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  1. @feneur Thank you! - And yes, that's what I am creating. Audio Assets
  2. How would I be able to view the animations to be able to sync the sound to them? I would constantly need to replay to be able to create buildings being demolished and that isn't very practical. I would not be using the existing sound files - I would be creating them from scratch. The sounds implemented in the game right now have too much altering and pitch to them and start to sound fake and that could be annoying for a lot of players. This could be solved by a few variations of each sound.
  3. Okay, cool. Thanks. Are you able to send animations over?
  4. Hey guys! Long time - No talk. Anway, I have been very busy but still wanting to improve the sound of this game. What engine are you guys using for this?
  5. @Enrique Here is the download links for the logos: https://we.tl/3gt370v981
  6. Hello, I am on a Mac computer. I just downloaded the source code. I don't know that much about code besides if it has to do with audio within a game. I am wondering - Is there a way I can load the code into Unreal Engine and / or Wise that way I can load and test my sounds that I have created within the game? Thanks in advance! - Luke Farroh
  7. @Enrique Here is the second version of the Wildfire Games logo. Once we have this completed and you are happy with it, I will continue to write notes about the sound for the game. Wildfire Games Logo Version 2:
  8. A @Enrique I will be able to tone it down a bit tonight. I will upload it later with a link for you to hear the revision. Then when we approve that, I'll send the download links that way you guys can use them in your videos for the trailers and other things. I agree to the Licensing I was just unaware that the game would fall under Creative Commons.
  9. @Lion.Kanzen Thanks for the list. Do you happen to have the animation for catapult rock hitting a building? @Enrique How do you like the sound design for the two logos? @feneur Okay thank you. I was unaware it was a creative commons license for the game.
  10. Hello, I will be playing some of the game today as I write several notes of which I will have done and posted tonight for us to talk further about the sound of the game. I will also answer all the questions that you have about the curate state of the sound effects, what I will add, and so on. One of my concerns that I have noticed in recent updates for the game is that it reads - “You can even use parts of the art and sound for your own projects…” Sound is a lot different than art is, audio works as a license not an ownership thus there are a lot of legal things you can not get away with like art. If I make things for the game I want it to stay with in the game. Obviously. I know someone could essentially steal my sounds that I’ve created but I realize that since it’s a computer game and contribution to build the game. I have also noticed there is not any sound design for companies logo nor for the game so I did sound for them both. You can watch them in the links below. Let me know if you like them and I can send you download link to download them. Wildfire Games Logo: https://vimeo.com/201169986 0 A.D. Logo: https://vimeo.com/201197558 Thank you!
  11. Hello, I am Luke Farroh - I am a professional sound designer and sound editor for documentaries, commercials, and film. I love Age of Empires and would love to contribute by creating sounds for the game. I have noticed in several videos that there are some sounds missing while others could use some improvements. Thanks! - Luke Farroh
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