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  1. I like them too. When you get them ready send it please so I can complete the SD. Mythos, we will apply your suggestion to the sounds.
  2. Hi team, not sure the main purpouse of this topic, please check that we are creating new sounds for the next stage.
  3. Hi STWF and Sander, thanks for the useful information. So, I will work the 'battle sounds' focused in units. In order to take advantage of the sound system, do you think there will be further limitations?
  4. Hi Omri, I'm back from a brief holidays.For 'phase reach' sounds, I think the main goal is to make the player feel that the sounds belong to the same action. Maybe is not mandatory the same motif. We could try to generate that feeling with the swell perc and the cheers. If you want, send me the motif in order to assembly the sound and let the team check the output. Matias
  5. Hi team, I have just sent the perc sound to Omri. After he create the melodies I will add some cheering to the sounds. Thanks!
  6. Hi team, thanks for your feedback. I'll be back to the studio by 2nd to keep working on this. Omri: thank you, I'll be in touch with you. Have a happy new year's eve!
  7. From my side, I feel that we should focus on sounds too. I'm creating the scheme for battle sounds, just shared the phase reach sounds, but I'll definitly need your feedback in order to move things forward. I think still there is a lot of work to do regarding sounds.
  8. Hi team, I have the draft for 'phase_reach' sounds ready. I would like to have different sounds for each civilization (Iberos still missing). Please take a look and confirm if you like the idea. Focus your feedback bearing in mind that these sounds are still a draft. If everybody like it, I will be sharing the final version soon: http://goo.gl/tjjURE Look forward to your comments!
  9. Hi ltms, thanks for your feedback. I'm waiting for further opinions before implementing. I think that we will be working on this sound features now that the A15 was launched and the team is focused on the next steps. There is a lot to do with sounds on 0 A.D. in order to make the game be different from the others RTS published.
  10. Hi team, there is great feedback here. I think we should plan the battle sounds feature. It's possible to implement FMOD in Pyrogenesis? Working with this middleware would expand the posibilities in a quite interesting level, and it's useful to take advange of sound in situations like this one. I'm gathering all your feedback and working on a possible implementation.
  11. H Feneur, thanks, I'm working on the next version having in mind this! Just checking how much action we were expecting to have in the battles sounds.
  12. Darklord, thanks for your feedback. Certainly 'Empires Ascendant' sounds epic and poetic. Also, I have to say that it doesn't sounds 'Spanish', Spanish is my mother tongue, and 'Empires Ascendant' it's pretty far from Spanish linguistic structures. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  13. Team, in order to make this more efficient, and make the battle sounds accurate, varied, and rich, we have to decide a few things before going any further: 1.- I will create from the draft the following ambience loops: "Small Battle Sound" for severity = 2 "Large Battle Sound" for sevetity = 3 "Larger Battle Sound" for severity = 4 2.- Loops will include less units weapons sounds 3.- We prefer 10 variations for each "small", "Large" and "Larger" battle sounds Thanks in advance for your confirmation. If you have further suggestions, please, kindly use the same structure when replying (1.
  14. Hi Feneur, could you please share further details about the 'doesn't sounds good', I would like to apply your feedback concretely and, as I say when sharing the draft, this is a whole sound battle, it's kind of obvious that all this will not be working at the same time. Furthermore, I have received pretty good feedback about the design.
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