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Found 3 results

  1. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/22586 Specifically, how can this be used for units with different genders represented in the actor? Is there an example yet in the core game?
  2. Hi Team, I'm starting this topic in order to start working on the missing sounds. As development moves forward, please post here the sounds to be created. Also, I will be updating the work sheet. Have a nice weekend everybody!
  3. Hey there! As I'm doing sound design for the game I open this topic to have everything organized and updated in one place. It would be nice if you can post your requests (with examples, if possible) so I can have a "to do" list to work on. Cheers! //////// Requests so far : attack sound by Gaia.( wild animals) heroe under attack in regicide. ✓ units sound after trained. before music play after win or lose, example AOE (I) This previous to music theme. each factions needs a sound after new phase reach.( the hardest - even our last sound lead can't/don't finish this) can be nice some to start each game previously to loading screen each faction( like AOE II) reasearch sound after a technology complete. Other wonder starting Wonder finished Wonder under attack ( wonder victory) //////// Currently working on: units sound after trained. reasearch sound after a technology complete. attack sound by Gaia.( wild animals) //////// Awaiting for feedback: Start Battle UI sound (UI_Start_Battle). It could work like so: Game launches > Main theme > Start game: SFX UI_Start_Battle.ogg //////// Ready for implementation: heroe under attack in regicide. Regicide_alert.ogg
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