP BUT IF THEY GET LIKE A BARRACKS OR SOMETHING EITHER IT MAKES NOTHING OR MAKES/SPAWNS (DEPENDING ON WHAT IDEA YOU CHOOSE ) UNITS FAIRLY SLOWER ( NOT THAT MUCH SLOWER THOUGH DEPENDS ON DIFFICULTY AGAIN ) AND A OPTIONAL TWEAK FOR THEIR BARRACKS WOULD BE THAT IT TURNS INTO A BARBARIAN BARRACKS. Anyway I thank you to for reading this topic I will post further ideas on this as a reply or as another topic so stay tuned in. By the way I would love if this idea could be put in I might help with some artwork <--- IM NOT THE BEST OK !! I might donate because of 2 reasons this idea would be cool and I agree that it can be very hard to add since your still in alpha and already have plans and also I might donate because I love 0A.D its a game it reminds me of very good moments with friends that I had long time ago and most importantly It kind of reminds me of my dog for some reason (maybe I played AOE with my dog on my lap or something ) and I have to give my dog away in May 2014 or even put her to sleep :'(!! Ok I'm going to play 0A.D now bye I'll probably post some more ideas later stay tuned in for more interesting things!!! -siriannn "May the forums ever be in your favour."
  9. Thanks but I still have a problem! I see on a guild that he/she has a application called airport admin Utility, but mine says airport utility how do i get the admin one? I don't except you guys to know but If you guys don't know it's fine, hopefully the developers will have something that could make everyone host! ( If you do find solutions please reply to me ) Also if you do open ports it can be dangerous, right? So I'm wondering if you can switch it on and off? ( Website which I follow: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Apple/AirPortExtreme/ I could not find 0A.D so I clicked mine craft: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Apple/AirPortExtreme/Minecraft_Server.htm (#Sanderd17 says just change the port)
  10. How do I port forward UDP port 20595, I know it might take long to find out but I really want to know, because there are so many people online waiting for a game which includes me and rarely there is a game for people to join. If you want to help me ( I don't expect help that fast I will wait ) I use a mac and the router I use is a Apple, Airport Extreme. I use this website but I did not find 0A.D on the list ( might not even be on the list ) http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Apple/AirPortExtreme/ I clicked mine craft since it could be the same but I was not sure anyway please just could someone tell me how to do this!
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