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  1. I am nervous to buy aoe2. Yes I have' pirated 'it, because I don't have cd drive anymore and my discs are old - last time a few years ago I tried to install,I'm lost my gold (the collectors edition, I believe) edition of the conquerors so I was trying to install it but.. Well, my two old conquerors disc that I did still have left was missing files, so I had to alternate the discs. All scratched up and stuff, took almost an hour and a few restarts before I succeeded I can still buy it in stores for ten bucks but money is really tighter and more debts now than it used to. Food is a hurdle because we try to live like we always do in every other way but prices are going up across the board. Also Ame and dad gave bought it AT LEAST 3 times, possibly more. and we got AOE like four or five times - don't get the collectors edition version, that does not have the redbook audio tracks. Thing is back then you could pop the disc in and play. Now everyone has to WORK to get the game to work. Hours of work and technical issues to make it play and yet they still sell that in stores. Moreover, considering both the store and the STEAM version, it doesn't come with the nice box or manual anymore - and I do miss them. That reduces the value of the purchase
  2. I'd play an empire sim like that as long as I didn't have to control military. My dad doesn't like the people dieing thing
  3. These graphics are awesome. I want to know if graphics of this quality are feasible with 0 a.d. If not what about other games? http://jonasjensenart.deviantart.com/art/Age-of-Empires-Town-Center-255469105 In order of personal priority Backgrounds - like Campaigns with voice overs, as Aoe2 had before every mission sketches and drawings Gameplay - if actually in a Random Map, would this place big limits on the processor, number of units, path finding, Gpu? I'm not a programmer, but I know a little about computers - I've been taking them apart since I wa a kid Record playback: if actual gameplay could not handle it, would said renderer be able to render recorded games in this quality? Age of Empires II HD was a big disappointment graphics wise, and caused me to sit on the fence.
  4. its definitely nicer than the last time i played the mac version. My thought process since I only play this game for like an hour every few months. so I'm not too biased, maybe you can take this into account as what the typical person goes through on playing this game. My thought process slightly jumbled * Start up Game * It has a name: Empires Ascendant * Oh look options. Do they have Isometric view like Age of Empires II? Guess not * Multiplayer lobby? Screw Single Player, MP is where its at (nobody joins and lobby looks empty after couple minutes so i start game with bot in mp (maybe its one of those games people can jump in later?) * The game is pretty but I can't see what Im doing or read the text (personal eye problem) * where is the hotkey to make units. and the hotkey for my town center * what are all the different units for, why can't the horse guy gather resources like the other guys and why do they all look the same * OMG I CAN ZOOM I CAN SEE NOW (sortof). game looks a lot prettier! * How do I rotate buildings? click menu, click manual * I CAN ROTATE THE CAMERA annnnd its not that useful but mildly ok * I have like 50 villagers and soldiers but its really hard to see visually if they're idle. but hey, shift plus idle key lets me select villagers.. and other stuff? Weird * Why can't i put buildings outside my territory? I don't get it. * terrutory grows by making buildings close to the edge of it. Or researching the next age (I played Age of Kings!) * I was attacked message. didn't see where but i finally figured my scout died * Finally see the berries. Went most of the game not realizing they were there due to poor vision and well it was my first game * Enemy attacks again, I barely survive, make horses army, it gets killed and he attacks again. finally get bored with my first game and come here to post about it Pros * Music isn't bad * Game is pretty Possible Cons * No Isometric View, didn't realize I could zoom till I accidentally used the mouse wheel. Not everyone has a mouse wheel * units and buildings look similar which is ok for a first time player. try making them more distinct though. * Wildlife (the chickens next to my tc on the acropolis map) look like specks and I legitimately have trouble noticing them because they're sp small * Units are small and my eyes just glide over them. hm No comments on strategy aspects of game, that comes after I figure out what I'm doing. thats my test run of Alpha 17, see what I think in a few days and post again
  5. Age of Empires II is still a decent game making money today and using the Age of Empires license in any competitors game may cause heartache for you. Unless MS hire the guys who make that game to help them make more Age of Empires game, which they did with the guys who made Forgotten Empires - A fan made expansion for Age of Empires II. But 0 A.D. is an open source game so that is different.
  6. I'm used to clear cut GUI's like AOE2. I always find this game's GUI so hard to play in I end up quitting every time. I don't mean the unfinished stuff like missing campaign things or what not, I mean your ability to actually assess the terrain, units, and know what's going on. I think the GUI needs improvement, so that a man can identify everything in two seconds. To be clear this IS a nice graphics system, but I dislike the actual experience with it. an analogy would be like a simple wood chess set vs a glass chess set where the pieces blend into the background. and you have trouble telling them apart.
  7. So I have a question. Have you guys created any maps that are deliberately unbalanced? Is it possible to create such maps reliably? Do you have a market like AOK? I want to create the ideal "start game, see where the computer drops me" map. Like Civilization, but in RTS. It would specifically be for FFA, and obviously not for team or 1v1 games.
  8. I'll let you know how far I get. Hello guys, Thomas here, I'm going to attempt to create a Random Map. I must admit I haven't played this game as much as I planned to.. I'll be expecting a 1024x576 and 800 compatible version
  9. Issue #2. Im actually using a 32" TV: I just LIKE resolutions like 1024 instead of those ridiculous ones like 1900. Also, I've got some pretty bad eyesight, and was having a hard enough time at 1024 with the game. I was actually using 1024 x 576 as my resolution, and a switch to 1360 x 768 will fix the mentioned resolution problems. Found that out after I posed that issue, though. However, a LOT of people still use 1024. And the game Screens are pretty small. the text is WAY smaller than what I was expecting even on 1024 though I may be wrong and just have that bad eyes. In light of this, I'd like to recommend you just DOUBLE the size of everything that's not part of the actual gameplay; ie title screens, civ info popups, the learn to play wall of text, and the other stuff. Per issue #3: It just looks weird. Transparent might be worse. however I discovered that rolling the mouse wheel zooms in and out which helps. But there's still one problem: It's a disjointed sort of UI. I have to deselect units and buildings to actually see the map, but i have to select them to do anything which blocks my view of the map. It's tedious and weird. Also, I want to pass along a great ideal? Perhaps you can make a "second screen and map" as it were in-game. you could micro your economy in that screen while you microd your army and stuff in the rest of the screen. It's an idea that popped into my head from looking at the Wii U Gamepad that has a REAL second screen, and racing games where the split screen gives two different views (rear and front). Obviously I see some flaws immediately but the concept alone is worth it! maybe some genius somewhere needs an amazing idea and will end up making it based on this post. I found if you hold the mouse button while putting a buuillding down, moving it to the left or right will rotate it. Very intuitive, quick and smart process! Graphics are hit and miss. They're pretty. Battles only sort of feel like battles, though. I can't really identify with my units instantly at a glance. Or even a longer look. If you don't know what your doing before you battle, it just becomes a mess. I'm used to Age style, instant recognition of mine or enemy or ally. Ok, new edit, new issue buildings take forever to actually build! Is this a set in stone feature?
  10. Colsolidated and quick to read Issies with 0 A.D. For details, please PM me or request in this topic and I'll post here in a reply 1. Learn to Play Text is too small - make it 25% bigger. 2. resolution problem where parts of the screen are getting cut off, OR certain UI elements go off screen - not sure which 3. In-Game, selecting a unit ends up blocking half the view of the map. UI issue. 4. No known way of changing resolutoin in settings - and I can't find this config file mentioned in learn-to-play either 5. No male villagers in early ages (very weird). Why not just make them in pairs of one male and female? 6. When you move the mouse to the building list in the bottom right, there is a 1/4 second delay before the help text describing that building shows up. This delay hurts immersion and should be removed. I'm not running into any frame rate problems njor graphical ones, but I only got up to like 50 units before red came in and demolished me. Nevertheless, new computer so I am sure it's fine.
  11. Ill check back when the download finishes, let you know how it goes.
  12. Centurion


    Patience pays off. I can now run this game! Now how do I install this? Mac 10.8, thanks for any help. Looks complicated.
  13. Time too bump this topic, as lots of stuff is happening at the forgotten empires website! Streamed campaigns, a more in depth look at the AI, graphics, and more events coming! Matches between the testers, what are you waiting for? www.forgottenempires.net I forgot in the original post.. But the Userpatch will be built into the expansion! for those who don't know, you may wish to check here - http://www.xomicron.com/software/userpatch Lion.Kazen, I'm not on the team, so I can't tell you. All I did was argue in the now >450 pg discussion topic and come up with one of the first new UT. (Greek Fire for Byzantines)
  14. I know 0 A.D. started as a mod for Age of Kings. Well, fans got together, and are finally making an expansion. The guy heading the team is called Cysion, or bert. www.forgottenempires.net/ their facebook page has over 11000 fans! and growing! So visit 0 a.d.'s roots, play an Age of Kings game once in a while, and look forward to this expac, and the campaigns. Hopefully lots of campaigns, not just 3 or 4. A game I'm looking forward to.. And might you guys reach beta in December as well? Lots of stuff to look forward to this holiday season, may as well get in on it Edit: Just a few minutes after I posted this, their site is now appearing to be having problems. I suspect their putting development blog #6 up.. and accidentally deleted some stuff. Wait and see.
  15. Hello members of 0 A.D. As of yet, I haven't played 0 A.D., sadly, but I still lurk on your forums following the game. Right now, I have a want to share this. It will be a good addition for those of us who like to build up empires and play with diplomacy. In Age of Empires and some 4x games, making a tribute is as simple a matter as going to the diplomacy screen and gifting to, say, Ceasar, 500 gold. But this is totally at odds with the scenarios and campaigns. Example: Age of Empires has numerous campaigns featuring a tribute caravan. Capturing this caravan is often the goal of a campaign. My proposal is to bring this aspect of diplomacy into gameplay in general, rather than delegated to a special campaign object. How this would work? Well, tributes are basically caravans sent to a nation or army to appease them. To make this work, what I propose is this plan for a special built unit. 1. Add a new building, called caravan for now, into workers options. The caravan unit may hold up to 4000 resources. Caravans are used to tribute, and will automatically convert to an enemy if your units cannot gaurd them. To fill up a caravan, your workers must deposit resources into it. If a caravan is destroyed, all resources contained within are left where it was felled, gathering 10x faster than resources gained through work. Note that only the builder of the caravan may see how many resources it holds. Others must inspect it to find out its bounty. This is all very important. Why it holds so many resources: Tributes were sometimes grand, sometimes small. The number 3000 has been picked because it represents a significant amount of resources, as well as being the cost of a wonder in Age of Kings (1000 wood, 1000 gold, 1000 stone) Why workers must deposit resources into the caravan for it to work: While realistic, this is not the real reason. The real reason is to prevent a player from simply waltzing up to a base and building the caravan right there. Instead, he must bring his workers and caravan next to each other, fill it up, and then when it is ripe, he shall send it out (with a gaurd of course!). This provides options for raiding caravans, gaurding caravans, working together to make sure it reaches the workers of the tributee as well as improved diplomacy. For example, a really poor farming player, out of 12 players in a ffa, may choose to simply send a harvest of food to his tormentor every 5 minutes. Likewise, the tributee may decide to spare the farmer, on account of it being too much work. But if he needs to make an example, he will.. here is a clear cut of the process. It is a 12 player game, the map varies from region to region. Some places are rich in ore, but poor in farming, while others are near the coast and would be great places to trade, if only anyone had anything worth trading. The two players we will look at, are The_Farmers and AngryScythians. The_Farmers has a great agricultural area and has decided to farm heavily. AngryScythians had a similar area, but instead chose to concentrate on an army of horse riders. The_Farmers has about 40 population dedicated to an economy, with few soldiers. AngryScythians has about 40 population most of which is cavalry and cavalry archers. Should Angryscythians destroy the_farmers, he will not have helped himself at all. So he demands a tribute of food from the_farmers. The_Farmers complies. He builds a caravan near his mill, and makes his workers drop off much food at the caravan (800 food is in the caravan). Now he sends it out, accompanied by a few infantry, to AngryScythians territory, where he will abandon it to fate. AngryScythians, through this tribute, is able to continue his policy of raiding weak villagers for food and tribute, while becoming a significant military power across the known world by investing all other resources he actually gathered into producing better armor, better swords, and better bows. Simply put, caravans offer great oppurtunities in diplomacy and gameplay, being intertwined with diplomacy, as well. They are superior to the instantaneous transfer of tribute seen in Age of Empires, because they represent a great material asset that must be worked on before it can be used. Since it can be worked on, other players can take advantage of it by intercepting it. If someone intercepted it, AngryScythian would be in trouble. The_Farmers, on the other hand, could claim someone intercepted it, and even forge it by destroying his own caravan carrying 100 food, when in fact nobody did. Thus saving himself 700 food for investment, while prompting AngryScythian to attack someone by The_Farmers suggestion. AngryScythian might also call the_farmers a noob for not gaurding it, but who cares about that Rough Draft of Caravans, Diplomacy and Tribute in 0 A.D.
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