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  1. Hey there! Sorry guys for the lack of activity (I just saw Omri's post), my Master's got quite intense and I dind't have a lot of time. Good news is I've some assets I've made during the first term that could fit in the game, so as soon I have a bit of time I will upload them.
  2. Done, thanks I'm specting my audio equipment to arrive this week (probably tomorrow monday) so I'll continue with the sounds shortly!
  3. Hey there, I am the copyright holder of original works I post in the Wildfire Games 0 A.D. Art Development forum. I hereby release all original works I uploaded to this forum in the past, and those I will upload in the future, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
  4. Ok, my fault then. I thought you were asking for a "hit" attack sound, not for an alert. I'll work on it. Thanks for the other suggestions! PS: I quote myself: By the way (just to make it clear), units trained and research completed already have a sound, do you mean to change it right? Thanks for your feedback . I'll modify the Start battle sound and will try the Gaia attack (just in case). Cheers PS: Sorry for the lack of activity this week, I've been really busy moving to Scotland! PS2: Since you all liked the regicid
  5. Maybe I misunderstood your request. The sound is a hit of an animal attacking an unit (that's why it's that short), did you mean an alert for gaia attacking the faction instead? By the way (just to make it clear), units trained and research completed already have a sound, do you mean to change it right? Cheers
  6. Hey there guys, I've made a couple of new sounds, they are posted on the first message. attack sound by Gaia ( wild animals). (Since there are several animals I've made an "universal" sound to fit them all.) heroe under attack in regicide (I haven't found that option inside the game, is it implemented yet? ) Any suggestions/feedback? Cheers
  7. Added, thanks! I agree, what do you think @OmriLahav?
  8. Thanks ! Thanks, I think it makes more sense when the player press the 'start battle' button as far as it will feel more interactive and a frontier between the menu and the actual game, However it could work as you suggest too! Thanks! Thanks, I'll work on these. I've opened a new topic so we can have all the requests and updates organized at the same place (if you can post them there would be nice so people can see that they have already been requested): Cheers
  9. Hey there! As I'm doing sound design for the game I open this topic to have everything organized and updated in one place. It would be nice if you can post your requests (with examples, if possible) so I can have a "to do" list to work on. Cheers! //////// Requests so far : attack sound by Gaia.( wild animals) heroe under attack in regicide. ✓ units sound after trained. before music play after win or lose, example AOE (I) This previous to music theme. each factions needs a sound after new phase reach.( the hardest - even our last sound
  10. Thanks I've already created the UI sound I mentioned before. As is not possitional I've made it stereo, what do you think? I'll open a new topic to have everything tidy and organized. Cheers! UI Start Battle.ogg
  11. Thanks, will check it Thanks. Do you prefer me to submit the sounds as packs (let's say everytime I have 10 or so) or individually (every time I have a new one)? If that's OK I will create a topic just to know which sounds players miss the most and have a "to do list" besides of making them at my own pace PS: Is there anybody else working in sounds right now? in case we need to coordinate each other. Cheers
  12. Got it, thanks for the explanation. I've noticed that there are actually goat sounds in the directory but I can't hear them in game. Are they going to be integrated or are they just waiting for replacement? Once I create a new sound, do I have to edit the XML or send it to the dev team (how/where?)? Thanks, that's some valuable info! I think I'll start by creating a sound when the player hits the "start game!" button (similar to the "next turn" button on the Total War franchise). It could work like so: Game launches: Main theme Start game: SFX Loading sc
  13. Buenas, As I've playing for a very short period of time I'm not that aware of all the sounds needed. At first shigt I noticed that some animals (i.e. goats and deers) don't produce any sound, same thing happens for rivers and waterfalls. I miss some other sound effects to remark the "start/leave battle" options when selected. I don't know if you are planning to implement new units/buildings that require new effects or if you already have an asset list where I can check everything that have been done, things to improve or the work remaining. In any case I'm happy to help Saludos
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