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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there! As I'm doing sound design for the game I open this topic to have everything organized and updated in one place. It would be nice if you can post your requests (with examples, if possible) so I can have a "to do" list to work on. Cheers! //////// Requests so far : attack sound by Gaia.( wild animals) heroe under attack in regicide. ✓ units sound after trained. before music play after win or lose, example AOE (I) This previous to music theme. each factions needs a sound after new phase reach.( the hardest - even our last sound lead can't/don't finish this) can be nice some to start each game previously to loading screen each faction( like AOE II) reasearch sound after a technology complete. Other wonder starting Wonder finished Wonder under attack ( wonder victory) //////// Currently working on: units sound after trained. reasearch sound after a technology complete. attack sound by Gaia.( wild animals) //////// Awaiting for feedback: Start Battle UI sound (UI_Start_Battle). It could work like so: Game launches > Main theme > Start game: SFX UI_Start_Battle.ogg //////// Ready for implementation: heroe under attack in regicide. Regicide_alert.ogg
  2. Hello, I am on a Mac computer. I just downloaded the source code. I don't know that much about code besides if it has to do with audio within a game. I am wondering - Is there a way I can load the code into Unreal Engine and / or Wise that way I can load and test my sounds that I have created within the game? Thanks in advance! - Luke Farroh
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