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  1. We are talking about very different eras for games before the players we wanted to just play against our friends, such as Warcraft and AOE. But as before the ranking system that was developed in aoe2 "zone" and then unlock system objects and rising levels aoe3, CoH and others. And if I speak of the content cosmetics, today's players appreciate it so much they pay with real money for special aspects in units, avatars, heroes, see Dota HoN ... The classification is something simple that moves and motivates much to the players. To this day these little things that move us to play.
  2. that's exactly what we want the players, a system as in many other games, which encourage even without playing a match, you play to get awards or the player levels up or improve your rank. I've been playing strategy games, from AOE1, that is a long time, and I've seen other games have lost all their players for lack of these systems. Remarked that it is only my opinion. Furthermore, the lag know that unhappy players but we have no doubt it will be solved. Sorry for my English._______________________ en español: eso es exactamente lo que buscamos los jugadores, un sistema como en muchos otros juegos, que aunque no tengas animo de jugar una partida, la juegas por conseguir premios o para que el jugador suba niveles o mejore su rank. Yo llevo jugando a juegos de estrategia, desde AOE1, es decir mucho tiempo, y he visto como otros juegos han perdido todos sus jugadores por no disponer de estos sistemas. Remarco que es solamente mi opinion. Por otro lugar, el lag sabemos que descontenta a los jugadores pero no tenemos ninguna duda que será solucionado. Perdon por mi ingles.
  3. Lately multiplayer room is almost empty, I think this game lacks the hook or lure to attract players. Today other games that have many players, they have a system of levels, ranking objects to get ... something that encourages you to play more and more. I think in my opinion that 0AD lacks the ranking system between players where each must strive to learn and improve to be a good player. I would like to see more room filled with lots of multiplayer online games.
  4. I mean that before launching a game, eg 2v2, enters fifth player and automatically counted as spectator, being 5 people are more likely to be taken more lagg if that player does not want to leave the room ... he can be expelled by the host?
  5. I would like to talk a little problem that occurs in a multiplayer game, maybe what you are unaware: When is developing a multiplayer game, if the host leaves the room ends the game and the other can not finish. Moreover, when a person creates a game, it is possible to expel people who are in the spectator? Thank you, greetings to all
  6. I have been player of the whole saga Age of Empires and more to AOE Online, my favorite game that I spent many hours playing, I gave me very sorry when they decided to close, I thought I never would find a game of their level. AOE Online had a good system to engage players, with the development of individual cities, the level of each player, with daily missions and their particular ranking, combining singleplayer with multiplayer, but a lousy system of economic gain for the maintenance of many servers , which they were slowly closing. The day I met 0AD, excites me the first impression of how good it is, at first me and my friends thought it was a microsoft game and we were totally surprised when we saw it was a volunteer project.
  7. I do not understand how it is possible that a group of volunteers in their spare time have developed this great game, best game of strategy and being found even in alpha stage, very complete with great gameplay, great graphics aspects and fun for everyone. I compare them with other games that have professional staff and many means which you have to pay and do not become nothing good, strategy games today in my opinion are in decline, but 0AD is exactly what I missed at fault, it is the perfect strategy game. I would like to encourage all developers with this project and thank them, and for us players we should collaborate with donations as far as possible from each. Thanks.
  8. Consus thank you very much for your quick response, and in spanish by that I mean the difference between village women and military units. That variation is?
  9. Hi I am writing so that somebody can solve my question on this theme:: -What type of resources generate the cars on the market? -Farm Animals increases their food source in the course of time? -Difference gather resources, which has a military unit in relation to a people? for example,% decline. -When a resource is bought in the market, what kind of resource you pay? One suggestion: it would be convenient to consider the number of workers who collects each resource during the game. Sorry for the inconvenience generated you and my English translation, thank you very much if you care to answer these questions are taken.
  10. I just realized that I had activated the option in the boot menu to send game data and deactivate I solved the great laggy that prevented me play. It may be possible?
  11. two or three years? is a long time! seems that the game is almost over. I have understood that games are unplayable alpha phase, 0AD plays perfectly when permitted by laggy. What we need is people to come to play, I hope you do well with the development, we are missing a good strategy game from the AOE series.
  12. you know an approximate date for the official release of the game? 0.A.D. will have a trailer?
  13. with patience you will end up finding but in a game where every second counts makes you lose a lot. A solution to make attacks more visible boats is that the shots containing a large number of more visible arrows.
  14. I mean two different things, in the sea there is no reference about the fishes, hard to send the ships to got some resources if u cant find any place to farm, and the warships u cant see if they are attacking or not, arrows are really small too. Thas waht i meaning in the post before. sorry my english, Spanish my main Language. Greetings
  15. Hi I'm new here, first I would like to congratulate the developers for the great work they have heho, finally can enjoy a good strategy game. I would love to prosper faster and reaches its official release soon. I will express my ideas and opinions to try to contribute and participate: 1- The main multiplayer menu and have the perfect settings menu, but you can not adjust the sound options, in a multiplayer game only the host can put the civilizations of each player would be nice to have a list of friends and to send private messages. Moreover, the decoration or interface is a bit poor and something important to attract players. 2- An important issue regarding the units, the military can gather resources! that's a mistake? you can build buildings may be normal, but if the army instead of being prepared for battle or fighting, resources are picking ... unrealistic. 3- Warships have a good size but just are watched his shot, a super small arrow barely visible, fish stocks hard time watching them at sea. 4- The ranking, you can see there is prepared a section to this category, an important incentive to attract players is having a good system ranking or punctuation, where you can improve and compete with other players. It is an important issue. And there are few things more to improve, are making a great game, still in alpha state is the best strategy game today. Thank you very much and sorry for my English.
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