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  1. Thanx, good idea, I'll try that! Hopefully that's all it is.
  2. Thanx! I thought they just plugged in the same line-in jack (???) Is that not right? Thanx. Good to know about the swap thing. Not sure if any of this matters or not, but JIC: The Linux PC has one big, to me, drive a 1TB SSD. I didn't want a complicated config on Linux, since I wanted a smooth & easy install. BTW, this simple config was achieved. For a noob like me, I was somewhat proud. The Win PC OTOH, was installed with a sole 120GB SSD. A few days after the Win10 install, I added 4 traditional HDs. I ended up having a boot SSD & a total of 4TB storage on traditional/mechanical HDs. Both PCs have AMD CPUs. Both have GeForce GPUs. The GPUs aren't the very cool hi-end kind nor are they the very low-end neither.
  3. Well, since I've been using mostly the Win version, a lot of time has passed. I'd say several months. If my feeble memory serves though, the lock-ups of 0ad on my Linux PC never occurred at start-up, rather, at seemingly random times during game-play. Sometimes in the early stage of a game. but mostly after 15-20 minutes or so??? During that period of time, I was still new to 0ad and therefore played in the Sandbox mode. I remember the AI attacking me even though I had set the Sandbox mode sometimes. It depended on either the map or the civ I chose. Yesterday, I went to my Linux PC and updated 0ad, at least I think, (forgot to note what version the original was). The version I DL'ed is A23 not A24 like I was hoping for. I also discovered my speakers stopped working. (they've been on the fritz for a good long while) so I stopped playing after a few minutes. I was wanting to test 0ad's behavior, to see if it would lock-up. Since my speakers stopped working, it made me realize just how dependent I am in this game's audio. Something else I'll have to deal with now! OK, here you go: pie@pie-5:~$ free -m total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 7875 740 4918 16 2216 6824 Swap: 2047 0 2047 pie@pie-5:~$ Don't think this tells you much, does it? Aside from the computer name, of course. Sorry this took so long...I'll try to do better...
  4. Hi guys! First of all just a quick thanx for all the provided links & info. Not only is it very appreciated & welcomed, but will be very helpful, thanx again! I've become pleasantly overwhelmed by all these great contributions... Now, I have another non-0ad question about this forum. I've noticed a few quoted replies that show the quotes in sections with your comment below the quote. It sort of looks like multiple quotes. Anyway, when I tried doing this, my way, it wouldn't work. Can you clue me in as to the proper way? --- I didn't mean for this thread to become a Linux VS Win thread. Both of these OSes have their merits & their pluses & minuses . I was merely trying to express that while 0ad would lock-up my Linux PC, the Win version of 0ad on my Win PC would not. It may not be be, but I now suspect a swap file issue, maybe not though. I don't know all this deep, to me, technical stuff nor do I have the time anymore needed to learn about these types of things. I read somewhere that the Linux OS is not solely for the super tech savvy folks. While I'm sure there is some truth to this, I can't say that I agree entirely. I refer to my issue with the Linux version of 0ad. Plain & simple: as much as I hate it, the Linux version of 0ad is not out-of-the-box ready while the Win version is.
  5. I know what you mean. Time, for me, theses days is a huge factor. I mean, I have tons of medias & miscellaneous outdated hardware from my previous MS years (41+ years of crud). Sure, most of it is obsolete, outdated, & worthless, but I like to keep it around, if just for grins & giggles, anyway. I guess even though I need to dump it all and get rid of all this stuff, I just want to hold on to it all. I struggle between the Linux & Win PCs all the time. I remember dreaming/ wishing for the capabilities we have today with PCs.
  6. It is the mostly plain vanilla Ubuntu 18.0.4 Cinnamon. I've added a few things to the original install, but not a lot.
  7. Just sometimes? My Linux PC CPU is around 200 MHz faster than my Win PC, a slightly bigger but older video card. Overall, a slightly better PC, IMO. Both use 8Gb DDR3 RAM. My Linux PC's motherboard is Asus, the Win PC has Gigabyte. Both boot from SSDs. There are lots of minor differences between the 2 PCs with the Linux PC having slightly better hardware. That +15fps sounds very interesting!
  8. I believe should is the operative word here. Both the Linux PC & the Win PC have 8gb RAM, both have plenty of free drive space. So I wouldn't think that space would be a problem??? All I know is that 0ad locks-up on my Linux PC & not on my Win PC. Should I have to accommodate & learn how to manage a swap partition in order to be able to run 0ad on Linux? I don't need to with the Win. version. I would rather use my Linux PC for 0ad especially since it is slightly faster & has a better monitor, but I don't want to deal with the lock-ups & jump through a bunch of hoops. Please don't take this the wrong way , I love Linux. I just don't agree with having to jump through hoops when I shouldn't have to... Hello developers! Yes, I'd like my cake & eat it too.
  9. Hi all, Just need a little help & some clarifications with my gaming in 0ad... Background & other useless info: (feel free to skip this paragraph) A few years back, I enjoyed & played Microsoft's Age Of Empires. I started with AOE I, it was my first exposure to RTS gaming,. I fell in love with it. I eventually acquired the expansion pack for AOE I, then, later, AOE II & its expansion pack. After that & after losing interest in Windows, I migrated to Linux & until I discovered 0ad, I thought my RTS gaming was over. I thought "oh well, Linux is worthy." Eventually, I discovered 0ad on Linux & liked it very much, but my Linux system kept locking-up whenever I would play 0ad, always at random times and only when playing 0ad. I kept looking for upgrades, figuring the lock-ups were occurring because 0ad was still in alpha. After a few months of the lock-ups & waiting for a less buggy version, I decided to try the Windows version of 0ad on another PC that has Win 10 on it. Well, no more lock-ups on the Win version, I was once again hooked! Understandably, my 0ad game playing style, in many ways, mirrors the same style as in AOE... My main reason for this post: So that I could learn 0ad better, I began with Sandbox mode, then moved on to Very Easy mode and now I'm trying to learn even more by conquering the Easy mode. There are many things I don't quite understand yet such as territory boundaries. Of course, I understand some of it by now, but I'm sure there are other things about this that I don't know. The thing that bugs me the most though, & I can't find any info on 0ad strategy & game play & the fact that the enemy can & does take ownership/control over my buildings...This occurs more predominately in the Easy mode & not so much in the Very Easy & Sandbox modes. So, I'm pretty sure this phenomenon will escalate in the higher difficulty modes. How does one stop this or prevent this? Is there tips & tricks for 0ad? I'm sure there is, but where? Comments & other 'fun facts' : I read some of this forum today & yesterday & learned a few tidbits, can't wait to try some of these techniques. I also read about someone else getting fed-up with Win & going to Linux. I can certainly understand this & I even applaud this too, but as much as going back to Win saddens me, I feel that Linux is more for the more technical savvy folks especially as far as gaming is concerned. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an avid gamer. Merely just a long-time enthusiast with gaming interest. I probably would have become a gamer years ago, but my skill set prevents me from it. In 2002, I had an aneurysm (a type of stroke.) Although I can still use my PC, if barely, my skills have diminished greatly. My biggest obstacle though is with my poor vision. Its my main reason for loving RTS so much. I tried First Person Shooters (FPS) and the like, but I'm way too slow for those types of games anymore, but RTS is more forgiving. Oh well, such is life... I'm over 60 (61, yikes) now & still love PCs. A love affair that began long ago, in my late high school years, circa 1974! (graduated in '76) A LOT has changed since then except my love of PCs... More thoughts: There are lots of knowledgeable folks on here! Its the main reason for this post. I used to run Win 7. Thanks to "howtogeek.com", I applied a free upgrade to Win 10 after Microsoft's initial free upgrade offer had expired. I thought my free upgrade option was long gone, but it wasn't thanks to "howtogeek.com"! I was then happy with Linux anyway, so losing the free upgrade option from MS didn't much matter. Still qualified for a free upgrade though? Curiosity got the best of me, I decided to give it a whirl. After applying the free upgrade, I decided to try 0ad for Win. Now, I'm sorta glad I did! Just hate that I had to go back to Win. I'm a big fan of online security even though this post would probably indicate otherwise. IMO Win 10's security/privacy leaves a lot to be desired... Feel free to comment on anything...(I won't be offended)
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