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  1. Be cool if there was a bell that was call to war, (ladies head inside) then another back to what you were doing. You would then need to move around the base to see which farms etc need reinforcing I guess. Great to find the hotkey now for return to work. Thanks a lot.
  2. I seem to be getting better at it now. Just a quick question. When getting attacked, I know about the bell. Brings all ladies in. Is there a way to bring all soldiers back to defend, then after the battle, one click to send them back to what they were doing? Thanks.
  3. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to answer. I really appreciate it. Yes, I have been playing these types of games for years. I remember loving the very first command and conquer.... 1st Warcraft, age of empires etc etc... right through the next versions.... (Still play my old version of C&C Generals lol) I have never had any problem playing any of them. I just couldn't believe the summary at the end how much more resources the enemy had collected than me, yet all I had done was gather resources and build new people to gather more resources.... These are two awesome answers that I ca
  4. Feel stupid asking this... lol. I am a noob. Found this game yesterday. I have played these types of games in the past and played okay to good. In single player mode though, I have just built houses and farms and got good resources, upgraded centre to two, when the enemy army arrives and wipes me out. The stats are well over double to three times my resources collected and troops created. I have no idea how they build up so fast within minutes. I even dropped enemy to easy and he appeared and wiped me out in less than half an hour. Grateful for any suggestions. Don't laugh at me. lol! :)
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