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  1. Battle Mod is now available from 0 AD mod section page. Thanks to @Itms
  2. plz download the latest file. it has been updated and old version were deleted and replaced with latest stable codes. battlemod.zip
  3. Many Many Thanks to: Freagarach Langbart Stan
  4. hello friends, I have made a mod to play battles with 0ad. No need to focus on economy, just choose your preferred unit types and start playin battles. characteristics: 1. No unit can gather resources and build any buildings. 2. Female units can only build Civil Center and Palisade walls.(only one Civil Center at a time) 3. All units and blacksmith research are available from Civil Center. 4. Units produce instantly. 5. Technologies research time also Zero. e.g : ai does not works so multiplayer is only option. have fun and make suggestions. Mod Name : BattleMod. Mod File : attached. Installation : just download, unzip and put it in the mods folder. battlemod.zip
  5. make a country vs country tourna ment too
  6. I knew that Sahara and Egypt was a Green area at the time before 8000-10000bc. During that time this area was full of animals to hunt. then when the Desertification process started the peoples migrated near to The great Nile and Oasis areas. The desertification process was contemporary to the Natufian Culture in the middle east. at the end of the last glacial period a drastic change on climate was happening. Temperature grew hotter and as an impact the Natufian peoples lost their wild grain and the Saharan and Egyptian peoples lost their hunting ground. The Carthagian Grain export may be cheap import from Egypt as Carthage was a Trade nation.
  7. also take this into consideration. (not really). just passed some time. after seeing this post learned some svg from w3school.
  8. lol. I think there is no direct way to do so. But plz see the hotkey list and features then you may find way to select all soldiers with drag. Also use Ctrl Groups. like ctrl+1, ctrl+2 etc. then you can group soldiers and use them more efficiently.
  9. just tried now. but the same. "The stream has been closed by the server"
  10. @user1 @triumvir @Hannibal_Barca
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