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  1. I've made a few maps on the Map Editor, (otherwise known as Atlas) and I want to play them. Is there a way I can do this?
  2. I defeated the Macedonians in a single player match as the Spartans. The reason for the win is because I allied myself with both the Persians and the Athenians. The game ended and they're still fighting. I want to end it by destroying one of them, but the game is already finished. Is there a way to fight someone, even though the game is already over?
  3. Sometimes when I select a large number of Units, and I make others, the others that I made are unable to be selected. This is very problematic when I want to send large forces to attack other Civs. Could you look into it? Thank you.
  4. That's nice Stan. But I still don't know how to make mods. As I have said in a previous comment, maybe I should learn how to do art...
  5. Are these mods still active and running? And I don't know how to download 0 A.D. mods manually. Can you help?
  6. Oh it does? Maybe I should learn how to do art for the game...
  7. Although I enjoy the period that 0 A.D. already is in, I have in mind some other eras. What I thought of most was to bring the Gentleman's Warfare from the 17 to 1800s into 0 A.D. and also the Late Middle Ages. Actually, maybe this should be a mod, or to give you a very radical idea, a new game. Yes, I know what you are thinking. The grandeur and austerity of this topic makes implementation to me seem impossible. But I liked the idea and would like to hear some ideas about this. What do you think?
  8. Right I agree. Thank you again. I discovered that using Champion Cavalry is very effective as well, and I have been using all these ideas you have given me.
  9. When I send Citizen-Soldiers to work before I send them out to battle, It is annoying to see their weapons visible when not in combat. What I was thinking was a button on the game screen that you click when selecting a unit that makes their weapons not visible. When this button is clicked, the Citizen-Soldier will up their production, and use daggers dealing the same amount of damage as women. When you want to send them to the battlefield, you just click it again, and in theory, they will make an animation to show them unsheathing or picking up a weapon. Just suggestions. Maybe the Spearman could store it in a building and grab it there (which is historically accurate), or place it in a box of weapons you can build for cheap, and place them across your City. But I was thinking, just for the convenience of the developers, that when you click the button, it just disappears and reappears when you click it again. Any ideas?
  10. Oh yes I used them once. I was playing as the Ptolemies when I read in the forums you just type, "how do you turn this on?" in chat. But I don't use them often because they have no proper direction or aim at all. But if you do manage to get one bullet in the game into a unit, say a Hero, then that would be considered using the WW2 Fighter to the best of its abilities.
  11. I agree with you that the Iberian Champion Cavalry attack damage should be lowered a bit. I remembered once in a game I trained 30 of these, and I was attacked by literally hordes of Infantry with sustaining no casualties whatsoever, suffering very little damage to the Cavalry. I'm talking near 100 troops trying to break through each horde, and there was 2 of them. I used them as guards, and to good effect. If you do want to nerf their Cavalry, It is needed, but you can still do that without taking the fire bonus away. But fire shouldn't give the Javelins a 20 point bonus. Maybe a 5 point bonus would suffice. Any suggestions?
  12. Yes I would add Burgers too. But I'm not the biggest fan of Pizza, especially leftover Pizza. Kebabs are amazing, I love the ones with lamb the most.
  13. Mine are the Britons because of the cheap buildings and the decent but quick to grow Infantry. Good bonuses, good agriculture, and 2 other game-changing features: The Strongest Hero and the Champion Swordsmen (the Hero being Boudica). What is yours? I like the Persians and Kushites too. Spartans I would say are a good turtling faction.
  14. This is about the ratio between Horsemen and Infantry. From the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, the ratio was on average 50:1 which, interestingly, was the ratio to the Egyptian Army during the Ptolemaic Dynasty. At it's height (their Army was small in number, but expensive and Professional enough to be considered a world-class army) the Army consisted of 200,000 Foot Soldiers and 4000 Horsemen, (not including Chariots) and also a huge number of Warships, 1500. This would be able to transport both Infantry and Horsemen and then some. Any more facts about the Ptolemies?
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