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Found 2 results

  1. Hi fellas. I started editing my map and there are a few issues that I experienced so far whilst using a mac. I realised I could not delete anything (e.g buildings/trees/units). I could just be plain dumb so I searched up a tutorial and here is what I got: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Atlas_Manual_Starting#no1 I have follwed the guidance on how to delete objects but it still does not work. Does anyone know how to solve this? Issues list: -Cannot delete units/buildings Feel free to comment.
  2. its definitely nicer than the last time i played the mac version. My thought process since I only play this game for like an hour every few months. so I'm not too biased, maybe you can take this into account as what the typical person goes through on playing this game. My thought process slightly jumbled * Start up Game * It has a name: Empires Ascendant * Oh look options. Do they have Isometric view like Age of Empires II? Guess not * Multiplayer lobby? Screw Single Player, MP is where its at (nobody joins and lobby looks empty after couple minutes so i start game with bot in mp (maybe its one of those games people can jump in later?) * The game is pretty but I can't see what Im doing or read the text (personal eye problem) * where is the hotkey to make units. and the hotkey for my town center * what are all the different units for, why can't the horse guy gather resources like the other guys and why do they all look the same * OMG I CAN ZOOM I CAN SEE NOW (sortof). game looks a lot prettier! * How do I rotate buildings? click menu, click manual * I CAN ROTATE THE CAMERA annnnd its not that useful but mildly ok * I have like 50 villagers and soldiers but its really hard to see visually if they're idle. but hey, shift plus idle key lets me select villagers.. and other stuff? Weird * Why can't i put buildings outside my territory? I don't get it. * terrutory grows by making buildings close to the edge of it. Or researching the next age (I played Age of Kings!) * I was attacked message. didn't see where but i finally figured my scout died * Finally see the berries. Went most of the game not realizing they were there due to poor vision and well it was my first game * Enemy attacks again, I barely survive, make horses army, it gets killed and he attacks again. finally get bored with my first game and come here to post about it Pros * Music isn't bad * Game is pretty Possible Cons * No Isometric View, didn't realize I could zoom till I accidentally used the mouse wheel. Not everyone has a mouse wheel * units and buildings look similar which is ok for a first time player. try making them more distinct though. * Wildlife (the chickens next to my tc on the acropolis map) look like specks and I legitimately have trouble noticing them because they're sp small * Units are small and my eyes just glide over them. hm No comments on strategy aspects of game, that comes after I figure out what I'm doing. thats my test run of Alpha 17, see what I think in a few days and post again
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