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  1. RIP speakers :/ You may be able to plug a headset if your computer has the appropriate Jack? Good job man! OK so you have a working swap means 0 A.D. really should just slow down the system first, progressively for a few minutes. My tip if you want to try it: when you feel that slowdown, don't wait. Save your game, exit 0 A.D. and restart after a few seconds (with a SSD) or ~20 sec (with a HDD). And if you have motivation to help us understand and tell you for sure the reason why it locks up, try running 'free -m' somewhere between when you feels it goes slow and you close the game.
  2. Mostly agree with @fatherbushido. More specifically the 'Confused' emoticon would be fine if it could display sthg like « Please ask clarifications ». Dunno if that's easily possible, but this way one receiving this reaction without any question wouldn't feel the need to add a post just for asking what is that he should clarify.
  3. The forums are literally full of stuff of which some would fit this 'extras' content, and in various fields of interest. E.g. (and just e.g.), having studied history I have a vivid memory of the whole Kushit research and the interest it created for me (« Jee, these guys do a sh*t ton of historical research before even starting the graphics/modelisation that'll eventually lead to adding a new civ into the game! ») i.e. it inspired me respect as well as a will to contribute. For other it'll be more Graphics, or Code efficiency... Now the forum is also a time heavy place for newcomers to find such valuable 'extras' imho. atm though I have no specific idea on how we, as a community, could select and vote for some of the best contents around here. Just that it'd be nice if it also helped newcomers to (easily, visually) get where some more luv would do great to further improve the game -- and sorry for my English.
  4. @Loki1950 @Lion.Kanzen actually I wouldn't mind having $ apt search 0ad (also 'pacman -Ss 0ad' and so on) ... 0ad-extra-artwork-20190630 A selection of 0 A.D. music, artwork, videos and ideas for the next development stage. Even though a few links would work, such an extra content would certainly help in certain occasions eg trip.
  5. You mean what's causing the games' taxing your CPU while it's paused, right? If that's correct, please share some figures, like the CPU load and alike.
  6. PieLam would you mind to specify when does the game locks up on your Linux box? For if right upon starting the game would have a super different cause than, say, upon a 2 hours long match. Also last time I opened a Windows forum some users had various kind of trouble and other not. May not make a generality of your own case A start would be to copy/paste the output of this command on your Linux OS: free -m Oh, and just in case to copy/past just from any termnial, you can select the text with your mouse then go where you want to paste it and just press your mouse third button (the wheel in a 3-buttons mouse). Ubuntu Linux terminal should also allow you to right click » Copy, right clic » Paste but the "third button" for paste works in *every* freakin terminal emulator I know. To multiquote you can press the [+] icon under each post you want to quote.
  7. @Stan` The more "out of the box ready" an OS pretends to be, the more hassle, time to configure it takes. Is what 19 years configuring the penguin for various usages taught me. E.g. during the last couple days, 2 Ubuntu based distro (Xubuntu and Bodhi) had me definitively stuck at a) having a working GPU with the appropriate driver and b) installing/compiling a software with the help of the dev and another guy. Arch on the other hand, while it sure took me a handful of hours to get running as I wish 6 years ago, had both a) & b) installed and running in a matter of minutes. This OS also lets free for my use 100% of the CPU and disks + 7.600 MB of my 8.000 MB RAM translating to a bunch of money (and watt/H therefore GES) saved in the long run. EDIT Oh, and my 10 years old heavily used netbook still has 4 hours battery life with its original 3-cell battery.
  8. Hi PieLam, crazy the way you describes how RTS games fit you better than FPS. I haven't had any stroke (that I know of) but freakin' felt the same right from beginning to now Also my biggest box is a 6+ years old Core i3 with 8 GB RAM too. Actually runs *anything* I can throw at it like the wind... until it met long games with 0 A.D. Therefore the little (test, comparison) Stan' mentioned. In short : 1. A24 I can play for 2+ hours and let open my ~100 tabs Firefox; no problem. So, future is better, thanks to a few guys to whom I send them my <3 for their proven capabilities to make the game way more efficient! A23 on the other hand... If Firefox is a memory hog then Chrome is a memory monster and 0 A.D. A23 a black hole. 2. Down to their hearts Linux != Windows and if you feel like you want to make the most out of your physical RAM under any Linux OS, by any mean makes use of its advanced virtual memory mechanisms, of which swap is a mandatory part. Note that there's NO need to dedicate a partition to that swap. Since a few years we can just install systemd-swap (not a systemd thingy but a third-party little too that integrates with any systemd capable OS), comment the line that has 'swap' in it in /etc/fstab and "roule ma poule" (French for "that's it"). I even posted how to do it in this forum but most probably didn't make it short with my err.. "knowledge" of English lol
  9. Yeeeah, you're absolutely right about development priorities @happyconcepts ;-) These pathfinder mini issues are like mosquitoes during night though, I can think of anything provided it's these little beasts. About the map, Corinthian Isthmus, the later is too far from (any) player's base to build anything other than docks and outposts until phase III.
  10. Happy New Year and sleep tonight all Haven't found a related thread in two search result pages so maybe everyone else is happy with the graphs' layout as of a23: /me (wish, dream) there was a way to compare between both players and games, that would be visually easier as well as more relieable than trying to compare between always changing numbers without a single visual helper. Even by only adding a few visual marks e.g. (watch out, /me really not the best at graphics he he): Here one could, for example, see until when he scored less than opponent X, how much he gathered at 1'00 or at 5'00, and so on in a second.
  11. @happyconcepts Yeah I agree this dock placement isn't the best strategically. It was tactically still: coming from 2 o'clock on the map playing vs two, goal was to be present on both water spaces as early as possible (ie phase 2 with very little man power), building a few outposts covering both docks. And as seen in my last screen up here the light war ship fits fine there, ie. there is enough water. So while I get the 'Experience pays off' I also feel there's enough things blocking units already in the game we have to look for throughout games. A sort of warning icon alerting about the water deep being too thin according to the pathfinder wouldn't be unrealistic for a dock, if you see what I mean?
  12. Nice graph @7yl4r! Not sure I get all the counter arrows, tho. Saw the crazy Counter test Agora 0.AD recently did and uploaded to his YT channel?
  13. One subject, one thread is my way so here it is man: The part of your profiling tools that help to find out where does the memory usage get (eg which component) is what would have me in, Stan`. Maybe open a specific post if there's no article already about that? Please note that further (deeper, fine grained) testing is all I could do AFAIK --but that, I'll do
  14. Overlay, ie game and real time: I set one or both to ON in settings but none shows up in the a24 game. Which commit fixed greatly improved the memory usage: Where do we start? Maybe adding a level of complexity, I'll start by reporting a frank decrease in a23 (twenty three) memory usage while playing long games here, since the time I compiled a24 (Dec 12th). Eg. 2h matches now consistently tax 5-6 GB memory here, leaving my swap alone. Considering the a24 binaries are as independent from the rest of my system as possible, maybe I'd list what updates happened system wise since Dec. 12th: fmt (6.1.1-1 -> 6.1.2-1), libcap (2.27-2 -> 2.28-1), gconf (3.2.6+11+g07808097-4 -> 3.2.6+11+g07808097-5) and intel-ucode (20191115-2 -> 20191115-3) Note that on Dec 15th I also updated the kernel, nvidia (440.36-1 -> 440.44-1) and other, but that was yesterday, 2 days after the improvement above appeared (and stayed the same up to now). EDIT: Options haven't changed at all since the measurements above, with everything On except HQ water effects and vSync which are Off.
  15. you're very welcome Here in your game thread you mean?
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